Timetable for ay0708 cohort
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Timetable for AY0708 Cohort - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Timetable for AY0708 Cohort. by Office of Undergraduate Programmes http://www.eng.nus.edu.sg/ugrad/ . Modules Pre-allocation. All core modules (lectures, tutorials & labs) will be pre-allocated to you based on your recommended schedules.

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Timetable for ay0708 cohort l.jpg

Timetable for AY0708 Cohort

by Office of Undergraduate Programmes


Modules pre allocation l.jpg
Modules Pre-allocation

  • All core modules (lectures, tutorials & labs) will be pre-allocated to you based on your recommended schedules.

  • Each student will be assigned a group. Students have to follow closely the assigned group time-table.

  • Students without A-level Physics – PC1221 & PC1222 pre-allocated.

  • Double Major Students are pre-allocated one Business module - check CORS for info.

English modules l.jpg
English Modules

  • EG1413 – Faculty Requirement

  • Eligibility: GCE “A” Level GP grade B4 & above

  • The rest - take QET to determine which English modules to read

  • EG1413, EG1471 & ES1000 will be pre-allocated to students based on your recommended schedules.

Timetable l.jpg



Modules in cors l.jpg
Modules in CORS

  • You should be able to see all modules that are pre-allocated to you in CORS after your registration, i.e. from this Friday (3 Aug) onwards.

  • If you can’t see them all, please DO NOT panic, as the system may take a longer time to process due to large number of data.

Additional module cm1502 l.jpg
Additional Module – CM1502

  • Offered in Sem 1 only for Common Engineering students planning to stream into CHE or EVE in 2nd year

  • Fill up e-form via http://www.eng.nus.edu.sg/ugrad/timetable.html

  • Module will be pre-allocated if workload permits.

  • If need to exceed workload, email engrs@nus.edu.sg for approval (for Common Engrg Students only!)*

  • CN1111 – offered in Sem 2

    * Other departments students should appeal to your respective departments if you wish to increase your workload. Please note that increase of workload is NOT encouraged, unless there are special reasons.

Additional modules gems ss l.jpg
Additional Modules - GEMs/SS

  • Refer to your recommended schedules

  • GEMs/SS Modules – via CORS bidding from Round 2A onwards, “G” a/c

  • Modules must NOT clash with class & exam timetable

  • Remember not to exceed semester workload (Sem 1 = 20MCs)

  • GEMS: http://www.nus.edu.sg/gem/

  • SS: http://www.nus.edu.sg/cors/CorsSchedule/moduleInfo.html(serviced modules - SSA2204 & SSA2211, M_Type code “29”, Round 1C (Protected), “P” a/c)

Additional modules ulr modules l.jpg
Additional Modules – ULR modules

  • Minor modules/students on DDPs/SARTOR modules (applicable to ECE students & Poly grads that are following AY0607 curriculum)

  • Bidding for serviced ULR Modules - via CORS from Round 1C onwards

  • Only bid for the modules if your schedule permits!

  • Modules must NOT clash with class & exam timetable

  • Remember not to exceed semester workload (Sem 1 = 20MCs)

  • List of serviced ULR modules: http://www.eng.nus.edu.sg/ugrad/ulr.html, “P” a/c

  • Other ULR modules – Round 2A onwards, “G” a/c

  • Recommended for Upper Years only

Appeals l.jpg

  • Appeals for Modules can be done via CORS Appeal after Round 3C (i.e. 15 Aug, 2301hrs onwards).

  • Closing Date: 17 Aug, 0800hrs

  • Appeals sent before Round 3C will be voided.

  • Appeals after closing date will not be considered.

  • http://www.eng.nus.edu.sg/ugrad/ulr.html#2

Going forward l.jpg
Going Forward…

  • Engrg core modules – those retaking or have not done – apply online registration for pre-allocation

  • EG1413– Students who have cleared EG1471 in Sem 1 and wish to read EG1413 in Sem 2 & later semesters – via CORS bidding

  • EG1471– Pre-allocation will be done for students who have not done this module in Sem 1

  • ES1000 – Offer in Sem 1 only; pre-allocation will be done

  • EG2401 – via CORS bidding (priority to year 3 & 4 Students)

  • HR2002 – via CORS bidding (priority to students required to read based on their recommended schedules)

Important timelines l.jpg
Important Timelines

  • Modules bidding period: 25 Jul - 15 Aug 07 (Round 0 – 3C)

  • Tutorial Registration: 17 – 24 Aug 07

  • Appeal Period: 15 Aug, 2301hrs to 17 Aug, 0800hrs

  • “W” grade takes effect from 0000hrs, 27 Aug 07 onwards

  • “F” grade takes effect from 0000hrs, 1 Oct 07 onwards

  • http://www.nus.edu.sg/cors/

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