Types of prizes one can win with their smartphone
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Types Of Prizes One can Win With Their Smartphone - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Types Of Prizes One can Win With Their Smartphone\n

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  • Smartphones are indeed the smartest things that have happened with us in the recent times. From being an ultimate source of entertainment, to a knowledge base, a good smartphone can be used in many different and lucrative ways. It can even win you a plenty of gift hampers and discount vouchers. Here's a brief discussion on some of them.

Percentage based discount
Percentage Based Discount

  • Percentage based discounts can be availed for online as well as physical stores. They come in wide variety of choices. From small incentive percentages like 5% or 10% off to larger discount like 20% and 25%, you can get anything and everything. And, if you are lucky, you can even avail large percentages like 50%+ to liquidate merchandise as per your choice. 

Money value discount
Money Value Discount

  • This is growing in terms of popularity these days when a lot of people are turning towards online shopping. Money value discount vouchers are hence coming up with a massive popularity. These offers are based on the money value, which are positioned as a credit. So, if you can win a certain amount of money by playing games, you will be awarded a money value discount voucher. It helps you save your hard earned money, but at the same time, it gives you the liberty to shop at your heart's content. Both the money based and percentage based redemption offers are popular and at the same time offers plenty of choices.

Free shipping
Free Shipping

  • Among the many popular shopping vouchers, shipping vouchers are also gaining popularity. These days, a lot of price is being charged on shipping. Shipping costs are often cited as the number one reason for shopping cart abandonment. Many of the shopping vouchers are available in the form of free shipping, which gets you the product at your doorstep absolutely free of cost. Offering free shipping is a great way to mitigate the inconvenience and increase conversions. However, free shipping voucher is availed often in association with a minimum order size that increase the average order value. 

Free gift
Free Gift

  • A free gift is also a kind of shopping voucher that you can avail by playing online games and quizzes. These are extremely popular as they provide additional value to customer. If used strategically, such free gifts can increase the popularity of the gaming portals.

Gourmet basket
Gourmet Basket

  • These are quite common as a gift hamper. From a wide variety of sweet delicacies to dry fruits galore, anything can be spotted in the gourmet baskets.

Corporate gift hampers
Corporate Gift Hampers

  • From beautiful goodies to amazing utilities, there are plenty of items. These are ideal to gift your employees

Promotional gift hampers
Promotional Gift Hampers

  • Online games, being accessed by a wide range of people are often counted as a promotional platform. Hence, new brands often launch their products as a gift hampers. Winners are given such hampers as a gift for winning the games. So, check out the online games now and explore the shopping vouchers that you can win. There's plenty of choice and all it needs is a thorough research.