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Climate and Global Warming

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Climate and Global Warming - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Climate and Global Warming. Extreme weather events Humidity ,floods, storms Crops prices and wild fires. Green house gases form a blanket around earth trapping energy in the atmosphere causing it to warm (known as the greenhouse effect). Climate change The facts.

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climate and global warming

Climate and Global Warming

Extreme weather events

Humidity ,floods, storms

Crops prices and wild fires

Green house gases form a blanket around earth trapping energy in the atmosphere causing it to warm (known as the greenhouse effect)
climate change the facts
Climate changeThe facts
  • Sea levels are rising due to water expanding as temperatures rise
  • Rising temperatures accelerate melting adding extra water to the seas
  • Rising sea level lead to higher tides and storm surges
  • Climate can be natural but what’s happening now can’t be explained by natural forces only
who is to blame
Who is to Blame?
  • Humans largely responsible for recent climate change
  • Human activities releasing large amounts of CO2 and other green house gases into the atmosphere
  • Majority of green house gases com from burning fossil fuels to produce energy, deforestation industrial processes – some agricultural practices also emit gas into the atmosphere
effects of climate change
Effects of Climate Change
  • Increasing presence of pests and diseases
  • Sea level rises loss of beaches
  • Coastal communities – Hurricanes intensified
  • High temperatures affect growth and production of crops, and trees
  • Northeast – More frequent heat waves higher threat to human health, farms, aquatic life, damaging livelihoods and regional economy
effects on health
Effects on health
  • Longer Heat waves = heat related illnesses and deaths
  • Heat stroke and dehydration, most common cause of heat related deaths
  • Skin Cancer
  • Unhealthy air and pollutants
  • Spreading diseases –ticks and mosquitoes

Young people, old people and people with medical conditions are more vulnerable to heat related illnesses

  • Electricity use higher during summer to run air conditioning causes more air pollution
  • Extreme weather causing injury and death

Availability – food and water , contamination and water borne diseases

  • Interruption of communication and health care services
  • More stomach and intestinal illnesses
  • Mental health impacts depression and post traumatic stress disorder
  • As quality of air drops ( Lung/Cardiovascular)
  • Premature Death, asthma
  • Humidity – warm stagnant air ozone
  • Inhaling particles exacerbate respiratory diseases

Enhances the spread of diseases causing agents pathogens-ticks , mosquitoes

  • Salmonella and Bacteria related to food poisoning bacteria grow rapidly in warm environments
  • GI distress severe death
  • Food borne illnesses
  • Flooding overflow from sewage treatment plants into fresh water sources contaminate crops with pathogen containing feces
  • The choices we make today will affect the amount of green house gases we put in the atmosphere in decades to come
  • Climate change affects everyone, Our lives are connected to climate change


  • support energy efficiency
  • Be an advocate of climate change

IPCC, Climate Change 2007: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability (Cambridge, U.K.: Cambridge University Press, 2007).