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SPP Spacecraft Emulator (SCE) Introduction

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SPP Spacecraft Emulator (SCE) Introduction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SPP Spacecraft Emulator (SCE) Introduction. Geff Ottman geffrey.ottman@jhuapl.edu 443-778-6205 Feb. 25, 2013. Updated on 3/1/13 after first-round of Instrument Telecons . Updates are in red text . . Agenda. Staffing SPP Spacecraft Block Diagram

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spp spacecraft emulator sce introduction

SPP Spacecraft Emulator (SCE) Introduction

Geff Ottman



Feb. 25, 2013

Updated on 3/1/13 after first-round of Instrument Telecons. Updates are in red text.

  • Staffing
  • SPP Spacecraft Block Diagram
  • Review Chart Presentation “Solar Probe GSEOS Presentation-mods_1.ppt”
    • APL Internal Link: \\davis\Project\Solar Probe Plus\Instruments\SC_Emulators\Presentations\Solar Probe GSEOS Presentation-mods_1.ppt
  • RBSP Mini-Emulator Overview
  • RBSP Full-Emulator Functionality
  • SPP Emulator Updates
  • Emulator Test Support
  • SPP Emulator Deliverables
  • RBSP Lessons Learned
  • Conclusion
sce staffing
SCE Staffing

Sam Sawada, SPP Emulator Lead, Samuel.Sawada@jhuapl.edu

Mike Furrow, SPP Mission Systems Software Lead, Mike.Furrow@jhuapl.edu

Martha Kusterer, SPP SOC Lead, Martha.Kusterer@jhuapl.edu

Thomas Hauck, GSEOS, hauck@gseos.com

Harry Eaton, Embedded SW

Doug Wenstrand, FPGA Design

Geff Ottman, Engineering Support, Geffrey.Ottman@jhuapl.edu

spp gseos presentation
SPP GSEOS Presentation
  • APL Internal Link: \\davis\Project\Solar Probe Plus\Instruments\SC_Emulators\Presentations\Solar Probe GSEOS Presentation-mods_1.ppt
sce mini emulator
SCE Mini-Emulator

Provides Instrument Data Interfaces only

GSEOS Interface is fully compliant

Non-flight use only

sce full emulator
SCE Full-Emulator

Provides Instrument Data, Power and Temperature Interfaces

GSEOS Interface is fully compliant

Designed for use with Flight hardware

spp sc emulator updates
SPP SC Emulator Updates

Update Requirements to SPP Instrument ICDs and SpWICD for WISPR DPU

Provide A/B UART interfaces (SCE control of active port; inactive port will be monitored only)

Provide SpW link with configurable SpW bus schedule

Support Virtual PPS (no distinct 1PPS line)

Support 400 KBAUD Telemetry link from FIELDS and SWEAP

GSEOS version 7 will be used for SPP

Mini- and Full-Emulators will have gated-PPS test output with GSEOS command for enable/disable/one-shot with programmable pulse width and delay from PPS

SCE data connectors will be female MDMs

SCE team will investigate isolating the USB-power-path into the Emulators (either a power-switch or single plug)

emulator team test support
Emulator Team Test Support
  • SCE deliverables will be the Mini- and Full-Emulators and GSEOS deployment via downloads.
  • SCE Team will develop Hardware and Software User Manuals
    • User’s Manual will describe host PC configuration
    • User’s Manual will describe steps to complete a GSEOS, embedded firmware and embedded software upgrade
  • SCE Team will conduct HW/SW Requirements Review and Peer Review of First-Circuit Interfaces. Instrument Team participation is welcome.
  • SCE Team will maintain a website forum for SCE Users
instrument team test support
Instrument Team Test Support
  • Instrument Teams will provide:
    • Host PC to run GSEOS
      • The Mini-Emulator will be designed and tested for compatibility to 64-bit Windows 7 (32-bit Windows 7 would be OK with the proper Opal Kelly drivers and minor GSEOS configs)
      • The Full Emulator will offer additional flexibility as requested
      • GSEOS support of SOC operations will offer additional flexibility as requested
      • SCE will use an Opal Kelly XEM6010, the PC will need to have driver version 4.x installed (current designing to 4.2.5)
    • Harnessing
    • Flight-rated power supply for use with flight-unit testing using the Full-Emulator
    • As needed for HW development , test and debug: Detailed analysis and compliance GSE (O’scopes, logic analyzers, SpW/UART protocol analyzers, EMI/EMC and EDTRD-specific testing)
emulator deliverables
Emulator Deliverables

Mini-Emulator earliest delivery is in June 2013

Full-Emulator earliest delivery is in April 2014

Emulator Schedule updates will be via the Project IMS

Requests for changes to emulator quantities should be sent through the applicable APL Instrument Manager.

Emulator spares will be held at APL and maintained by the Project Office. Coordination of spares will be through Patrick Hill.

rbsp lesson learned
RBSP Lesson Learned

Power Interface – PDU-style circuit breaker was omitted in S/C power service

Emulator Grounding with UUT and GSE – Clear grounding diagram is needed for all relevant configurations

Flight test requirements – Only the Full-Emulator with a in-cal external power supply should be used for flight

LVDS Interface ICs – ESD-protection is manufacturer specific and flight testing interfaces need to be compatible; use unscreened flight parts or verify compatibility of interfaces during transients and fault conditions

SCE standardization – develop emulators to minimize Instrument-specific customizations and features/add-ons

ICD Maturity – SCE/GSEOS can only be as current as the latest revisions of the ICDs and Requirements; continued communication is beneficial to everyone

SCE field support – RBSP emulators experienced field returns and in-process updates; Instrument teams should plan for these especially on the Mini-Emulator. Firmware and GSEOS SW updates will not require HW return(s).

  • Instrument concerns
  • Instrument-specific requirements
    • Required power services
    • Required RTDs
  • Questions?