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AFRICA. By Keandra washam. Introduction.

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By keandra washam

By Keandra washam


Africa is one of the seven continents, it is one of the most populous continents and is home to thousands of African Americans. Africa was also known as a Dark Continents, because little was known about the unexplored island. Africa also has a dessert, called The Sahara Desert, which is the largest desert in the world. The Suez Canal, Strait of Gibraltar, and the Sahara Desert are all landmarks of Africa.

The suez canal
The Suez Canal

  • Since finish in 1869. the Suez Canal has one of the most important canals in the world. It is 107 miles long, and it shortens through the Isthmus of Suez, also, it leave not much distance between Europe and Southern Asia for about 5,000 miles. Go around the long route around Africa. Oil tankers sail from the Persian Gulf to Western Europe are canal's most important customer. (Ashbaugh & Lostroh)

    (WELCH, 1981)

The sahara desert
The Sahara Desert

  • The Sahara desert is located in the northern part Africa and covers 3,500,000 sq miles or approximately 10% of the continent. It is surrounded in the east of the Red Sea and it bounces west of Atlantic Ocean. To the north the Sahara Desert’s northern edge is the Mediterrean Sea, while in the south it ends at Sahel, and area where the desert landscape transform into a semi-arid tropical savanna. (Ashbaugh & Lostroh)

Strait of gibraltar
Strait of Gibraltar

  • The Strait of Gibraltar which connects the Mediterrean Sea with the Atlantic Ocean, laying between southern Spain and northwestern Africa. It is 30 miles long and narrow to 8 miles in width between Point Marroqui (Spain) and Point Cires(Morocco). The strait’s western extreme is 14 miles wide between the pillars of Heracles which have been identified as the rock of Gibraltar to the north and one and two peaks to the south: Mount Hacho near the city of Ceuta. (Ashbaugh & Lostroh)

    (Clark, 1979)


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