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Oracle Pricing Security PowerPoint Presentation
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Oracle Pricing Security

Oracle Pricing Security

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Oracle Pricing Security

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  1. Oracle Pricing Security Elizabeth M. Sousa Sr Solution Consultant Oracle Applications Information Age Applications

  2. Oracle Pricing Security • New with 11.5.9 • New HTML user interface • Available in both Basic and Advanced Pricing • Data security at the Price List and Modifier levels

  3. Oracle Pricing Security • Useful for users whose business process dictates a level of pricing security across organizations • Now be able to secure access to pricing data and pricing related order data • Access ONLY the information that is relevant to the user • Updating and viewing of Pricing Entities restricted to users that have appropriate authority level

  4. Oracle Pricing Security • Rules can be set up to view and/or maintain Price Lists and Modifiers by: • Org ID • Responsibility • User level • Can be set up at group or an individual level

  5. Oracle Pricing Security • In Order Management pricing engine will search for price lists and modifiers • In current user’s organization • Or for all when price and modifiers are marked as global

  6. Oracle Pricing Security • Security Self-service UI provide Pricing Administrator with EASY ways to manage the security for the pricing entities • Includes security for standard pricelist, modifiers and agreement pricelist. • UI is USER FRIENDLY!!

  7. Pricing Security Terms

  8. Oracle Pricing SecurityTerms • Pricing Entity Security • Highest level of security for Oracle Pricing • New Responsibility with access to ALL pricing entities without restriction • Pricing Entity • Pricelist, Modifier List, or Pricing Agreement • Entity Set • Set of Pricing Entities that can be used as Entity Type to which you can grant privileges with “maintain” or “view only” access levels

  9. Oracle Pricing SecurityTerms • Entity Type • One of the following Entities: • Standard Price list • Modifier List • Pricing Agreement • Entity Set • Entity Usage • Grants Entity’s usage to one or all operating units so it can be used during engine calls

  10. Oracle Pricing SecurityTerms • Grantee Type • Level to which privileges are granted • Global: All users with access to pricing menus • Operating Unit: Users within operating unit • Responsibility: Users within named responsibility • User: specified user • Access Level • View Only: View but not update Pricing Entity • Maintain: Enables user to vie and update Pricing Entity

  11. Pricing Security Demo

  12. You can search/view/update/delete/bulk delete/create/bulk create privileges by providing different Entity Type, Entity Name, Grantee Type, Grantee Name information

  13. Oracle Pricing SecurityExpress Create Privilege Screen • Quickly restrict access to a specified pricing entity with access levels of Maintain or View Only. • Works well as a quick security administrative tool for the Advanced Pricing Security Administrator. • Example: Give all users with functional access to Price Lists, the ability to view, and maintain (update) Price List named Corporate regardless of which Operating Unit they are assigned to.

  14. Oracle Pricing SecurityBulk Create Privilege Screen • Select multiple pricing entities and create privileges through a three-step process

  15. Oracle Pricing SecurityDelete Privilege Screen

  16. Oracle Pricing SecurityEntity Sets • Search/view/delete/create entity sets. • You can search specific sets or all sets.

  17. Oracle Pricing SecurityEntity Usage • Search/view/update/bulk update engine runtime security. • Security Administrator can update Global Usage one at a time or use ‘Bulk Update Entity Usage’ to make updates to multiple entities that can be used by an Operating Unit when pricing orders.

  18. Oracle Pricing Security • Not automatically turned on with upgrade • See User Guide for steps to set up