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Operation YES. Book By: Sara Lewis Holmes PowerPoint By: Amy Worley. Characters. Bo- Can’t stay out of trouble at school, part of the Quagmire of Ignorance, and was one of the first in Operation YES, is great at improv!

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Operation yes

Operation YES

Book By:

Sara Lewis Holmes

PowerPoint By:

Amy Worley


  • Bo- Can’t stay out of trouble at school, part of the Quagmire of Ignorance, and was one of the first in Operation YES, is great at improv!

  • Gari- Moving from Seattle to her cousin Bo’s family because her mom is a nurse for the army, and is going to Iraq, has stage-fright

  • Miss Loupe- Crazy teacher, cool teacher! Teaches theater, has brother in Afganistan

  • Trey- Bo’s (and Gari’s) friend in Quagmire of Ignorance, one of the first in Operation YES

  • Melissa- Bo’s (and Gari’s) friend who was one of the first in Operation YES, takes lots of notes

Summary plan a b and c
Summary:(Plan A, B, and C!)

While Bo is planning on a new school year without trouble in North Carolina, Gari is spending her time helping out her best friend on their campaign in Seattle, when her mother, an army nurse, has been called to Iraq! She is forced to move in with her cousin Bo, who is having problems of his own with a crazy new teacher, Miss Loupe! At this rate, he’ll never be good enough, and see the Flying Farmer with his dad, the general. The two of them, along with their good friends, Melissa and Trey, have fun, in a creative way, which also helps wounded soldiers in need. Read how these four kids, and eventually, their school, city, and people from all over the country learn what’s important in life.

Operation yes1
Operation YES:

The Mission

Operation YES, was made by Bo, Gari, Melissa, and Trey. They came up with the idea to help Miss Loupe feel better (SPOILER), and to show what was really important. They pledged, to fill their school with 100,000 little green men, or LGM (Plastic!). BUT, it was others who bought the LGM, and for everyone bought, they would donate $1 to wounded soldiers. To learn more about Operation YES, read the book!

A handful of reasons to read
A Handful of Reasons to Read!

Thank you for watching my presentation! I hoped you enjoyed it, and are intrigued to learn more, and \ read Operation YES. My final reasons for enjoying this book so much are right here, in one handful.

  • Setting: Time and place is set up nicely. The theme of this book is army families and has very current situations.

  • Miss Loupe: What a crazy teacher! I would love to learn about theater in school.

  • Solution: I like the way they learn to get along, and help the community all at once.

  • Focus: Throughout the chapters, the focus switches to either Bo or Gari, and solves all the problems in the end.

  • Overall: A quick read, with real life situations, Operation YES is a great book!

Operation yes2
Operation YES:

Sara Lewis Holmes