The free world vs the axis of evil iran
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The Free World vs. the Axis of Evil: IRAN - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Free World vs. the Axis of Evil: IRAN. By Brig. Gen. (Res.) Ephraim Lapid Israel Nov. 2007.

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The free world vs the axis of evil iran l.jpg

The Free World vs. the Axis of Evil:IRAN

By Brig. Gen. (Res.) Ephraim Lapid


Nov. 2007

Brigadier General (Res.) Ephraim Lapid is one of Israel's leading authorities in Public and Military Affairs, Middle Eastern Current Affairs.  He has had a rich career in military and public service. General Lapid served as a Senior Intelligence officer in the Israel Defense Forces (I.D.F) including the Operation Officer of the Intelligence in the 70 's. He was after I.D.F. Spokesperson for 5 years and Instructor in the Israeli National Defense College. After retiring from the Israeli Military he served as a senior official in the Jewish Agency. He is a lecturer at Bar-Ilan University and of National Defense at Ariel College. Ephraim Lapid holds a B.A. in Middle Eastern Studies and Arabic from the Hebrew University, an M.A. in Political Science and a teaching certificate.

Index l.jpg

  • Area

  • Population

  • Economy

  • History

  • Germany – Iran relations

  • The Nuclear Project

  • The Nuclear Project – Positions of various parties

  • The Nuclear Project – ways to prevent

  • The Nuclear Project – where do we go?

Iran area l.jpg
Iran - Area

  • 1.6 m. Km².

  • 17 th Place in the world

  • 4x Germany

  • 80x Israel

Iran population l.jpg
Iran - Population

  • Almost 70 m. People

    (10x Israel)

  • 18th Place in the world

  • 90% Shi’ites

  • 40% Illiterate

  • 150,000 People, mostly high educated, leave every year to the west

  • Religious Regime rules most patterns of life, and many youth enter internet and listen to western music

Iran economy l.jpg
Iran Economy

  • GDP per capita – $8,250

  • Annual income per capita -


  • Second largest state of the OPEC


  • 10% of reservoir of global oil

  • Second largest country in reservoir

    of Natural Gas

  • Second major branch – agriculture

Iran history l.jpg
Iran - History

  • 1951 – first Democratic

    Elections- Prime Minister Mossadeq

  • 1953 – Revolution

    the Shah Pahlavi, Western orientation

  • 1979 – Islamic revolution, Khomeini,

    The leader of Iran

Germany iran relations l.jpg
Germany - Iran Relations

  • Germany – Iran’s no. 1 trading partner providing vital investments for Iran’s economy

  • 2/3 of Iranian industry relies on German engineering products

  • 5,000 German companies do business with Iran

  • 1,750 companies are registered as members of the German- Iranian Chamber of Commerce in Teheran

The nuclear project l.jpg
The Nuclear Project

  • Started in the era of the Shah with 2 reactors for the production of electricity

  • 1979 Khomeini halted the project

    out of ideology and fear

  • 1993 Rafsanjani established

    Special Target Force of thousands

    of engineers to study abroad

    Coming back with rich know-how

The nuclear project9 l.jpg
The Nuclear Project

  • Original goal – to defend Iran from Pakistan, India and Iraq

  • Later – Israel and the U.S as major enemies to be attacked by nuclear weapons

  • Major Ahmadinejad’s statement :

    To destroy Israel

The nuclear project positions of various parties l.jpg
The Nuclear Project – Positions of various parties

  • UN – Security Council resolution 1737 (Dec.2006) – Sanctions.

    Resolution 1741(March 2007)

  • IAEA – is dealing now , looking for response of IRAN up to Nov.22

  • U.S. – leads global pressure, including economic sanctions

The nuclear project positions of various parties11 l.jpg
The Nuclear Project – Positions of various parties

The Europeans (France, UK, Germany)

Russia – supplier of items for AE. Against sanctions

China - supplier of items for AE. Against sanctions

The nuclear project ways to prevent l.jpg
The Nuclear Project – Ways to prevent

  • Political pressure

  • Dissuasion

  • Economic pressure

  • Military force

The nuclear project13 l.jpg
The Nuclear Project –

  • Where do we go?!

The end l.jpg
The End???