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Shilajeet Capsules - Things You Need To Know About It Before Using

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Shilajeet Capsules - Things You Need To Know About It Before Using - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This powerpoint presentation describes about Shilajeet capsules things you need to know about it before using. You can find more detail about Shilajit ES capsule at

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Presentation Transcript
Things To Know About Shilajeet
  • Shilajeet, a herbo-mineral compound is gaining popularity worldwide due to its wonderful health benefits. This is an extract supplement that can be used for a number of reasons in preparing herbal supplements and ayurvedic medicines. Here a person can read up more about what Shilajeet is and what it does as well as a number of other amazing facts.
Things To Know About Shilajeet
  • The first thing most people want to know is where this comes from. Shilajeet is found in India, specifically the Himalayas. This is normally located on the steep rocks there and as well as in Afghanistan. You'll notice it right away as it's like a gummy substance on them. It's thought to be a plant microbial life of some sort.
Things To Know About Shilajeet
  • People in folk medicine use Shilajeet for a number of things such as peptic ulcer on the bone and being used as an aphrodisiac. They have been conducting animal studies to see just what this can do since many in the Indian medicine culture have used this.
Things To Know About Shilajeet
  • While the above was some of the things that back in the day Shilajeet was supposed to help with, after much investigation and testing, we have found that it's good for other things such as helping with anti aging.
Things To Know About Shilajeet
  • Shilajeet has recently been used to help fight modern day and more common illnesses such as anemia, arthritis, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, gall stones, infertility, kidney stones, some menstrual disorders, and even thyroid.
  • Some begin to wonder why this is. There are three properties that this has shown to have. For instance, it has an anti inflammatory power to it.
Things To Know About Shilajeet
  • Shilajeet can help with anti anxiety as well as it has analgesic in it. These make it possible to overcome the things we mentioned above with the help of this.
  • The one thing we have found as a side effect is that it does produce uric acid. So, if one has gout, one has to be really careful. We have seen people's gout flare up when they have started taking this.
Things To Know About Shilajeet
  • There are a number of Shilajeet products out there. The thing to remember though is that you must be careful. Some of the things they have come out with are imported from India where they haven't been tested. Due to this, they never expect it for how pure it is and make it so that it's ready to be sold as it is being sold as of now.
Shilajit ES Capsules
  • If you are taking this with other medications, they have noticed it might change your skin color. Things like that haven't been tested until now.
  • Good news for those interested in taking Shilajeet capsule is that a purified form of Shilajeet (free from heavy metals and toxins) is now available as Shilajit ES capsules.
Shilajit ES Capsules
  • This herbal supplement is blended with other potent herbs Saffron, Shatavar, Safedmusli and Motibhasma to increase its power and efficacy. And the best part is that Indian customers can buy Shilajit ESfrom online stores which delivers these capsules straight to customer's door in completely discreet packaging.
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