family feud nashville vs branson competing music tourism strategies
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Family Feud: Nashville vs. Branson: Competing Music Tourism Strategies

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Family Feud: Nashville vs. Branson: Competing Music Tourism Strategies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Family Feud: Nashville vs. Branson: Competing Music Tourism Strategies. Preparation. Read: George Carney’s article “Branson: The New Country Music Mecca”. Access blank outline from internet. Take today’s quiz on-line. Tourism Infrastructure. What is infrastructure?

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Presentation Transcript
  • Read: George Carney’s article “Branson: The New Country Music Mecca”.
  • Access blank outline from internet.
  • Take today’s quiz on-line.
tourism infrastructure
Tourism Infrastructure
  • What is infrastructure?
  • What types of industry does the infrastructure of Salem or Massachusetts support or invite?
  • High-Tech?
  • Manufacturing?
  • What types of tourism?
carney s four factors contributing branson s success
Carney’s Four Factors Contributing Branson’s Success
  • Cost (time and effort) reduction in touring
  • Audience type
  • Lifestyle
  • Money
brief history of branson
Brief History of Branson
  • Three Stages of Development
    • Locals Only
    • Old-Timers – 1980s
    • New Country – 1990s
nashville s rise
Nashville’s Rise
  • Why Nashville?
    • WMS, Roy Acuff
    • Geography
  • Fan Orientation
    • Past and present
  • Grand Ol’ Opry
    • Past and present
  • Cost effectiveness of visits for tourists
  • Branson uses economies of agglomeration effectively to reduce the costs for tourists and theater operators.
  • Car dealerships use the same strategy.
  • Recently Branson has been afflicted with diseconomies of agglomeration and scale.
threshold and range
Threshold and Range
  • Threshold refers to ________
  • What’s the threshold for a Wal-Mart?
  • Range refers to _____
  • What’s the range of a hardware store?
intervening opportunity
Intervening Opportunity
  • What is an intervening opportunity?
  • How does this concept apply in the context of Nashville vs. Branson?
  • That and the threshold was probably too small.
battle of place imagery
Battle of Place Imagery
  • What is the main theme of the place imagery presented by Branson?
  • What advantages does Branson have over Nashville in terms of place imagery?
  • How does Nashville try to counter?
  • What can Nashville offer in terms of place imagery that Branson can’t?
niche marketing
Niche Marketing
  • Refers to the specialized targeting of certain groups by businesses.
  • What groups would the Branson theater owners target?
  • What about Nashville?
understanding your product
Understanding Your Product
  • What sort of changes did country music undergo during the period before and during the emergence of Branson as a competitor for country music tourists?
  • Waylon and Willie?
  • Lukenbach, Texas?
    • “Let’s go sell your diamond ring and buy some boots and faded jeans and go away. We’ve been so busy keepin’ up with the Jones’, four car garage and we’re still buildin’ on…
politics of country music
Politics of Country Music
  • How would characterize the politics of country music?
  • What other “political” stances might also be worthy of consideration?
  • Roger Miller quote:
  • What music genres are opposite country in terms of politics?
  • How might these alternative political stances affect the prospects for music-based tourism?
are there other country music meccas
Are there other country music Meccas?
  • Have they been able to cash in?
  • What are some of the characteristics of potential competitors to Branson and Nashville?
  • What spatial conditions might be worth considering if a city were to market itself as another country music destination?