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Research In Motion

Research In Motion. Andrew Short (Enterprise Sales Manager) James Mumford (Solutions Specialist) . 3 rd November 2010. Agenda. Research In Motion (UK&I update) Country structure, Enterprise, & Channel CBUs Mobility in the Enterprise What is mobility?

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Research In Motion

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  1. Research In Motion Andrew Short (Enterprise Sales Manager) James Mumford (Solutions Specialist) 3rd November 2010

  2. Agenda • Research In Motion (UK&I update) • Country structure, Enterprise, & Channel CBUs • Mobility in the Enterprise • What is mobility? • Changing landscape, practices & requirements • Why BlackBerry? • Mobility trends in the Enterprise • Business Processes • Applications • Employee Liable • Supers Apps • Collaboration • Chalk • Gartner predictions • Tablet Technology • BlackBerry PlayBook • Application Development • BlackBerry Developer Programme • BlackBerry OS6 • BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) update

  3. Mobility in the Enterprise

  4. Enterprise customers are embracing mobilityto meet business challenges and to empower people to work in multiple ways. Mobility = Empowerment

  5. Mobility Strategy Curve • DIFFERENTIATION • Optimized Business Process • Mobile Channel Mobile Business Transformation PROFITABILITY CRM Business Intelligence Compliance Business Impact PRODUCTIVITY Mobile E-Mail Security Mobile Business Solutions Enterprise Mobility Level of Specificity

  6. Why BlackBerry?

  7. Service Software Hardware The ONLY mobile provider of an end-to-end ecosystem

  8. BlackBerry is not only a phone. BlackBerry is a platform. Back-end control for the management of your mobility strategy A tool to empower your staff Service Software Hardware

  9. * Unique selling points. BlackBerry platform enables highly engaging, real-time applications that act as natural extensions to the enterprise applications apps you already use. Smartphone Manageable Wireless Network Instant Internet Secure Evolutive Firewall BlackBerry Enterprise Server Proven Existing Mail, applications, and collaboration servers

  10. Access to Real Time Data Market Data Order Management Portfolio Management • Business impact: • Relationship deepening • Better, faster decisions • Increase commission by encouraging higher trading volumes • Features: • Instant access to current global financial data • Monitor positions and portfolios • Alerts allow fluctuation tracking and breaking news

  11. Business Knowledge on-the-go CRM Business Intelligence • Business impact • Shorten the sales cycle • Maximize your CRM / BI investment • Make more informed decisions for better business results • Features • Facilitate call note entry and retrieval of customer information while on-the-go • Access to main KPIs • Access to Dashboard and advanced analytics

  12. Collaborate and Share Document sharing Collaboration • Features • Highly secure enterprise social networking capabilities • Extend libraries or places, folders and files to BlackBerry smartphone users • Easy to use. Easy to share. • Simplified multi-tasking and usability • Highly secure framework for document-based collaboration. • Information protection • Business impact • Enable mobile workers to more easily tap into their colleagues’ expertise and internal knowledge bases. • Allow workers to more easily and effectively participate on team projects while outside the office or away from their desks.

  13. Be Compliant Mobile Voice Recording Business Continuity Training • Features • Deliver training modules to bank staff’s BlackBerry smartphones • Ability to record transactions conducted on BlackBerry smartphones • Business impact • Improve completion rates • Reduce training costs • Ensure transparency • Minimize damage to brand and reputation • Improve customer service by enabling your employees to communicate with customers whenever they are.

  14. Engage with Mobile Channel Mobile Banking Mobile Broker • Features • Allow customers to interact with their banks through their BlackBerry • Offer banking services either one-way (account alerts) or two-way interactions, driven by subscribers' requests. • Business impact • Relationship deepening • Fraud reduction • Cross selling opportunities • Reduce channel costs

  15. Our solutions are aligned with your business needs

  16. Comply with regulations. Ensuring your people are on the right side of the law not only minimizes the risk of penalties, but more importantly safeguards your reputation. Comply with regulations and spend 45% less time in completion of compliance training. By delivering compliance trainingon BlackBerry smartphones to more than 21,000 people, Merrill Lynch is strategically positioned to comply with regulations.

  17. Speed up processes. “In addition to a faster credit card application process it also provides serious cost saving for us. The sales team took so much time reading each application form that it took time away from finding the right clients.” Süsen Sarier, Credit Card & Payments Systems Manager, Fortis Bank Turkey Using a Sales Force Automation application on their BlackBerry, the sales team at Fortis Bank Turkey can collect credit card applications and send the completed forms, associated materials and client identity references directly to the database , all this securely and in real time.

  18. Unblock bottlenecks. “Technology allows you to make things not just different but by far much better, in terms of customer services, price, products. We want to transform our bank into a excellent distribution services company of both financial and non financial product” Francisco González, BBVA CEO BBVA has strong and heavy internal processes. Mobility is very important because by pushing different business processes to their employees’ smartphones, BBVA is able to reduce the time they take to do things by 25%

  19. Respond Faster. “Such a competitive market puts a premium on responsiveness - the company that replies fastest with the best offer stands a good chance of winning.”Francois-Regis Martin, BPLG Deputy Director of Marketing At BNPLG the latest system updates like financial rates and insurance costs are automatically pushed to sales representatives` smartphones. This lets them simulate an accurate financing proposal whenever they are, saving them 2 hours / week

  20. Give more personal attention. “Mobile workforce has the customer relationship software on their smartphone. It enables real time decisions to be taken, moves people away from the desk and therefore provide a better service to the customer.“ Graeme Clark, Application Manager Standard Life has empowered their people to do virtually everything outside of the office to ensure a permanent connection to customers, maximize face time and deliver differentiated customer service.

  21. Where are you with your mobile strategy?

  22. Mobility trends in the EnterpriseBusiness ProcessesApplicationsEmployee Liable Supers AppsCollaborationChalk

  23. Gartner (2011 predictions)1. Cloud computing 2. Mobile applications and media tablets 3. Social communications and collaboration 4. Video 5. Next generation analytics 6. Social analytics 7. Context-aware computing 8. Storage class memory 9. Ubiquitous computing 10. Fabric-based infrastructure and computersSource: Gartner Symposium (Florida)

  24. Tablet Technology - BlackBerry PlayBook

  25. Application Development Programme (Overview)

  26. BlackBerry OS6

  27. BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES)

  28. Questions?

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