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Free Trade Agreement & Pulses Market Egypt Africa & Middle East - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Free Trade Agreement & Pulses Market Egypt Africa & Middle East.

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Free Trade Agreement & Pulses Market Egypt Africa & Middle East

Here in Antalya In Turkey we are discussing pulses world wide concentrating on the golden crescent area between Nile Valley In Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq ,Turkey the mother & birth land of pulses, Syria, Jordan ,Iraq ,Turkey the mother & birth land of pulses Namely lentils ,Faba beans ,White beans , Chickpeas & Field peas are the most import diet food diet for its high protein content.

Egypt as part of Africa ,Asia, Middle east ,Arab world &Euro Mediterranean

country singed 5 free trade agreements using its using geographic central location plus its long trade history to add value to the pluses industry & in relation to its trade between each other.

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1- Egypt Turkey free trade East

Signed 27 December 2005 started March 2007 export in agricultural

products(represent 20%of total trade) from Egypt to Turkey increase by 50%

for commodities such as white beans ,lentils in addition to rice & here please note some

trade go in transit to Iraq

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2-Commessa East

IT is the common market for east and south Africa signed between 13


Thus the value of Egyptian exports increased heavily with those countries and

jumped from 50 million USD in 1997 to 886 million USD in 2008.The population is 400 million people , big consumers for our part of industry and there is a good movement of trade for pulses

rice ,Sesame seed ,Tea ,Coffee & some other commodities

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3-Arab countries trade agreement common East


As part of Arabic countries export from Egypt to its Arabic neighboring countries

increased between 1997 to 2008 by 1257% & import increased 990% in pulses &

vegetables from 22 million USD 97 to 260.29 millions 2008

And rice from38.94 million

USD 1997 to 211.69 million USD 2008

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4-Aghadir agreement East

Morocco, Jordan ,Tunisia & Egypt singed in

2004 free trade agreement started in 6 July 2007

Egypt &Morocco have

used this agreement to achieve high numbers of import & export

between the two countries

export from Egypt jumped from only 77.7 million USD

before singing in year2006 to 320 million USD 2008 after singing

represent increase by 312%

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5-E.F.T.A East

In Dafos Egypt singed Jan 2007 with 4 countries Switzerland, Norway

Iceland, likhteneshtaina Jan 2007

this agreement pluses has a small in this


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Thank You East

Cairo, Egypt