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My Family PowerPoint Presentation
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My Family

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My Family - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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My Family
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  1. My Family

  2. This is a photo from 1941. My father was 25 years old. My mother was 26 years old.

  3. 40 years later. My father’s name is . My mother’s name is .

  4. This is my grandfather and my grandmother in 1918.

  5. The little girl is called . The little baby is called . The baby was my father. The girl is my aunt.

  6. The old lady is my mother. The man is my sister’s husband.

  7. This is my sister. Her name is . In this picture, she is 18 years old.

  8. This is me. I was one year old.

  9. This is me in 1959.

  10. This is my boyfriend in 1959. his name is

  11. The lady is the mother.The men are her sons.The man on the right is my boyfriend.

  12. My boyfriend is now my husband.

  13. The man is my husband’s son. He is the baby’s father.

  14. The older lady is the mother. The younger lady is the daughter.

  15. The lady in the middle is my mother. The man on the left is my son. The man on the right is my other son. The two men are brothers. The lady in the middle is their grandmother.

  16. The lady is the wife of my son. She is my daughter-in-law.

  17. The lady is my other daughter-in-law. The little baby is her nephew.

  18. The man is my son. The baby is his son. The baby is my grandson.

  19. The lady is the grandmother. The little boy is the grandson.

  20. The man is my husband’s son. The little girl and the baby are his daughters.

  21. The lady is my husband’s daughter-in-law. The little baby is her daughter and my husband’s grand-daughter.

  22. The lady is the mother. The little girl is the daughter.

  23. The little girls are sisters. The little girls are my grand-daughters.

  24. This is my cat. Her name is Winky. Winky is funny. She loves to play hide-and seek with me.

  25. Here is my second cat. Her name is Yoda. Yoda likes to ‘sing’ and ‘talk’ a lot!

  26. This is our dog, Max! He is very friendly and likes to chase the ball.

  27. I love my family!