global climate change n.
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Global Climate Change

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Global Climate Change - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Global Climate Change. Cause of climate change Greenhouse gases. Greenhouse Gases. The gases (in particular CO 2 )are released from cars, trucks, power-plants,…

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global climate change
Global Climate Change
  • Cause of climate change
  • Greenhouse gases
greenhouse gases
Greenhouse Gases
  • The gases (in particular CO2)are released from cars, trucks, power-plants,…
  • As the sun shines to the earth, the UV rays bounce back to space and the UV Rays are then trapped in the atmosphere. The atmosphere’s water particles heat up raising the earth’s temperature.
other sources
Other sources
  • Milankovitch Cycles – 3 types of periodic changes in the Earth’s rotation and orbit around the sun.
milankovitch cycles1
Milankovitch Cycles
  • Axial Wobble
  • Variation of tilt
  • Variation of orbit
thermohaline circulation
Thermohaline Circulation
  • Aka Thermohaline conveyor belt
impact of global climate change
Impact of Global Climate Change
  • Too mild winters which can cause water shortages (no snow to melt)
  • Too hot of summers
  • Some places will get too cold rather too hot
  • Glaciers will melt, which could lead to interruption to the Thermohaline Circulator
  • Water levels could rise
  • Storms will have greater impact such as Katrina
climate change
Climate change?
  • Must consider both sides of climate change
  • Is it happening?
  • Is it man-made or cyclical?
  • Regardless of belief, can things be reduced without hammering the economy?
  • Are our alterations causing more problems?