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How to Find the Perfect Divorce Lawyer

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How to Find the Perfect Divorce Lawyer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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No divorce can ever be simple or perfect, but you will certainly need a

perfect divorce lawyer. The situation you’re in is far from perfect and

to say that you are distraught with grief, anger, pain and anxiety is

only understating it. You will no doubt be bombarded with suggestions

from your friends and relatives but you must also keep a clear head so

that you will find a lawyer who will take your case to completion as

well as fruition.

Singapore attracts all sorts of professionals,

from within its own borders as well as those

from beyond. And one such profession is

that of the law. In fact, Singapore has way

too many lawyers! The last two years saw

1,044 new law graduates inducted to the

Bar of Singapore. And if one were to draw a comparison between 2006


and 2011, this amounts to about 250 new law graduates on an annual

basis. Under such circumstances, finding the perfect divorce lawyer

becomes significantly complicated. But a few tips on how to look up the

perfect lawyer for you should be better than just second guessing every

step of the way after you’ve made your choice. The list provided to you

below needs to be looked in conjunction with each other so that you land

yourself with the best.

divorce lawyer

1.Legal Service Regulator

Legal Service Regulatory Authority of Singapore

want to begin. This regulatory body keeps an updated list of all

lawyers as well as law firms who are currently operating in

Singapore. By referring to this list, you will avoid trying to

locate someone who is no longer practicing so that you save time

as well as energy. Go over this list to familiarize yourself with the

names which you can then reference back to the next two methods

outlined below.

2.Online Advertisement

Online Advertisement is the next step for you. Go over them with

a shrewd eye and take the advertised showcased qualities with a

grain of salt. As you go through the advertisements, look for

feedback and reviews that the lawyers have earned. Go through

these with a fine tooth comb and try and locate cases with which

you can relate your own situation to.

3.By this time, you already have a list of practicing divorce

in Singapore

in Singapore and how they are perceived. Now the next and the

last step is to shortlist a few lawyers and then find out whatever


first- -hand information

hand information you can through your friends and

relatives. This will help you narrow down on the lawyer you wish

to work with.

y Authority of Singapore is where you

divorce lawyers



The steps listed above will help you zero in on the best lawyer for your

case. Be open-minded and trust your instincts. If you have followed all

of the above steps in the order they appear, then you should have no

problems locating the top

top divorce lawyer

divorce lawyer in Singapore

Good luck!

in Singapore for your case.