hosting agreement scheme of admission third country researchers to ireland l.
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HOSTING AGREEMENT Scheme of admission third country researchers to Ireland PowerPoint Presentation
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HOSTING AGREEMENT Scheme of admission third country researchers to Ireland

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HOSTING AGREEMENT Scheme of admission third country researchers to Ireland - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HOSTING AGREEMENT Scheme of admission third country researchers to Ireland. Magdalena Wislocka EURAXESS Ireland Camerino 2009. Who we are. National organisation for the EURAXESS Services Network in Ireland Dr Conor O’ Carroll: Research Director

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hosting agreement scheme of admission third country researchers to ireland

HOSTING AGREEMENT Scheme of admission third country researchers to Ireland

Magdalena Wislocka EURAXESS Ireland

Camerino 2009


Who we are

  • National organisation for the EURAXESS Services Network in Ireland

Dr Conor O’ Carroll: Research Director

Jennifer Cleary: Head of EURAXESS Ireland

Magdalena Wislocka: Helpdesk & Hosting Agreement Scheme Manager

  • Provides 2 key national services – EURAXESS & Marie Curie NCP
  • Strong in-house expertise & experience relating to researcher mobility issues
implementation of the third country directive in ireland
The Researcher Hosting Agreement Scheme, which Ireland opted into voluntarily in 2007, implements a European Union Directive on the admission of third country nationals for the purpose of conducting research.

The scheme enables approved research active organisations to recruit researchers from outside the EEA to carry out research in Ireland without the need for a Work Permit.

This mechanism facilitates researchers and their immediate family for the duration of their contract.

EURAXESS Ireland, hosted in the IUA, is a government appointed central processing house for hosting agreements and plays a key role in the official accreditation and immigration process.

Implementation of the Third Country Directive in Ireland
who can avail of the hosting agreement scheme in ireland
Who can avail of the Hosting Agreement Scheme in Ireland ?
  • Researches from accredited institutions, engaged in defined research projects on a contract of employment of minimum 3 months.
  • Salary must be at least €30,000 for researchers with families and €25,000 for researchers without accompanying dependants in Ireland.
hosting agreement has several advantages
Hosting agreement has several advantages
  • It is free to the research institutions (accredited for the Scheme)
  • Fast tracks Visa application
  • It provides for instant family re-unification (spouse and dependents can come in to Ireland immediately)
  • Spouses of H.A holders have easier access to employment than spouses of other non EEA employees in Ireland
  • It covers the length of the employment contract
  • It speeds up the naturalisation process (Long term residency after 2 yrs vs 5 yrs on work permit)
  • It takes 1– 3 days to process a hosting agreement
how the system works firs step
How the System Works Firs step

Department of Enterprise,

Trade and Employment

Research organisation

Pubic (University)

Private (Industry)

Application for Accreditation

lodged by an organisation

Application approved

and Accreditation granted

(average waiting time: 7 days)

how it works second step
How It Works Second Step

Research organisation offers Hosting Agreements to a non EEA researcher

Approved research


(university, technological


industrial organisations etc…)

how it works further steps and who is involved
How It WorksFurther steps…and who is involved
  • EURAXESS Ireland
  • (IUA)
  • validates HAs
  • processes HAs
  • informs Immigration
  • provides service for HA
  • applicants and organisations
  • at each stage
  • of the scheme…
  • Research
  • Organisation
  • issues a H.A to a
  • researcher
  • posts a
  • copy to IUA…
  • Immigration
  • (INIS)
  • circulates
  • details to local
  • Police offices
  • (GNIB)…
  • GNIB (Police)
  • gives
  • permission to
  • remain in Ireland
  • to researchers and their
  • dependants


immigration issues
Immigration issues

Researcher presents a hosting


on the visa application

Visa officer can

check the

application against

a central database

EXTRANET operated by EURAXESS Ireland

Researcher (with or without dependants)

presents a H.A

at the airport to an immigration


and gets permission to enter


Researcher signs a


with a Hosting Organisation

and gets a hosting


Researcher is required to get

registered at a local Police office and gets a permission to remain in Ireland

Local immigration officers have a list of

current hosting agreements and are able to verify hosting agreement holders.

Researchers have to register annually, as permission to remain is issued for 1 year


Hosting Agreement Form is very simple

  • Agreements are individually numbered
  • An original copy of a H.A is kept by the researcher for immigration purposes
  • A photocopy of a H.A is sent to the EURAXESS Ireland for processing
  • Processing time:
  • 1-3 days
hosting agreement extranet https hosting researchcareersireland com
Hosting Agreement EXTRANET
  • Has been developed with financial support of the DETE and the IUA
  • Highly Secure constantly updated database
  • Contains details of all agreements processed in Ireland for non EEA researchers
  • Can be accessed, for verification purposes, by accredited researcher organisations, immigrations authorities including Irish embassies and consulates abroad
  • The EXTRANET is a part of a hosting agreement processing system- details of new agreements being automatically forwarded to a dedicated recipient in the immigration department
  • 22 research institutions accredited including 2industrial organisation
  • There are 7universities and 14 Institutes of Technology in Ireland
  • 737 hosting agreements processed to date including 510live contracts
  • Total number ofresearchers in Ireland: 3000 including H.A researchers (ca 17 % on H.A)
  • Researchers represent 63different nationalities

Other56 countries

256 35 %

China 129 18%

India 138 19%


Pakistan 20

Canada 28

America 94


Australia 29

Russia 36

Researchers with a hosting agreement in Ireland by country of origin


"The involvement of the Irish Universities Association has been critically important in making the researchers system a success.    It gives the immigration service a single point of contact for the day to day management of the system and the IUA's detailed understanding of the research environment gives us the confidence that only reputable institutions and researchers can participate".Kevin O’Sullivan Director Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service, Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform.

researchers who cannot qualify for hosting agreements in ireland
Researchers who cannot qualify for Hosting Agreements in Ireland


invites a non EEA



contact EURAXESS

Ireland for assistance



brings the case to the appointed contact persons at INIS

(1-2 days)



sorts out queries on a

‘case by case basis’

(1day- 2 weeks)

… and issues an

‘Invited Researcher Visa’

contact details
Contact Details

Magdalena Wislocka


Addressee:48 Merrion Squarre, Dublin 2