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At ABMS, we support female students and offer scholarships to keep our student body diverse. While it was once rare to see women in higher education, now more women than men are attending college.

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  1. Womens Scholarships in Universities in Switzerland

  2. SCHOLARSHIPS FOR WOMEN | Up to 15% for 20 female students each year At ABMS, we support female students and offer scholarships to keep our student body diverse. While it was once rare to see women in higher education, now more women than men are attending college.

  3. Though a lot of progress has been made, inequalities still exist between men and women. Women still typically earn less than men earn and occupy a smaller percentage of high-paying jobs than men occupy.

  4. Therefore, while women may be the majority of college students today, there are still many reasons for ABMS to offer scholarships for women to try to narrow these gaps. Such scholarships are great news for female students and their families, because now you can pursue a career you may not have originally considered or to achieve the career of your dreams.

  5. Often, scholarships for women have a specific goal in mind, whether it is to get women into leadership positions, doctoral programs, or currently male-dominated industries or companies. Our scholarships for women are intended to encourage female students to not just attend college, but to succeed afterwards by achieving the career of their dreams.

  6. Our scholarships for women reward students who demonstrate leadership abilities or entrepreneurial spirit. Other reasons for rewarding women are for those who have been out of school for a while and want to return to advance their careers. Similarly, our scholarships exist to encourage women already excelling as undergraduate students to consider graduate work and highly skilled positions.

  7. A large number of our female scholarships students seek opportunities in business, technology, and communications, among others.Check out our scholarship information below for your award options and what you may be eligible to receive from us.

  8. How can you apply for 10-15% scholarship? • NOTE: ONLY registered female students can apply for our scholarships and Financial Aid program. • Step 1: You send us all your documents • Step 2: within 72 hours, we will inform you, if we can accept you or not. • Step 3: if the ABMS has accepted you, we will send you an "Offer Letter"

  9. Step 4: This offer letter is valid for 15 days; within in this 15 days, you should pay our Registration and reservation fee of 190 Euro • Step 5: After we receive the down payment, we will issue an "Official Letter of Acceptance"

  10. Step 6: NOW you can apply for our "Scholarships For Women program" by writing a Motivation letter with your Student Number (will be mentioned on your Letter of Acceptance) to our Dean. • Step 7: Our Dean will inform you within 15 days if you are eligible for our "Scholarships For Women program" or not (we accept 20 students per year for our Scholarship program)

  11. What should your Motivation letter for the Scholarships For Women program include? • How can you demonstrate your civic involvement as part of your motivation to receive a Scholarship • Why do you wish to pursue this study program? What do you hope to achieve?

  12. How will your participation in this Course/study program further support your civic involvement? The education of women is very important and this is a reality, which today is accepted by every wise and farsighted inhabitant of this world.

  13. It is very important now that steps should be taken for carrying out the promotion of women education and the center of focus should not only be underdeveloped, but also developed countries of this world. Women are the flag bearers of every society they are the ones who give birth to future of the nation.

  14. A lady is responsible for rearing her child and provides him an environment where he can grow in a healthy manner. Mother is your first teacher, guide, helper and above all friend. Therefore, it is very important that every woman of this world should be educated not only because she has to train her children. Women should be educated so that they can also play a contributing role in the economic development of this world.

  15. Modern women by no means are less than men and if they are provided the right opportunities and chances then they have the potential of becoming strong and contributing components of this society.

  16. ABMS Open University of Switzerland understands and appreciates the importance of women education and has taken very potent steps in this regard. We understand that females are very much talented and are capable of delivering even in the most complicated situations because of this reason we want to create more opportunities for female candidates who wish to study at our Open University.

  17. Female candidates will be very happy to know that ABMS is providing scholarships for women. There are handsome scholarships for 20 female students that are offered every year. Every scholarship will be up to 15 % from the study fee and it will be awarded to best-&-first 20 candidates.

  18. This means that you will be entertained upon first come first serve bases. This step has been taken by ABMS because we appreciate the devotion and dedication that is being shown by modern women towards education. There are very prominent examples present in this world where educated ladies are contributing in the development of world economy.

  19. ABMS Open University is a young Business Management institution that is offering different courses and degrees related with the field of business management. We are a dedicated and modern institution equipped with all the latest facilities for entertaining the students who get associated with us.

  20. We have four intakes per year in the months of January, April, July and October. You can depend upon our scheme of studies and offered courses because we are an organization that is officially registered in Switzerland. Students belonging to different parts of this globe are welcome to join our teaching programs.

  21. Especially, female students will surely find our Women Scholarship programs entertaining. We have a dedicated panel of experts and teachers associated with our medium and every course has been designed keeping in consideration modern educational trends and requirements. ABMS Open University is an online institution, which you can trust.

  22. For more information, visit us https://www.abmswiss.com/ABMS/Accreditation-Recognition

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