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Divorce Lawyers - Choose Wise

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Divorce Lawyers - Choose Wise - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The attorney hired by one plays a vital role in casting the case proceedings. So one should be careful enough while hiring one and should preferably know about his/her qualifications, win-loss ratio etc.

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Divorce Lawyers

Divorce Lawyers - - Choose Wise

Choose Wise

The attorney hired by one plays a vital role in casting the case proceedings. So one should

be careful enough while hiring one and should preferably know about his/her qualification

s, win-loss ratio etc.

Divorce is a painful and long-drawn process. The support from friends and family plays a

vital role at this point to keep the divorcees' emotional health intact. Also the services of a

well-qualified, experienced attorney is essential to provide

the optimum legal assistance.

While looking for a divorce lawyer

divorce lawyer, it is imperative to be enormously deliberate. Instead of

dialling the first number seen on an ad or on the Yellow Pages, it is prudent to check the cr

edentials, reputations and track record of the lawyer. It is a good idea to enlist the assistanc

e of the top divorce lawyers in Singapore to ensure that the process goes on as smoothly as


1) Firstly, whether the lawyer is well qualified or not.

Additional to the mandatory LLB, there are numerous

higher and more specialized degrees that a lawyer can

earn. Postgraduate courses can be considered as a goo

d second qualification, but a series of specialized certif

icates in family law or divorce would be an ideal quali

fication to opt for.


2. Secondly, what is the lawyer's track record like? How long he has been practicing?. On

e needs to know the type of cases he has dealt with, and - most importantly-his win-loss

ratio. Preferably, one should opt for a lawyer who has had ample experience in family

and divorce cases - especially the complex ones.

3. And finally, what is the lawyer's reputation? A lawyer with an excellent record may

also be known for being a threatening, conniving or downright dishonest character.

The top divorce lawyers in Singapore

ersed in all the aspects of the divorce process - f

iling for the divorce, settling the division of asse

ts, child custody, alimony, visiting, mediation an

d so on. Also, they may help a couple to settle t

he case out of court or via mutual consent, whic

h is a much cheaper and drawn-out process than

a fully-fledged court battle.

Changing attorneys during a case may be forbidden by some courts, while others may all

own provided one has the permission from the judge. Also, the hassle of informing a ne

w lawyer about every previous aspect of the case while it is bein

g fought in court is cumbersome. Most importantly, the sum o

f money paid to a lawyer may not be recoverable. So one shoul

d take care not to be penny wise, pound foolish.

top divorce lawyers in Singapore are well v