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The perfect marriage... PowerPoint Presentation
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The perfect marriage...

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The perfect marriage... - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The perfect marriage. Between two great engineering tools. Excel provides a calculation tool that everyone uses and knows. Roark’s gives you the formulas to solve thousands of problems. Put them together and design analysis becomes a. Snap!.

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The perfect marriage...

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The perfect marriage...

Between two great engineering tools.

roark s formulas for stress and strain by warren young richard budynas
Roark’s Formulas for Stress and Strainby Warren Young & Richard Budynas
  • Ultimate reference for designers, engineers and analysts who make design calculations for stresses, deflections, etc.
  • Provides you with the required formulas in an easy-to-use, thumb-through format.
  • Imagine these same formulas, ready to solve, inExcel...
with roark s for excel you can
With Roark’s for Excelyou can:
  • Enter your numbers and get solutions instantly.
with roark s for excel you can8
With Roark’s for Excelyou can:
  • Enter your numbers and get solutions instantly.
  • Create plots of deflection, stress, bending moments and more.
with roark s for excel you can9
With Roark’s for Excelyou can:
  • Enter your numbers and get solutions instantly.
  • Create plots of deflection, stress, bending moments and more.
  • Solve problems with multiple loads.
with roark s formulas
With Roark’s Formulas...
  • Analyze design alternatives without hours of math or programming.
  • No need to use look-up tables for coefficients.
  • Material data is set up for you...
  • Or add your own custom materials.


Roark’s is launched from a toolbar on your Excel menu.



  • The easy-to-use menu takes you through hundreds of cases to find the one you need to solve your problem.
  • Diagrams of each case appear just like in the book, making the selection of the proper case and load condition easy.


Once you have chosen your case RFE will ask you to decide which inputs, outputs, plots and tables you would like to see, which will help you customize your screens and reports.



  • RFE loads all the information into Excel and provides starting values.
  • Table look-ups for coefficients are already done.
  • Enter your values and Excel calculates your solution.


You can select from a wide range of materials or enter your own.



Plots are created when appropriate for the case, including:

  • Deflection
  • Shear
  • Slope
  • Bending Moment
  • And more

Report Wizard

  • Reports can be created with custom headings and logos.
  • Change fonts or margins.
  • Save your report as PDF or RTF.
  • Diagrams from the book are included in the report.

Superposition Wizard

  • To calculate multiple loads on beams and plates the Superposition Wizard does the trick.
  • A special report showing the combined loads is generated.

Power User Mode

For those of you who want more flexibility in your known and unknowns, the power user mode can be used.

from a professional standpoint
From a Professional Standpoint...

“This product is awesome! Both the idea of implementing Roark in Excel as well as how UTS has done it are brilliant. No engineer should be without it.”   

--Tom MincerSpreadsheetWorld.comWell known pioneer and educator in the application of Excel/VBA in the field of Engineering

from a professional standpoint23
From a Professional Standpoint...

“As a TK Solver / Roark user of nearly two decades, I am very impressed to see that Roark's formulas is now presented as a robust “plug and play” module within Excel.Just select the model(s) you want, select the parameters of interest, solve and then click to produce a well presented report that clearly and accurately presents the data in a coherent and understandable form for your peers.If a picture paints a thousand words, then Roark's Formulas for Excel solves a million Engineering problems. I look forward to using it alongside my regular finite element stress analysis software and actual mechanical testing as a confidence booster to give accurate engineering judgement and results.”

--Mike HaglandSenior Materials Analyst Gyrus Medical Limited

from a professional standpoint24
From a Professional Standpoint...

“UTS looks like they have another winner on their hands. First they merged one of the most popular engineering references with TK Solver’s backsolving capability

to create Interactive Roark’s Formulas for TK Solver. It is an application that simplifies an engineer’s life immensely. I can’t count the hours it has saved me from re–creating spreadsheets from a textbook.

Now, UTS has done it again. They’ve taken the same powerful application and wrapped it in arguably the most widely used engineer's tool… amazing. UTS continues to be the best kept secret in the engineering software world.”

--Wayne PilgrimWeatherford Incorporated


Additional Resources

Along with your copy of the Roark’s Formulas for Excel software, you will also receive:

  • PDF Documentation with an example from each table
  • Telephone and Email Support

Try this great combination for yourself....

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