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By: Taylor Battle

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Eastern Gray. Squirrels. {{ Scientific Name:: Sciurus Carolinensis}}. By: Taylor Battle. //Time//Dates//Days//. On 7/29/07{{Sunday}} at 3:00-3:25 p.m at my backyard On 8/11/07{{Saturday}} @1:00-1:30 p.m at the Capital Grounds.

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Eastern Gray


{{ Scientific Name:: Sciurus Carolinensis}}

By: Taylor Battle

time dates days
  • On 7/29/07{{Sunday}} at 3:00-3:25 p.m at my backyard
  • On 8/11/07{{Saturday}} @1:00-1:30 p.m at the Capital Grounds.
  • Capital Grounds and my backyard is the two places where I observed the squirrels
  • The Habitat for the squirrels in my backyard is plenty of trees to jump and climb.
  • At the Capital Grounds , there is a lot of available space to roam around for squirrels.
On this picture the squirrel was actually ready to jump on my cousin! At this point the squirrel was loving the camera!
Here the squirrel was moving his tail up and down and attracting a lot of people by just sitting in this position and letting us take pictures!
~Wrap It Up~
  • My experience with taking pictures of squirrels is that it can actually be fun.
  • I learned that you have to have patience with these animals and that squirrels are very attentive to sounds.
  • My Observations say you also have to attract them because most of the time they do not want to stay in one place! Also they are very fast climbers and they are most of the time very sneaky.
  • In my backyard I couldn’t get close to them even though I was feeding them. At Capital Grounds I wasn’t feeding them, however they stayed in certain places long enough to let me take pictures.