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Benjamin Randall Grit 687 Summer 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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Benjamin Randall Grit 687 Summer 2012

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Benjamin Randall Grit 687 Summer 2012 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Wiki Did you know that wiki is Hawaiian for fast? chapter 2 What School leaders need to know about digital technology and social media. Benjamin Randall Grit 687 Summer 2012. Who. Ward Cunningham, the inventor of wiki American c omputer p rogrammer Author of The Wiki Way

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WikiDid you know that wiki is Hawaiian for fast?chapter 2What School leaders need to know about digital technology and social media

Benjamin Randall

Grit 687

Summer 2012

  • Ward Cunningham, the inventor of wiki
  • American computer programmer
  • Author of The Wiki Way
  • Constructed the software WikiWikiWay in 1994.
chapter 2 summary
Chapter 2 Summary

In Chapter 2, starting on page 13, A "Wiki" from, "What school leaders need to know about digital technology and social media," refers to the following definition provided by Wikipedia.  "A Wiki is a website that allows the easy creation and editing of any number of interlinked web pages via a web browser using a simplified markup language or a text editor." (Wikipedia, 2010)

A Wiki is a web site that allows the viewers to become participants. We can all edit a true Wiki site, not just the creator.

*remember when teachers told students, Don’t use Wikipedia as a resource! That’s because it is a Wiki site and it can be edited.

what do you need to m ake a wiki
What do you need to make a wiki?
  • Hardware needed:
    • A PC or a Mac computer
    • Keyboard
    • Mouse
  • Software needed
    • Safari, Explorer, or any other internet provider
    • Works or Office to transfer docs would help
why use them
Why Use Them?

“Wikis can simplify educators’ work by holding common items together without requiring sophisticated programming knowledge.” (McLeod, Scott, & Chris Lehmann, 2010) For example, Wikis can help with planning a lesson, putting together different documents, organizing thoughts, and keeping a database and backup for later use. Teachers can use sites like Wikispaces and Wetpaint which offers Wikis for them to use at home and in the classroom for lessons. The book told us that what we can do with Wikis are almost limitless. Our imagination is the only thing that holds us back or helps us to construct masterpieces.

Wikis are easy to set up and use. Just click edit, and start typing. (EX)

a wiki at work daily
A wiki at work, daily
  • Getting started…
  • First, log onto a computer and gain access to the internet via Explorer, Safari, etc.
  • Pick a Wiki site that would allow you to complete your work in a manner that best suits you and your teaching style.
    • Lets take a look at Wetpaint, a multimillion dollar Wiki site.
    • It is a media platform and wiki hosting site.
    • It is easy to edit, and it is edited daily.
a wiki walk through
A Wiki walk through
  • The Basics
  • What is a Wiki?
  • Who Uses a Wiki?
  • Wiki vs. Blog?

resources used
Resources Used
  • A Wiki walk through, by Teachers First.
  • A look at a Wiki site, Wetpaint.
  • Notes on Ward Cunningham.
  • What School Leaders Need to Know About Digital Technology and Social Media. Mclead, Scott and Chris Lehmann, San Fran, CA. 2012.,+wiki&source=bl&ots=FrGjBiHagu&sig=JJEj2CSNrWqkBWR3_F5LthijLgY&hl=en&sa=X&ei=SA_aT9W4AaPs6gHk6anLAg&ved=0CGQQ6AEwBQ#v=onepage&q&f=false