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TRANSFAIR. 14th-15th October 2004 IEA: Interactive European Apprenticeship. The Rhône ‘Chambre de métiers’. The Rhône Chambre de Métiers federates: 22 116 crafts enterprises 60 898 people working in the crafts sector 4 000 apprentices

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14th-15th October 2004

IEA: Interactive European Apprenticeship

the rh ne chambre de m tiers
The Rhône ‘Chambre de métiers’
  • The Rhône Chambre de Métiers federates:
    • 22 116 crafts enterprises
    • 60 898 people working in the crafts sector
    • 4 000 apprentices
  • The Rhône Chambre de Métiers was founded in June 1933.
what is a chambre de m tiers in france
What is a Chambre de Métiers in France?
  • The Chambre de Métiers is a public body, administered by craftspeople.
  • 106 Chambres de Métiers in France represent 250 different crafts on political, economic and social matters.
  • They represents the interests of the crafts sector on local and national government level.
european programmes
European programmes :
  • As coordinator
  • As a partner
  • Aims :
    • To promote the crafts sector
    • To provide services for craftspeople within Europe
    • To identify and integrate new information and training practices into existing systems
our experience of the transfer of results to existing practices etq and ema
Our experience of the transfer of results to existing practices: ETQ and EMA
  • The ETQ programme : European Trainer Qualification
    • 3 years programme from 1996 to 1999, extended to 2000
    • 5 European Union countries involved: Germany, Belgium, Great-Britain, France, Ireland.
  • Aims :
    • To develop a European qualifying programme for apprenticeship tutors.
  • All partners work on the following subjects:
    • I – The legal foundations of vocational training
    • II – The organisation, planning and carrying-out of training programmes
    • III – The psychological development of apprentices
    • IV – The social behaviour of the trainer
    • V – Working and living in Europe
    • VI – Dealing with change
etq results achieved
ETQ : Results achieved
  • The development of a system of reference for European apprenticeship tutors
  • ETQ is continuing in Germany (Cologne) and in France (Lyon), where it was directly integrated into the curriculum of the Brevet de Maîtrise (Master craftsman's qualification).
ema european mobility of apprentices
EMA : European Mobility of apprentices
  • A two year programme: 1999 – 2001
  • 4 countries : Belgium, Germany, France, Ireland
  • Aim :
    • To contribute to the creation of a European apprenticeship contract by means of experimentation in five different areas of professional activity
ema partners activities
EMA : Partners’ activities
  • Phase 1 : Exchange of methods, practices and existing content in initial training in each of the countries involved
  • Phase 2 : Identification of mobility problems concerning initial training in each country
ema partners activities cont
EMA : Partners’ activities (cont.)
  • Phase 3 : Development of training modules in training centers and in businesses
  • Phase 4 : Definition of European credits and their recognition
  • Phase 5 : Practical applications for the 5 crafts involved.
ema follow on actions
EMA : follow on actions
  • The EMA programme enabled:
    • Understanding of what the notion of apprenticeship means in each of the partner countries
    • Examination of the legal problems involved in the mobility of apprentices, resulting in our expertise on this matter
the iea programme interactive european apprenticeship
The IEA programme : Interactive European Apprenticeship
  • Context :
    • European Commission call for tenders :


    • The Rhône Chambre de Métiers have taken part in two LEONARDO projects : EMA et ETQ
    • At the present time there is no regularly applied recognition of skills acquired by apprentices during periods spent elsewhere in the European Union.
iea aims
IEA : Aims
  • To analyse, update and transfer the Leonardo da Vinci products:
    • EMA : European Mobility of Apprentices and
    • ETQ : European Trainer Qualification
  • To encourage the mobility of apprentices by creating a guide on the subject;
  • To develop European certification:
    • For European apprenticeship tutors
    • For skills acquired by apprentices elsewhere in the European Union
aei expected results
AEI : Expected results
  • The European certification of apprenticeship tutors
  • The institution of European recognition for training periods spent by apprentices in the European Union
  • The creation of an internet guide to apprenticeship mobility
  • The publication of an information brochure to promote the Internet site
transfer process of ema et etq products


Following the progress of the products since the beginning




Of products in the countries previously participating in IEA

STUDY of the CHARACTERISTICS of the new partner countries

FORMALISATION of an identification sheet for each country


of training modules

EXPERIMENTATION and VALIDATION of training modules


of apprentices

EUROEPAN CERTIFICATION of apprenticeshiptutors

INTERNETGUIDE to mobility and

Information BROCHURE

Transfer process of EMA et ETQ products
iea partners


Compagnons du Devoir



Organisations in each partner country

Crafts businesses in each partner country



Chambre des Métiers






Professional Organisations Automobile, Confectionary


Apprentice Training Centre in each country

Apprentices and Master craftsmen in each partner country


Cologne Handwerkskammer

integration into educational and training systems
Integration into educational and training systems:
  • The Rhône Chambre de Métiers :
    • The institution
    • Crafts training qualifications
    • Partnerships