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Game review Gaming news think games - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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To think games in a different way is our objective. We try to do video game reviews in a way which might make people think. So for Game review and Gaming news with a twist, visit our site from the embedded links and lets start the discussion about the future of the industry.

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Games have evolved with time and so have we. We are gamers trying to analyze games from a

different perspective. Our goal is to see the gaming market especially in a different perspective.

With time we think that games of all platforms will become an alternative to reality. We are not

only talking about virtual reality as a whole but also the reality that we face in our day to day


Imagine you are walking amongst a silent road with trees and plants all around. You feel a

breeze that comforts your heart. This is a feeling that can only be perceived through our sense

organs and not from any other sources. Now side by side think of the first scene of the trailer of

‘Watchdogs’ – the game where its protagonist Aiden Pearce walks amongst a crowd and a storm

gushes in followed by rain, he quickly enters a building. To be honest did we ever think that we

will be able to experience this form of entertainment ever in our lives? But this really showed us

the way. So lets think games as a parallel system influencing and getting influenced from reality


Talking of the ‘reality’ and ‘realism’ portrayed in today’s games it should be kept in mind that

only the graphics or the effects are not the sole parameters for judging a game. There are other

factors at play too. Let us discuss them briefly one by one.

1)An insight to virtual reality

Virtual reality was the term first introduced in movies and gaming since 1990’s to inspire people

to come experience the sector of computer entertainment viz gaming. As a result several popular

gaming websites also started to emerge which gave an insight to virtual reality, how is it linked

to the consciousness of the human mind and how a program can converse with the system around

us. The Matrix movie also inspired many people to take up gaming, either as a retreat from the

world or a recreation for the tired mind.

2) Debate and discussions

As time passed by and as games started to become more and more advanced, people started to

like it naturally and hence they wanted to discuss about it and debate about it. The more the

discussions grew strong, the more gaming became popular. Lots of forums started to emerge and

so did sites and tv programmes doing video game reviews. Surely video game reviews did a

good job in making the market as a whole and it also helped gaming companies to understand the

demography of the gamers.

3)Arrival of the multiplayer platform

The arrival of the multiplayer platform gave a good impetus for the rising sales of the several

titles as they can be played with friends and against foes! With it came several gaming

competitions hosted and advertised by big companies to promote their products also. Winning

these competitions not only meant huge money and fame but also a reputation on the whole

gaming community. Therefore the ‘gaming community’ was born, interchanging their thoughts,

plans, progressions and strategies before arriving at a tournament. Gamers all over the world

started to meet up at places and went a step further to host their own competitions and began to

promote themselves through journals and other sources of Gaming news. All in all this paved

the development of the entertainment market.

Lastly we think that more about these factors need to be said in details. We cannot cover the

entire things in just these mere points. Yes as we stated that we think games in a different light

for which participation of gamers and gamethinkers are necessary. This is not just one of those

same discussion forums about games and graphic cards and stuff. Even in case of Game review

we are pretty much serious and we think that gamers have a say to what they want. They have

the right to forge the market and not just the studios or the graphics card companies or

platformers. So we would like you to take a look at our website from the links above or you may

directly visit us, to take a look about what we guys are upto.