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Status of the S ource of P olarized I ons (March 2013)

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Status of the S ource of P olarized I ons (March 2013) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Status of the S ource of P olarized I ons (March 2013). V.V. Fimushkin , A.D. Kovalenko, L.V. Kutuzova, Yu.V. Prokofichev Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna A.S. Belov, V.N. Zubets, A.V. Turbabin Institute for Nuclear Research of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow.

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Status of the Source of Polarized Ions (March 2013)
  • V.V. Fimushkin, A.D. Kovalenko, L.V. Kutuzova,
  • Yu.V. Prokofichev
  • Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna
  • A.S. Belov, V.N. Zubets, A.V. Turbabin
  • Institute for Nuclear Researchof Russian Academy of Sciences,
  • Moscow
general view of the nica facility
General view of the NICA facility

The new flagship JINR project in high energy nuclear physics, NICA

(Nuclotron-based Ion Collider fAcility), aimed at the study of phase transitions in strongly interacting nuclear matter at the highest possible baryon density, was put forward in2006

SPI & linac

Spin Physics Detector(SPD)


The expected luminosity of polarized beams is planned at the level of (1030 -1031) cm-2·s -1

The main purpose of the SPI-project is to increase the intensity of the accelerated polarized beams at the JINR Accelerator Complex up to 1010 d/pulse
The SPI-project assumes thedevelopment of the source using charge-exchange ionizer

Nearly resonant charge-exchange reactions for production of polarized protons & deuterons are:

H0 + D+ H+ + D 0

D0 + H+ D+ + H0 ~ 5·10-15cm2

  • The design output current of the SPIis up to 10 mA for D+ ( H+)
  • The D+polarization will be up to 90% of the maximal vector (±1) & tensor (+1,-2) polarization
The SPI-project includes the following stages:
  • development of the high-intensity Source of Polarized Ions
  • complete tests of the SPI
  • modification of the linac pre-accelerator platform & power station
  • remote control system (console of linac) of the SPIunder the high voltage
  • SPI & Linac runs with polarized beam and polarization measurements at the linac output
new source of polarized ions deuterons



D2→D→ D


D0+ H+D++ H0


the b asic equipment for the spi is already purchased
The basic equipment for the SPI is already purchased:

Pump, Turbo-V 3K-T, 2300 l/s H2 , 2400 l/s He - 2 item

Pump, Turbo-V 2K-G, 1600 l/s N2 - 2 item

Fore pump Dry scroll pump type TriScroll 600 Inverter, 30m³/h - 2 item

Cryocooler, Single Stage Cryodyne Refrigeration System, Model 350

will provide 40 watts of heat lift at 77K

Pressure measurement system, MaxiGauge TPG256A

controller for 6 gauges


Power supply Sorensen SGI40X375C-1CAA (40V, 375A, 15kW)-ABS sextupole

Power supply Sorensen DCS 8-350E (8V, 350A, 3 kW)


Power supply Sorensen DCS 12-250E (12V, 250A, 3 kW)- ionizer solenoid

Power supply Sorensen XG 8-200 (8V, 200A, 1.6 kW)

Power supply Sorensen DCS20-150E (20V, 150A, 3 kW)- bending magnet of the ionizer

Power supply Sorensen XG 40-42 (40V, 42A, 1680 W) - ABS arc source

Signal Generator SMB100A with option - 1 item

SMB-B102 9kHz – 2.2 GHz

High Frequency Generator HG1462C - 2 items


Power amplifier FLG-15CA, 0.7GHz-3GHz - 1 item

Power amplifier FLH-20B, 20MHz-1000MHz - 2 items

Power Supply ZUP-10-20, 0-10V, 0-20A – 4 items

High voltage power supply HCP350-35000 - 1 item

0-30 kV, 0-10 mA, positive

High voltage power supply HCP350-35000 - 2 items

0-30 kV, 0-10 mA, negative


RF - units


high voltage isolation transformer 35kva 160kvdc
High-voltage isolation transformer 35kVA 160kVDC

Stewart isolation transformer

Electrostatically shielded

50.52 amps/35 kva- 160 kvdc isolation between input and output

• Input: 400 vac Delta / 3 phase / 47-63 Hz• Output: 3 Single Phase outputs each at 230v intended to be connected in Wye configuration yielding 3 phase at 400v between lines• Total Weight: 600 kg

The NUCLOTRON feature is that the injection is possible only for positive ions

Therefore it is expedient to use the source of positive polarized deuterium ions

Note:The highest intensity of the beam is reached forpositive polarized ion sources with charge-exchange plasma ionizer and the storage cell

  • SPI-sourceassumes to convert the charge-exchange ionizer of CIPIOS into the ionizer using storage of polarized deuterium atoms and production of positive polarizeddeuterons by resonance charge-exchange in the hydrogen plasma
The ionizer with storage ofpolarized atoms for the SPI allows

- increase intensity of the polarized D+ beam,

- reduce emittance of the polarized beam

- considerablyreduce H2+ion current which isdifficult to be separated from polarized D+ due to similar mass of the ions.

inr ras polarized ion source
INR RAS polarized ion source



storage cell

plasma source

11 mA of H+ 80 % polarization has been obtained from the INR source

  • atomic beam-type source with resonant charge-exchange plasma ionizer and with a storage cell in the charge-exchange region

(Belov et. al. INR RAS, 1986, 1999)

H0 + D+  H+ + D0

status of the abs development
Status of the ABS development
  • Atomic Beam Source (ABS) of the SPI has been assembled and tested at INR RAS
  • The pulse density of atomic D beam at the distance of 150 cm from the cooling nozzle outlet is 2.5 ·10+10 at/cm3at the most probable velocity of 1.5 ·10+5 cm/s
  • Functional testsof WFT&MFT of the RF cells of the nuclear polarization of deuterium (hydrogen)atoms were performed
preliminary tests results
Preliminary tests results

Atomic D & H beam intensities are measured

Nozzle temperature was scanned over a range of 16…80 K

The optimum nozzle temperature is about 27 K

The optimum feed rate is about 0.045 mbar · l/pulse

The averaged beam intensities are estimated as

ID = 8 · 10 16 at/s IH = 5 · 10 16 at/s

rft scheme and deuteron polarization
RFT scheme and deuteron polarization

HFT between 6poles HFT after 6poles Final D hfs PZ PZZ

MFT 3  4 WFT 1  4, 2  3 3,4 -1 +1

MFT 3  4 SFT 2  6 1,6 +1 +1

MFT 1  4 SFT 3  5 2,5 0 -2

MFT 1  4 SFT 2  6 3,6 0 +1

tests of the wft
Tests of the WFT

Hydrogen atoms

Deuterium atoms

D atoms WFT efficiency – 0.95

H atoms WFT efficiency – 0.90

tests of the mft
Tests of the MFT

Deuterium atoms

3  4 mode

1 4 mode

The work which is carried out at JINR includes
  • assembly and tests of the charge-exchangeplasmaionizer,

including the storage cell in the ionization volume

  • optimization of the ion-optical system up to 25keV and transport

of the high-current deuteron beam

  • long-term tests of the SPIwith the storage cell in theionizer

- polarimetry of the accelerated beam at the output of linac

It is necessary to developcontrol system components for primary analysis & data acquisition and for fiberoptic system of data transmission

general view of spi september 2012
General view of SPI (September 2012)


Charge-exchange plasma ionizer

spi 203 2012 2013
Перечень работ по SPIна стендекор.203А в 2012 -2013 г

Подготовка установки к испытаниям:

монтаж контура заземления по периметру помещения

отв. Н.В. Семин

монтаж выхлопной линии вакуумной откачки установки из помещения

отв. А.А. Цветков

монтаж контура водяного охлаждения установки

отв. В.В. Фимушкин

установка пневмозатвора Ду 63 между ИПА и ЗПИ с автономным контуром сжатого воздуха

отв. В.В. Фимушкин

монтаж и разводка оборудования в электротехнических шкафах

отв. В.В. Фимушкин

монтаж и подключение Stewart isolation transformer35kVA 160kVDC

отв. Н.В. Семин

электротехнические и радиотехнические работы

отв. В.В. Фимушкин

разработка и изготовление блоков питания импульсного генератора плазмы для SPI, включая время пролетный масс-спектрометр (заключение Договора с ИЯИ РАН на 2013 г)

отв. В.В. Фимушкин, А.С. Белов

заключение Договора с ИЯИ РАН на 2013 г. на совместное проведение испытаний SPI в ОИЯИ

отв. В.В. Фимушкин, А.С. Белов

spi 203 2013
Планируемые комплексные испытания SPIна стендекор.203А в 2013 г.

- работа с электродуговым источником дейтериевой плазмы, запуск ЗПИ

I -II квартал 2013 г.

отв. В.В. Фимушкин, А.С. Белов

запуск и испытания SPIв режиме получения поляризованных протонов

I – II квартал 2013 г.

отв. В.В. Фимушкин, А.С. Белов

работа с электродуговым источником водородной плазмы, запуск ЗПИ с накопительной ячейкой

III квартал 2013 г.

отв. В.В. Фимушкин, А.С. Белов

- запуск и испытания SPIв режиме получения поляризованных дейтронов

III – IV квартал 2013 г.

отв. В.В. Фимушкин, А.С. Белов

spi 20 201 3 201 4
Перечень работ по SPIна форинжекторе Лу-20в 2013-2014 г.г.

модернизация высоковольтной платформы в соответствии с выбранной схемой

монтаж и подключениеStewart isolation transformer35kVA 160kVDC

контур водяного охлажденияSPIна базе выбранного WATER CHILLER

стыковка установки и разработка элементов согласованияSPIс ускорительной трубкой, RFQ – системой

разработка и установка магнитных линз на входе в Лу-20, исключающих прецессию спина

система дистанционного контроля и управления SPI на высоком потенциале с пульта управления Лу-20

электронная система согласования работы SPI с Лу-20 и физическими установками (метки поляризации, положение оси квантования в характерных точках по ускорительному тракту и т.д.)


Lamb-shift polarimeter – поляриметр низких энергий (25 кэВ) с использованием

Cs или Na – мишени. Конфигурируется с SPIв режиме on line

Breit-Rabi поляриметр

проведение измерений эффективности и наладка ячеек ВЧ-переходов с помощью времяпролетного масс-спектрометра в камере источника плазмы

Поляриметр на выходе Лу-20

general layout of the cryogenic polarized atomic jet source as the nica absolute polarimeter
General layout of the Cryogenic Polarized Atomic Jet Sourceas the NICA AbsolutePolarimeter
Summary & Outlook
  • Work was carried out at INR of RAS (Moscow)andtesting of the ABS systems was finished in July 2012
  • In August 2012, the ABSwas transported from the INRof RAS (Moscow)and assembled at JINR
  • All-inclusiveSPI-testing will be carried out in 2012-2013 at JINR