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  1. EXPRESSING GRATEFULNESS(Thank You) Composed by Nur Hidayah

  2. A. Building Knowledge of The Field Thanks for helping me, guys. When someone or some people helps or help you, what will you say? It’s OK, Adit.

  3. B. Modelling of the text Watch the video given by your teacher telling how to express gratitude or thanks. Take a note. Then share what you get from video in front of the class.

  4. Expressing Gratitude The common expession to thank somebody are : - Thank you - Thanks e.g. : - Thank you for your coming-Thanks for your present Emphatic ways of thanking : - Thank you very much Thank you so much. Thanks a lot*) It’s very kind of you

  5. If you want to make your gratitude more formal, you can use : - I want to thank you for...... - I want to tell you how grateful I am - I’m extremely grateful to you for.. - I’m grateful for.... To respond to thanks, you can say: You’re welcome That’s all right That’s OK. It’s Pleasure It is no trouble It is nothing Not at all Don’t mention it (Old fashioned) *) You cannot say “Thank you a lot” or ‘’thanks lots’’ or ‘’thanks for......’’

  6. C. Joint Construction of The Field Practice expressing gratitude by mentioning one by one the expression with your partner

  7. In pairs make your conversation and act it out in front of the class. Choose one of these situations. • Your friend invites you to his/her party. Express your thank to him/her and say sorry that you can’t come. • You come to a party with a diamond necklace in your neck. The host welcome you and praise your necklance. Express your thank. • You receive a letter written in German, but you can’t understand German at all. You ask your English teacher to translate it. However, he/she can’t understand German either. Include expression of thank in your conversation.

  8. D. Individual Construction Of The Field INSTRUCTION: Your teacher will play a recording for you. you will hear some gratitude expression. Mark A if you hear formal expression of Gratitude. Mark B if you hear informal way of saying thank you. e.g. You hear “ Number one, I really want to say thank you for your helps, John.” So the answer is : 1A

  9. Listen to your teacher. The teacher will give you several examples of expressing thanks. Identify what the people thank for. Nama : Rit, this is for you. Rita : What’s it? .... Oh It’s the new title pf Agatha Cristie.... Nana : I know that you like it very much Rita : Oh thank you. That’s very kind of you. Jhony : Can I help you ? Tonny : Oh ... No, I can manage it myself. But, Thanks for offering. Ping : You’re a good violinist. Chen : Thanks. I had a good teacher. Doctor : the best thing now is to go home and take these pills. If you don’t feel better in a couple of days, let me know. Patient : Thank you very much, doctor. Doctor : That’s quite all right, bye. A : Excuse me, could you help me open this bottle? B : Sure ... uh, the cap is so right. Sorry I cannot be of any help to you? A: Thanks a lot for trying , at least.