Three cs
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Three Cs. Clarity Conciseness Consistency. Clarity. Being clear is our main priority when communicating. What might prevent us from communicating clearly? How can we be more clear when we communicate?. Conciseness. How does being concise relate to being clear?

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Three cs
Three Cs

  • Clarity

  • Conciseness

  • Consistency


  • Being clear is our main priority when communicating.

  • What might prevent us from communicating clearly?

  • How can we be more clear when we communicate?


  • How does being concise relate to being clear?

  • Why might we use more words than we need to?

  • How can we be more concise when we communicate?


  • There is nothing wrong with making mistakes.

  • We do need to be aware of what we are writing and to keep that writing consistent.

  • What can we do to be more consistent when we communicate?

Three cs

  • We could’vegone to their house to watch the game, but then we would of had to look at ten thousand pictures from their vacation.

  • I didn’t know what to expect on the first day of my first year writing class, so some of my friends told me about their first-year writing class so I would know what to except.

  • I’m working on my Master’s degree now, but I spent four years working on my bachelors degree.

Three cs

  • What I had actually finally realized was the fact that my mom and my dad really just wanted me to do my best in elementary school, junior high, high school, and now college.

  • What I had learned in my leadership class that I took last fall was that lots of people have some ideas of what they want to do for a living in their lives but that their financial situations sometimes prevent them from pursuing those jobs or the education that will then allow them to pursue those jobs.

Three cs

  • If this wasn’t what I wanted to, but would I know if I made the right decision?

  • Fair trade makes participating companies look good by trying to help improve the lives of those living in developing countries. That word has also been repeated throughout the sources. Developing countries or third world producers. They used this word instead of saying what specific countries they were actually talking about.  

Three cs

  • My family and I have always been big water bottle users me, my brother and I and my sister have always played sports, both my parents both work and even when no one was at school, practice or work we always seemed to be on the move and doing something, so I know from experience that these seemingly useless things are in reality a huge convenience to everyday life even though we don’t even know it.

  • Computer technology has improved our lives thanks to the various tasks that difficult lifestyle, with more job opportunities.