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Short Semester 2014

Short Semester 2014. Chris tian Budiman Urbanus , Apt., MBA Pak Tian. Eating. Reading. Singing. Writing. Watching Movies. Running. Fishing. YOUR TURN. Management of Information System ( IBM00 46 ). Mid Term : 20% Final Term : 20% SAA1 – Groups : 30%

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Short Semester 2014

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  1. Short Semester 2014

  2. ChristianBudimanUrbanus, Apt., MBA • Pak Tian

  3. Eating Reading Singing Writing Watching Movies Running Fishing


  5. Management of Information System ( IBM0046) • Mid Term : 20% • Final Term : 20% • SAA1 – Groups : 30% • SAA2 - Groups : 30% • 14 meetings including Mid and Final Exam

  6. I WILL……….. • Never come late • Make the class as fun as possible • Seriously prepare all the material • Be available to discuss outside the class • Enforce the discipline

  7. YOU WILL…. • Come on time. Maximum tolerance is 15 minutes • No exception for World Cup ;) • Show yourself at least 75% of the time. • Exemption is given for bed rest and extra ordinary • events • Follow one simple rule: No short and no sandal! • Not make noise. It’s very annoying. • Communicate through your class leader

  8. YOU WILL…. • Never plagiarize!!!! • I put emphasize on quality, not quantity of the task • Be active in class • Use your smartphone to make you smarter

  9. All of the mentioned before, has been written in syllabus. Download it at UC //Share

  10. OVERVIEW • What is a system? • What are the differences between data and information?

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