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Portion Size Me

Portion Size Me

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Portion Size Me

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  1. Portion Size Me All consumers are subject to portion size unawareness.

  2. Do I really need to be aware of portion sizes? Portion size is no respecter of person, place or profession or if the person is hungry or likes the food. 85 graduate students and professors were invited to an ice cream social. Those who were given larger serving bowl served themselves 31% more then those with the smaller bowl. Those who were given a larger bowl and serving utensil served themselves 53% ice cream then those who were given a small bowl and spoon. Chicagoan moviegoers were given free medium or large buckets of stale popcorn. Even though the popcorn was stale and they were not hungry, those who were given the large bucket were ate 51% more then those with the medium buckets.

  3. Who creates portion size norms? Larger packages, larger restaurant portions, larger kitchenware suggest a consumption norm that subtly influences how much people believe is appropriate to eat.

  4. Reversing portion size norms -Buy items in smaller serving sizes. -If purchasing items bargain-sized, re-portion food items into serving sizes -At a restaurant ask for half your order to be placed to-go. -At home replace large dishware with smaller dishware. -Keep large food containers and packages off the counter Large portions lead to supersized appetites. Smaller portions lead to smaller appetites. Change your personal environment to chane your behavior.

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