coronado high school football in partnership with n.
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Coronado High School Football in partnership with PowerPoint Presentation
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Coronado High School Football in partnership with

Coronado High School Football in partnership with

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Coronado High School Football in partnership with

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  1. Coronado High School Footballin partnership with

  2. What is OURFUND? * OURFUND is an easy, safe, profitable fundraiser a local school group can do. * Customized fundraising web page built for our school groups, with photos and a detailed fundraising message. * Share your fundraising page via email, Facebook, Twitter, and the team website with Friends, Family, and others who can donate online using Credit Card, PayPal, or Check. * Real-Time tracking of donations and statistics for everyone involved. All donors receive a thank you and receipt for their donation. Software tracks what each student has personally raised and what players are participating. * Safe, Secure, and Risk Free. No upfront or set up cost required. Group gets 1 check for 80% of total funds raised at the end of the 6 week campaign.

  3. Who uses OURFUND? Many of the top teams in the country use the proprietary OURFUND fundraising platform. Over 600 High School teams and counting. Some of these include • * Martin High School-Arlington, TX • * Hoover High School-Hoover, AL * Butler High School-Charlotte, NC * Paloma Valley High School-P.V, CA * Lassiter High School-Atlanta, GA

  4. How it works… * 3 Simple Steps and you are done! Should take parents no longer than 10-15 minutes. * Parents are emailed a link from the Head Coach to go to the OurFund website and join the fundraiser. * Step 1-choose a password * Step 2-upload 2 photos of the student onto the students page * Step 3-add donors to the campaign

  5. Step 1… * Click on the link emailed from Coach Talich with Coronado Football in the subject line. * Create a password. You will use this, along with your email address to log into the OURFUND system to view your stats and to account for “offline donations.” * Upload up to (2) photos of your child. Simply click on the Head Silhouettes, find your photo(s), and wait for them to load until they appear on the page. YouTube videos can also be uploaded.

  6. Step 2… * Preview your Personal Fundraising Page. * You can now view your page just as your potential supporters will. * There is a message that has been pre-written for you, however, feel free to edit using the “Edit Message” button if you choose. * Once satisfied with the message and photos, click “Save and Continue.”

  7. Step 3… * Share your page with as many people as possible. * Do your best to share your page with at least 15-20 people. Friends, Family, Co-Workers, Pediatricians, Orthodontists, former coaches, and many others make great potential supporters. * If you don’t know 15-20 people to share your page with, please share it with as many people as possible. * Share your page on Facebook and Twitter as well to really reach an extended group of supporters! * Donor emails are private and exclusive to the group and never sold or used for any other purposes.

  8. ALL DONE! If you have any questions, please call the OURFUND office at 888-892-3331 or Byron Brewer at 803-513-1228 and they will be glad to help you every step of the way! An instruction sheet with Ourfund contact info and detailed information is available with step-by-step instructions for all parents to be given out prior to launching the fundraiser.