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Contents (tailor as appropriate). Duties Limitations Tools Ethics. COR Duties. Act as technical liaison between the EA KO and Contractor with respect to monitoring the Contractor’s performance against the specification, PWS/SOW, and QASP.

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Contents (tailor as appropriate)

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contents tailor as appropriate
Contents(tailor as appropriate)
  • Duties
  • Limitations
  • Tools
  • Ethics
cor duties
COR Duties
  • Act as technical liaison between the EA KO and Contractor with respect to monitoring the Contractor’s performance against the specification, PWS/SOW, and QASP.
  • Monitor the Contractor’s progress, costs, and quality of performance, keeping the EA KO informed.
  • Report any substantive deficiencies in contract performance or other instances of noncompliance with contract terms and conditions to the EA KO.
  • Provide reports and documentation to support significant actions taken, as directed.
  • Review and certify Contractor’s invoices.
  • Track and monitor labor mix / level of effort expended; report significant differences between contracted and actual amounts.
cor duties cont
COR Duties, cont.
  • Report any inconsistencies between work performed and performance claimed on invoices to the EA KO.
  • Review, inspect, accept, and certify services or deliverables when completed.
  • Maintain file for each contract/order assigned to document all contractual actions taken by the COR.
  • Make sure the Government is getting what it pays for.
  • Help EA KO prepare a narrative and rating on the Contractor's performance for posterity.
cor limitations
COR Limitations
  • The COR is held to limitations as specified in the COR Designation Letter.
  • The COR does not have authority to perform any of the following:
    • Authorize the Contractor to perform additional work.
    • Issue orders or change the intent or substance of a contract or order.
    • Issue stop work orders.
    • Authorize additional Government Furnished Property (GFP) outside the existing contract.
    • Disclose source selection or proprietary information.
    • Provide any budgetary information.
    • Interfere with Contractor’s personnel practices or organized labor.
cor limitations cont
COR Limitations, cont.
  • The COR does not have authority to perform any of the following (cont.):
    • Directly or indirectly change the following:
      • Pricing, Cost or Fee
      • Quantities
      • Quality
      • Scope of the Task/Delivery Order/Contract/Modification
      • Delivery Schedule
      • Labor Mix
      • Any other terms/conditions of the Order/Contract/ Modification
    • Nurture a conflict of interest or appearance of a conflict of interest.
      • The COR shall adhere to the statutes and regulations governing standards of conduct.
cor tools in usmc cmpg
  • Contract Funding Summary Spreadsheet
  • Limitation of Funds Non-Compliance Letter Template
  • COR File Documentation Checklist
  • COR Functional Review Questionnaire
cor ethics
COR Ethics
  • Federal employees are prohibited from soliciting or accepting gifts.
    • Gifts may legally be accepted by a prohibited source with a face value of $50 per calendar year, but not over $20 on any single occasion. Rule of thumb: DO NOT ACCEPT GIFTS of any value.
    • Gifts of food, refreshments, or entertainment may be permitted in a foreign area if the following criteria is met:
      • Market value of food/entertainment does not exceed the per diem rate for the foreign area.
      • Participation in the meeting is with non-U.S. citizens or representatives of foreign governments/entities.
      • Attendance at the meeting is part of official duties.
      • Gift of meals, refreshments or entertainment is from a person other than a foreign government.
cor ethics cont
COR Ethics, cont.
  • Some Contractors insist on giving gratuity. Use the following guidelines if unable to persuade the Contractor to keep the gratuity.
    • Notify Finance Officer, put the gift in a safe for immediate holding, and obtain a receipt from the Finance Officer.
    • Turn gratuity over to Legal.
    • Write memo for the record (MFR) documenting the situation and your action.
  • Identifying Indicators of fraud
    • The COR has an obligation to report any suspected fraud.
    • Examples of fraud include product substitution, defective pricing, cost mis-charging, price fixing, fabrication of records, bribes, gratuities, kickbacks, and Government employee collusion.
cor ethics cont10
COR Ethics, cont.
  • Interaction with Contractor Employees
    • U.S and Federal DOC Standards of Conduct do not apply to contractor employees.
    • Must not interfere with contractor-employee relations or tell contractors whom to hire or fire or to perform work outside the scope of the work statement.
    • DOC/NOAA does not have authority for personal services contracts as defined in FAR 37.104.
    • Professional friendships are not prohibited, but COR must act impartially and show no favoritism.
      • Government employees cannot personally make recommendations and references for Contractors except when providing past performance information.