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Visual Images. “The word image comes from the Latin word imago , which means imitation, copy or likeness. Today, visual images have become powerful influences on how people perceive experience” (2006, Dornan & Finnegan, p. 88). Looking Underneath the Surface.

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visual images

Visual Images

“The word image comes from the Latin word imago, which means imitation, copy or likeness. Today, visual images have become powerful influences on how people perceive experience” (2006, Dornan & Finnegan, p. 88).

looking underneath the surface
Looking Underneath the Surface
  • Interpreting Visual Images: Go beneath the surface to articulate your understanding of what the images mean.
  • Goal: Explain the whole image by examining its parts.
looking underneath the surface1
Looking Underneath the Surface
  • Following are the visual images you viewed and described in class. This is the same method you will use for the two visual images you select for your prewrite.
  • For each image, I have inserted the passage written by the corresponding group.
visual image 1

Visual Image 1

I see a sun setting or a sun rising. The sunlight is obvious because it

reflects onto the ocean water. This image is a tangy orange, and it

somehow gives off a warm feeling. I can imagine the smell and I can

almost hear the ocean waves, It brings peace to me and a sense of

tranquility with the touch of the warmth the sun gives. I understand

that the image is of how real life event occurs and shows that a

day has to begin and it has to end. My favorite part of this image by far

is the real feel it has to it.

visual image 2

Visual Image 2

The image shows a volcanic eruption that caused a massive destruction to its

surroundings. All the rocks and soil are shattered and the smoke can be clearly

seen. The eruption has highlighted the colors of the sky. We can see a greenish

sky with blue spectrums around it. The elements of the fire and the eruption

show power and strength. But also the colors of the sky define serenity and

peace. This image therefore shows that wherever there are bad situations and

rough moments, a good one will eventually come.

visual image 3

Visual Image 3

The painting shows a field. The sun is setting, and it looks like it

causes the field to have different colors: green, orange, red and

yellow and also a little bit of brown. The painting gives a feeling

of relaxation. When looking at the painting, it makes a person

feel sleepy. All the colors work together, and it communicates

a reminder that even if you are having a bad day, little things

like this painting can make your day a lot better.

visual image 4

Visual Image 4

It was Post World War II and a cold winter day when the war ended, and it was

one of those December blizzards. It was December 4th, 1946 and most families

were already reunited after the war. German had surrendered and they were

forced to split the country to avoid them getting powerful again. East Berlin, a

place with a big struggle but people with a bigger heart. East Berlin is at the

peak of its depression and everyone just wants to leave, but you have one

strong little solider playing in the snow. This girl is six, hoping that one day her

nation will get to become one once again.

I see an image of a woman about to bite into a seven inch long burger from

Burger King. In big bold letters it states: “It’ll blow your mind.” The image

made me feel as if the burger is too much for me to handle. What made me

feel this way is the fact that the burger is so long and the words stated

underneath. Also, the woman’s eyes are extra open as if she is wowed or in

shock. That also contributes to the feeling. I associate with this image because

I eat at Burger King and this advertisement is supposed to drive me to go buy

the new seven incher. This image communicates that I should definitely try the

new burger. It will blow my mind, according to the commercial and the lady’s

facial expression.

visual image 6

Visual Image 6

I see a billboard advertisement for a certain beer that might be for an Hispanic

country since they use the word “latina” in the statement. The billboard

made me feel confident as a woman due to the fact that latinas are known as

hot women. As a man, the advertisement had an impact of desire and need for

the beer. The images that work together to create the feeling was the image of

the cold beer and the choice of words, “Finally, a cold latina.” I infer from the

image that the beer seems refreshing. I believe the image communicates that

it’s a beer a group of guys can enjoy when hanging out or to have whenever.



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