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Music , Color , Meditation & Chiropractic Therapy PowerPoint Presentation
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Music , Color , Meditation & Chiropractic Therapy

Music , Color , Meditation & Chiropractic Therapy

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Music , Color , Meditation & Chiropractic Therapy

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  1. Music,Color,Meditation&Chiropractic Therapy CAM therapies available to help reduce stress in today’s children

  2. “Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” ~ Berthold Auerbach Music Therapy

  3. Benefits of Music Therapy • Providing emotional arousal • Increasing group cohesion • Reducing anxiety • Providing a foundation for cognitive shifts • Engaging in reluctant clients in the therapeutic process • In clinical settings, music therapy has provided benefits with increase in such things as • socialization and interaction within groups • Verbal communication • Sense of cohesion in group member's • Improving one's self esteem and self-concept • Coping skills including problem solving • ~ University of Minnesota ~

  4. Music & Physical Relaxation Music as an Aid in Stress Relief Activities Music to Promote a Positive Focus Music & a Meditative State Music & Affirmations Music Therapies to Relax, De-stress, Meditate, and Promote Positive Focus

  5. 101 Music Games for Children, Fun and Learning With Rhythm and Song, by Jerry Storms, is a great way to get kids to have fun with music and games. 101 Rhythm Instrument Activities for Young Children, by Abigail Flesch Connors, The same can be said for this book as well. It provides hour upon hour of unique ways to use music and play together. ********************************************** KIDS PUBLIC RADIO: This is a great website to get lullabies, stories and comedy for kids, sing-a-long & Cosquillas (Spanish songs and Stories for kids). Books and Website for Music Therapy

  6. Color Therapy

  7. Black: Self-confidence, power, strength Blue: Calming, lowers blood pressure, decreases respiration Green: Soothing, relaxing physically as well as mentally, helps those suffering from anxiety, nervousness and depression Violet: Suppresses appetite, good for migraines, provides a peaceful environment Pink: Relaxes muscles, used in diet therapy, soothing, relieves tension Yellow: Energizes, relieves depression, stimulates appetite, improves memory Orange: Energizes, stimulates digestive system and appetite Red: Increases heart rate, respirations and blood pressure, stimulates brain wave activity, excites sexual glands COLOR MOODS

  8. Why Coloring is so good for kidsBy: Sarah @ DLTK

  9. Video:Art with Heart: Giving Voice to Children; This video highlight two young girls who were dealing with bullying and illness in their lives. They find comfort in the Art and Hearts therapeutic books. Books: Color Me Love: I borrowed this book from the Library, and I must say, “I was simply delighted.” Quoting a line from the beginning of the book “If you stare at the moon or stars every night, you will discover your own light shining so very bright. Children always carry light!!” It brings love, spirituality, gratefulness and life to colors. Art Therapy Video/Books

  10. Meditation

  11. For children dealing with depression COLORS Right now you are imagining a dark sky with black clouds. Your body and mind are telling us they are sad. We need to find a happy color to move the dark clouds away. Let's take a walk. You are walking on a beach, with the yellow sun shining on the blue water. The white sand is between your toes, and you see red and orange umbrellas all the way up the shore. You continue walking on the beach, watching all the colors dance around you. Turn around and see the dark clouds far away on the horizon. Continue moving with the beautiful colors around you. You feel relaxed and happy knowing your sadness is behind you. • For children dealing with bullying. Helping Gifts Close your eyes and imagine you are walking down a path in the forest. You walk for several minutes and see a shiny object in the brush ahead. You quickly walk toward it and pick it up. It is a crystal, reflecting the sunlight and creating a rainbow. You look down again and see a small scrap of paper. Written on the paper are two words--strong and safe. This crystal has the power to protect you from the hurt of words or disappointments. You are safe from sadness when you hold this crystal in your hand. You put the crystal in your pocket and a smile on your face. You know when you have this crystal, you are safe from the meanness of others and strong to move forward with your dreams. Guided Imagery Scripts for Kids

  12. Ways to Quiet the Mind • Take a peaceful walk with mom or dad • Talk to a friend who likes to listen • Cuddle up with a pet or favorite stuffed animal (nothing like a good hug) • Write, draw or cut out pictures of your sorrow, hopes and dream in a notebook or journal • Take some deep breaths • Pursue a Passion, Ride a horse, write a poem, do some yoga • Be a bit of a daredevil. Sing Karaoke, learn something new • Exercise, get active, play, run, jump, etc. • Sing! In the shower, a choir, or a band • Laugh as often as possible • Find some alone time. Pitch a privacy tent in your bedroom. • Take a relaxing bath, put some music on. • Relax in the sunshine (Don’t forget sunscreen!) • Take 15 minutes to put your legs up the wall to reverse the blood flow of your body and relax your body and your mind at the same time. (get mom and dad to do it to calm them down too. • Play a game with your family • Watch the birds, a sunset, even a squirrel can make you smile. • Prayer • List taken from

  13. Video -- Kids Meditation #1 – Bubbles of Peace – Soothing, Relaxing– Brahma KumarisKids Meditation #2 -- Feeling Safe Kids -- Soothing, Relaxing -- Brahma KumarisBooks -- Moonbeam: A Book of Meditations for ChildrenStarbright: Meditations for Children Earthlight: New Meditations for Children All written by Maureen Garth

  14. Chiropractic Therapy for Children

  15. Handout for Guest Speaker… Dr. I. N. Balance ( Pediatric Chiropractor) • HANDOUT - Treating the Pediatric Patient (Part 1); Logan Basic Technique:By Claudia Anrig, DC • Doctor Balance will be answering the following questions as they pertain to the “Logan Basic Technique (LBT)” • Can you share with DCs who may have never seen or read about Logan Basic Technique (LBT) the benefits that infants and children may derive from this low-force technique? • In your experience, how can LBT improve quality-of-life outcomes with the pediatric population? • In the past few years, the Logan Chiropractic Clinic performed a study on pregnant women and labor outcomes. What were some of the observations and findings? • At the Logan Chiropractic Clinic, approximately what percentage of your student clinicians use LBT on infants / children and pregnant patients? • A recently completed chapter in the second edition of the Pediatric Chiropractic textbook was completed. What are you hoping to use regarding LBT?

  16. Spinal Alignments - from birth trauma or sport casualty • Acute earache • Upper Respiratory Infection, • Muscle, and neck pain • Colic and other digestive disorders in newborn babies • Sleep disorders • Asthma, Allergies and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) • May delay or prevent degenerative bone or joint disease later in life Taken from Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Kids.

  17. Pediatric Chiropractic Adjustment by Dr. Marco- demonstrates the gentle Network Spinal Analysis adjustment on a young baby. • Pediatric Chiropractic Adjustments/ How to be Healthy/ Video/ Veria Living. Shows ho chiropractic adjustments can help treat and prevent common ailments in children. • JOURNAL ARTICLE: Complementary and Alternative Medicine Use Among Children in the Washington, Area. Study done to determine the prevalence and reasons for CAM use among children in primary pediatric practice in the Washington DC area. Video’s & Article

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