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Federal Policy Update: Housing and Veterans Initiatives PowerPoint Presentation
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Federal Policy Update: Housing and Veterans Initiatives

Federal Policy Update: Housing and Veterans Initiatives

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Federal Policy Update: Housing and Veterans Initiatives

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  1. Federal Policy Update: Housing and Veterans Initiatives Capitol Hill Day Materials:

  2. Introduction Hill Day Logistics Capitol Hill Day Policy Agenda NHTF – Update, Talking Points, Action Needed 3. HUD Appropriations - Update, Talking Points, Action McKinney and Section 8, HUD-VASH Related programs Authorizing legislation - Update, Talking Points, Action SEVRA Veterans Legislation to Prevent and End Homelessness 5. Questions Today’s Agenda

  3. Thank you State Captains for organizing Hill Day! Contact Katie Glenn, ( / 202-942-8295) for info about participating in Congressional visits. Conference “Advocacy Track” Agenda can be found on the Capitol Hill Day Info Page – Hill Day Logistics

  4. Reflects critical issues being considered AS WE SPEAK Issues we can impact at the time of the conference Issues you have been working on for several months Capitol Hill Day Policy Agenda

  5. Several policies are moving forward Prioritizing issues for each meeting is CRITICAL Less issues = more progress Capitol Hill Day Policy Agenda

  6. Deciding on an issue: Is your Senator or Representative on a committee considering one of these policies? What have they supported in the past? We can help you find this info! Capitol Hill Day Policy Agenda

  7. Next Steps – Program Regulations and Funding Source HUD to release distribution formula by July 30 Administration and Congress proposed a $1 billion mandatory (not subjected to appropriations) allocation. Congress and the Administration are working to identify a funding source / off-set. Chairman Frank’s proposal – TARP for Main Street Act National Housing Trust Fund

  8. Targets: House Financial Services Committee Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee Action Needed: Work with the Administration to approve a $1 billion mandatory allocation for the Trust. National Housing Trust Fund

  9. Talking Points: What leave-behinds should you bring from home? Local rise in recession-related poverty = increased need for affordable rental housing Deep targeting increases access to housing for people who are homeless or at risk Resources are directed to many of the households you serve - 75 % to households below 30% AMI National Housing Trust Fund: Policy Request

  10. Committee proposed $1.85 billion $173 million (10%) increase over FY 2009 Continues policies--30% set aside, SPC renewals, 25% services match. No new pilot initiatives. HUD Homeless Assistance Grants

  11. Key Points: Contact Senators on Appropriations Committee about increasing HUD homeless assistance funding right away. Next year we will need big increase for HUD McKinney funding. HUD Homeless Assistance Grants

  12. Committee proposed $18.242 billion $1.2 billion increase over FY 2009, but that overstates the increase. $75 million for approximately 10,000 new VASH vouchers No new FUP, Disability, or other incremental vouchers. Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers

  13. Public Housing increases $345M operating, $50M Capital, $129M HOPE VI. CDBG: $725 million increase HOPWA: $40 million (13%) increase HOME: $175 million (10%) increase 202: $235 million (31%) increase 811: $100 million (40%!) increase Other HUD programs

  14. Update: House Financial Services Committee began marking up SEVRA on July 9 SEVRA has not been introduced in the Senate Action Needed: House Members: Vote for SEVRA, H.R. 3045 Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee Members: Urge Chairman Dodd to pass a Section Eight Voucher Reform bill this year Talking Points: SEVRA – a no-cost way to increase program’s resources, use existing resources more efficiently Authorizes new, highly-needed vouchers Section Eight Voucher Reform Act (SEVRA)

  15. Update: Senator Reed (D-RI) is expected to introduce a bill shortly in the Veterans’ Affairs Committee Rep Nye (D-VA) introduced a prevention bill Homes for Heroes (H.R. 403/S.1160) passed the House and has been introduced in the Senate Banking Committee Action Needed: Final legislation should increase the capacity of the VA to provide assistance to all veterans who are homeless or are at risk through rapid re-housing, permanent supportive housing, short-term emergency assistance, and outreach services Veterans legislation to prevent and end homelessness: