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    Slide 1:?????? ???

    Slide 2:Unit 1 Shopping

    At the end of the unit you should be able to Describe shopping facilities Follow store plans Comment on quality Make suggestions Write letter of complaint

    Slide 3:Activity 1 shops and stores

    1. Naming your shops and stores. A boutique a delicatessen A corner shop an indoor market A department store A green grocer’s A street market

    Slide 4:Activity 2 In a Department Store

    Checking your comprehension: 1.______female clothing for formal parties in the evening. 2._______coats for women 3._______wedding dress. 4._______clothing for women who are expecting a baby. 5______items like handbags, gloves and hats which complete a woman’s outfit.

    Slide 5:6.______matching jackets and trousers for men. 7______plates, bowls, dishes, drinking glasses,jugs. 8._____radios, cassette, televisions, videos,lights and lamps.

    Slide 6:Talking about shopping

    Speaking practice: Look at the models: To buy clothes for a small baby, they should go to the baby wear department on the third floor. To buy tennis balls, they should go to the sports deportment on the first floor. Use the same pattern for the other ten sentences.

    Slide 7:Shopping protection

    1. Understanding your guarantee 2.Read the document and complete the sentences: 1. The name of the manufacturing company is____ 2.The name of the dealer is_____ 3.The name of the purchaser is______

    Slide 8:Faulty goods

    1.writing a letter of complaint You can use the pattern: Dear Sir/Madam, I should like to draw your attention to the inefficient service I feel I recently received in the ______department of your store. I bought a………. I returned to the store…….

    Slide 9:As you might imagine, I am extremely dissatisfied with this situation. I have been greatly inconvenienced by the ……..I was also shocked by the assistant’s attitude when I returned to the store. I look forward to your comments. Yours faithfully, Li Yan.

    Slide 10:Homework

    Write a letter of complaint beginning with : I would like to draw your attention t the inefficient service I feel I recently received in your ….department. …….

    Slide 11:Unit 2 Gatherings and Celebrations

    1.The three ways of requesting news are: What’s been happening? How is work? Tell us all the news. 2.Giving news is quite straightforword: Wang Ling and I have decided to get married.

    Slide 12:3.To congratulate and respond to the couple, the others say.: O, wonderful! That’s wonderful news. Congratulations,both of you. I’m very happy for you. 4. To celebrate the news with an alcoholic drink the others say:

    Slide 13:I’d like to propose a toast to my son, Bob and his delightful wife –to –be ,Wang Ling. May they have many many happy years together !Cheers! All the best!

    Slide 14:Writing a personal letter

    The details of a party are given below: Last Sunday…….receive an English book…..friends ,colleagues and family……sit-down meal…white wine….beer…..champagne…soft drinks……had a hangover….as entertaining as ever…..pass to their love and bet wishes

    Slide 15:Your letter should include these :

    1.regrets for his not having been able to come\ 2.comments on his gift 3.thanks for the gift. 4.description of the gathering. 5.passing on massages. 6.good wishes. 7.request for a future meeting/get together.

    Slide 16:Unit 3 Eating and drinking

    1.describing Dishes It’s made from…… It tastes….. It’s served with…. It’s eaten…. There is a sauce/dressing to g over it….. There is a ….with it.

    Slide 17:2.Chinese menus Cold dishes:?? Salted duck:??? Shredded pork with green pepper:???? Sweet and sour cauliflower :???? Fried eggplant with meat stuffing:??? Diced chicken with almonds:????

    Slide 18:3.British pubs Pubs have always been important for every kind of club, society and organisation. They have been used, over the centuries as courts,churches,and auction room. English literature is said to have begun in pub---and literature and pubs have been closely linked .

    Slide 19:Group Study

    1.Order food in a restaurant 2.Describe the ingredients 3.Describe dishes 4.Describe the process of cooking 5.Express preferences

    Slide 20:1. The functions of the conversations 2. Catch the names of the food 3. Learn some useful expressions about food 4. Give suggestions on food 5. Identify the main ingredients, taste, how it’s eating served

    Slide 21:Reading

    Kitchen Love (p101) Interest In food (p105) Bilingual Menus Methods of Cooking Discover London and The Tradition of the British Pub(p126)

    Slide 22:Writing

    Writing about an Eating Experience In the brief description, use the expressions in the unit to describe the atmosphere of the restaurant

    Slide 23:Vocabulary

    A gourmet Agree with Vegetarian Be full/stuffed Have a light palate, have a sweet tooth, have good/poor table manners The ways of cooking, prepare the food Stimulating and spicy Awful, tasteless,tough, fatty, greasy,stale, burnt, fishy

    Slide 24:Bitter, crisp creamy, hard, juicy, minty, mouth-watering, palatable, flaky, sticky, salty, strong, tender, Aroma, colour, taste, shape/appearance Chop, cube, dice, mince, peel, score, shred, slice, Cut ….into slices, core, drain, pick, shell/pod, snap, soak, strip, Stir/beat,blend,crush,,knead,roll, sprinkle, stuff Bake, grill,smoke Pickle, preserve, Cooked, canned,raw, lean, Bony, freshwater, Leafty, out-of –season seasonal All-year-round, acid, distilled, mineral, fizzy, iced, mild, invigorating,refresh, table,wholesome, tonic, nutritious, Mellow, newly-gathered,unripe, wormy, Black, weak, savory, pure, instant, steaming, selected fragrant

    Slide 25:Unit4 Home improvement

    Skilled workers: 1.Who uses what? The skilled workers are :a plumber, a joiner, an elctrician. Tools which a plumber uses are: screwdrivers, hammers, and pliers. Electricians may use screwdrivers, hammers, pliers and fuse wire. Some other common tools are:a saw,wire cutters, a plane, a drill.

    Slide 26:Defining the jobs of skilled workers 1.______makes and repairs wooden items. 2______installs and repairs electrical fittings and appliance. 3._____does non-specialist household repairs. 4._____installs and repairs windows and glass door. 5._______makes and repairs roofs. 6._______installs and repairs central heating.

    Slide 27:7.______paints and wallpapers the inside and outside of houses. 8._______repairs television,video players,etc. 9._______installs and repairs water pipes, sinks ,baths. 10.______installs and repairs gas appliances. 11________fits carpets.

    Slide 28:Describing problems

    The washing machine has broken down. My washing machine has broken down. There is a smell of gas in the kitchen There is water dripping from the toilet cistern and it’s making the bathroom floor wet. There is a pool of water beside the fridge and everything inside is wide.

    Slide 29:A piece of an Advertisement (p159) Read an Article (P160)---analyze the structure Household Repairs---pieces of advertisements(p171) A description on rooms (P183)

    Slide 30: Homework: My room Requirements: Write a short essay describing a room in your house. The description should include the size of the room, the main furniture items in the room, the decoration that you have done in the room, the atmosphere of the room, and your general feeling about the room. Finally, mention one or two things you would like to change in the room.

    Slide 31:The words using to describe the Window, Ceiling, Wall, Floor,Door, Lighting The tool terms

    Slide 32:Unit 5 Entertainment at Home

    Home entertainment Preference. 1.Expressing what you enjoy. I like doing sth. I love dong sth. I enjoy doing.. I spend my free time doing…. I really enjoy… I am always happy ….

    Slide 33:Group study

    1.Talking about what you enjoy. I like watching TV.I think TV is a wonderful invention. You can sit down comfortably in your own home and find out what’s going on in the world. I probably spend at least two hours a day watching TV.…

    Slide 34:Types of television programmes

    Match the types of television programmes with the definition. 1._______a regular broadcast of the latest news on the radio or television. 2._____a set of TV programmes which have the same actors, etc, but each has a complete story in itself.

    Slide 35:3.____a TV play, with a continuing story, which is shown in regular instalments 4.event watched at the tim of its performance, eg. A sports event, a political campaign, a quize show. 5._______a broadcast presented to explore topic. 6.___a full length film intended as the main item in a cinema programme. 7.____a programme which provides a record of report of facts.

    Slide 36:8.____a TV programme made by animating a set of drawing of stories for children. 9._____a documentary which includes different different kinds of entertainment performance such as singing, dancing. 10._____a documentary programme about wildlife .ie.animals and plants. 11.____a very short play which is humorous and limited to one scene.

    Slide 37:Group study

    1.Whether or how much , you know about the novel or the TV series? 2.comments on the reasons for the popularity of the novel:history and heros. 3.comment on the content and quality of the TV production. 4.comment on the success of the TV production.

    Slide 38:Homework

    1. What do people enjoy doing at home? Give examples on the forms of entertainment at home 2. The patterns of asking about Home Entertainment 3. The patterns of expressing what you enjoy 4. How to talk about what you enjoy? (4 steps)

    Slide 39:Listen to the dialogues and answer the questions: 1. What is the speakers’ form of entertainment at home? 2. How long does he spend on it? 3. Why does he like doing it? Listen to the conversation and answer the questions:

    Slide 40:1.What are they talking about? 2.What is the name of the film? 3.What sort of film is it? 4.What is it based on? Listen to the third dialogue: What is the relationship between the two speaker? Who is the elder, why? Catch the names of the programme

    Slide 41:Give an analysis on Romance of Three Kingdoms (P227) Supplementary reading material

    Slide 42:How to interpret a diagram? How to interpret a percentages? How to write a summary? How to make comparison? Give a summary on a film. My preferred form of Home Entertainment

    Slide 43:Terms on TV programme 2.The difference between TV serial/series 3.Various entertainment performances 4. Some colloquial expressions in the dialogue

    Slide 44:Unit 6 Travel

    Naming your luggage: A backpack a travel bag A ladies handbag A pair of sunglasses A trunk A brief case.

    Slide 45:Choosing your holidays

    Match the words with the definition. 1._____is one which involves exchanging your home with another family for a limited period. 2._____is one in everything is arranged for you: the journey, the accommodation and even the sight seeing . 3.______is a short holiday which is arranged for People with special interest such as architecture, politics or even food

    Slide 46:4._____is one in which you cook for yourself in a rented cottage or apartment. 5._____is a place where guests stay in small chalets or rooms but make have access to a range of shared facilities and entertainment. 6.________is when you tow your own home behind your car and then find a special site in which to park.

    Slide 47:Group study

    Why so many people like travelling? What’s the purpose for travelling? What kinds of preparation you have to do for travelling? Make up a short dialogue Student A: a staff of travel service Student B: a customer

    Slide 48:1. How to indicate the time? (P260) 2. Catch the information in the dialogue? A) the destination of the flight B) day and date of travel C) departure time D) duration of flight E) arrival time F) price of the ticket G) time and place for ticket collection

    Slide 49:How to reserve the hotel? Catch the details of the dialogue> A) name of hotel B) duration of stay C) type of room D) price E) facilities

    Slide 50:Reading Flight Timetable (P246) 2. Interpreting abbreviations (p250) 3. Reading a Contents page (P263) 4. Skimming two texts (p273) How to describe a sight-seeing?

    Slide 51:Homework

    Discovering Postcard Writing Rules(p288) Study the samples on the book Homework: Describing Your hometown: Requirements: Location, attractions and activities of your hometown.

    Slide 52:Unit 7 Sports

    1.Tick the activities which you would class as sports. Cricket chess basketball tennis sailing horse-racing high jump bridge running golf hokey wrestling diving badminton baseball yoga

    Slide 53:Describing sports interests

    A.I am a sports fanatic. I love most sports---as both a participant and a spectator. B. I love/like doing sport but I find watching other people rather frustrating. C.I rarely do any physical exercise bu Ti enjoy watching sports. D.I dislike all forms of sport and physical exercise.

    Slide 54:Describing sports

    1. Participants:two players, each team with 11 players, on a football pitch large ball 4.aim: to score goals 5.other information:a very popular game in many different countries.

    Slide 55:Verbs of movement

    Touch turn push pull raise lower jump stand rest rotate bounce breathe lean spread lift flex push link part point flex

    Slide 56:Group study

    How to keep fit? 1.keeping a balance diet up smoking an drinking. regular exercises 4.keep in high spirit

    Slide 57:Unit 8 Theatre, Cinema and Concert

    The production team: Director designer lighting sound music stage manager understudies sound operator Costume supervisor wardrobe mistress wig master props buyer

    Slide 58:Group study

    Talk /ask about forms of entertainment Describe different kinds of plays, films, etc. Pattern: (1) It is … film. It is an avant-garde film. (2) The film is … The film is amusing.

    Slide 59:Pattern: (3) The pace of the film is… The pace of the film is slow. (4) The film is a commercial success. (5) It is a …scene. It is a climactic scene.

    Slide 60:(6) He is a …actor. He is a character actor. (7) His acting is … His acting is affected. Act/play the leading role. Overplay a role. Underplay a role. star

    Slide 61:Listen to the conversations and then answer the questions: 1. The title of the play 2. The type of the play 3. Comment on the play

    Slide 62:Read an introduction on a play and learn some useful expressions (p366) Read an introduction on a film and learn some useful expressions (p370)

    Slide 63:Homework

    Comment on a film Write a short essay explaining why you like it or dislike it. Use the ways we learnt in the reading materials

    Slide 64:Entertainment terms in the warm up (p340) Some terms about play, cinema, concert (p347) Theatre vocabulary (p360) Additional words.