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EMR: Return on Investment

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EMR: Return on Investment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EMR: Return on Investment. ROI = Gain from Investment - Cost of the Investment ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Cost of the Investment. Return on Investment.

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EMR: Return on Investment

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return on investment

ROI = Gain from Investment - Cost of the Investment


Cost of the Investment

Return on Investment
return on investment1

ROI 50% = $75,000 - $50,000


$ 50,000

Return on Investment
gains from an emr

Time Savings for Physicians and Staff

  • Improvements in Coding
  • Reduction or Elimination of Transcription Costs
  • Eliminate Paper Charts and Associated Costs
  • Reduction of other Cost.
  • Patient Safety & Satisfaction
Gains from an EMR
time savings for physicians staff

Reduction in documenting the chart

- Average Time Savings is 5 mintues.

- Done in Real-Time.

- Point of Encounter.

- No Need for longer appointments

Time Savings for Physicians & Staff
time savings for physicians staff2

Stop Chasing Paper

- No more pulling charts days ahead.

- No stacks of charts stranded on desk.

- No need to re-file charts.

Time Savings for Physicians & Staff
more time savings for physicians staff

Reduced time on Patient intake information.

  • Reduction in Pharmacy call-backs with
  • Electronic prescription.
More Time Savings for Physicians & Staff
improvements in coding

Under coding due to fear of audit.

  • Under coding due to lack of time to sufficiently document the level of care.
  • $40,000 - $50,000 annual loss per physician
  • $9 Increase in Average reimbursement per visit.
Improvements in Coding
reduce or eliminate transcription costs

Real-Time documentation eliminates Transcription costs.

  • Eliminates the delay in the documentation making it to the chart.
  • Average Physicians spend $15,000 a year on transcription.
Reduce or Eliminate Transcription Costs
eliminate paper charts and costs

Average maintenance cost is $8 per record per year.

  • Average Maintenance cost is $1-$2 per year for Electronic Record.
  • 3,000 Active charts per Physician.
  • Reduction in Real-Estate expense.
Eliminate Paper Charts and Costs
reduction of other costs

Eliminate Charge Entry with Automatic Charge Capture.

  • Automate the process of generating and receiving referrals.
  • Malpractice Insurance carriers frequently give discounts to user of an EMR system.
Reduction of Other Costs
patient saftey and satisfaction

Eliminate adverse drug-to-drug and drug to allergy events

  • Prescribe medications on the patient’s approved formulary list the first time.
  • Have prescriptions waiting for patients at the pharmacy.
  • Patient control with Web Portal and personal health record.
Patient Saftey and Satisfaction