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HMR Changes Pertinent To HHW- 2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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HMR Changes Pertinent To HHW- 2014

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HMR Changes Pertinent To HHW- 2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HMR Changes Pertinent To HHW- 2014. Recent and Upcoming Rulemakings. Flexible Bulk Container. 171.8 – Added definition for “Flexible Bulk Container”: Flexible container not over 15 cubic meters and includes liners and attached handling devices and service equipment.

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hmr changes pertinent to hhw 2014

HMR Changes Pertinent To HHW- 2014

Recent and Upcoming Rulemakings

flexible bulk container

Flexible Bulk Container

171.8 – Added definition for “Flexible Bulk Container”: Flexible container not over 15 cubic meters and includes liners and attached handling devices and service equipment.

178.1005 -Package Code designation will be BK3

Added 178 Subparts R and S – manufacturing and testing standards. This is where the requirements for not filling with HM that will damage material of the container is found and that it is only for PG III (178.1015)

Permissive 01/01/2013 Effective 01/01/2014

173 37 flexible bulk containers
173.37 - Flexible Bulk Containers

Adds section for HM transported in Flexible Bulk Containers.

May be reused, but must be given external visual inspection by person filling;

Not used for more than 2 yrs from date of manufacture;

No HM on outside of package;

Securely fastened to or contained within transport unit but not over tightened to damage or deform;

Transported in a conveyance with rigid sides at least 2/3s the height of the FBC;

Must not be stacked by rail or highway;

Must not exceed 15 meters (530 cubic feet) capacity.

Permissive 01/01/2013; Effective 01/01/2014

171 14 transition dates

171.14 Transition Dates

This section has been removed and all transition dates have been moved to their affected sections.

(e) – Old shipping description sequence may be used until 01/01/2013 – moved to 172.202(b)

(f) - Old Division 5.2 (organic peroxide) labels and placards can be used until 01/01/2014 (by highway only) – moved to 172.552(c)

(g) Old Class 3 and Division 6.1 packing groups may be used until 01/01/2012 – moved to 173.120/121 for Class 3 and 173.132/133 for Division 6.1

172 101 c 10 proper shipping names for mixtures and solutions

172.101(c)(10) Proper Shipping Names for Mixtures and Solutions

If the material is predominantly one hazardous material identified in the HM Table, it must be described by using that proper shipping name with the qualifying word “mixture” or “solution”.

If more than one HM, then use the generic shipping description i.e. Flammable Liquid, n.o.s. is acceptable.

Permissive 01/01/2013, Effective 01/01/2014

removes orm d exception

removes ORM-D exception

172.200(b)(3) – Shipping paper applicability

173.115-140 - Hazard class definitions

173.144 – Definition of ORM

Permissive 01/01/2011

Effective 01/01/2020 (changed from 2014) for motor carriers

01/01/2013 for all other modes

172 301 id number markings for orm d and limited quantities
172.301 - ID Number Markings for ORM-D and Limited Quantities

Removed the exception for ID numbers on packages of ORM-D or LTD QTY. ID numbers must now be marked on packages of ORM-D and limited quantities unless marked with new markings (next slide)

Permissive 01/01/2011

Effective 01/01/2014

172 301 a size reqirement for markings on non bulk packagings
172.301(a) – Size Reqirement for Markings on Non-bulk packagings

Added a size requirement to Identification Number marking including the UN, NA or ID and the number for non-bulk packaging.

12mm or ½ inch for most

6 mm or ¼ inch for 8 gal/66 pound or

cylinder of 16 gal or less

Smaller packaging must be marked in a size appropriate to the size of the package.

Permissive 01/01/2013, Effective 01/01/2017 except for packagings permanently marked thru embossing or heat stamp prior to 01/01/2017, then it’s allowed to stay for the life of the packaging.

172 301 c 5 orientation markings
172.301(c)(5) Orientation Markings

Added exceptions to the orientation markings. Arrows not applicable to Class 1, Class 7 or to non-bulk packages not requiring ID numbers.

Permissive 01/01/2011

Effective 01/01/2012

172 315 new limited quantity marking

Air - but can be used by other modes.

172.315 New Limited Quantity Marking

Package containing LTD QTY does NOT need to be marked with PSN and ID# if marked with these new limited quantity white square on point marking.

Technical names, RQ, etc still required in association with the marking, if by air.

ORM-D markings can be used until 12/31/2020 by highway – 2012 for all other modes.

172 315 d 1 limited quantity transition
172.315 (d)(1) Limited Quantity Transition

Until 12/31/2014 a package of limited quantity material may continue to be marked with the square on point with identification number as an alternative to the requirements in 172.315(a) (previous slide).

Effective: 01/01/2013

172 324 hazardous substances
172.324 Hazardous Substances

Hazardous Substances in non-bulk packages, including limited quantities, must be marked with technical names and RQ.

Permissive 01/01/2011

Effective 01/01/2012

labeling and placarding organic peroxides

Labeling and PlacardingOrganic Peroxides

172.427 – Organic peroxide label.

172.552 – Organic peroxide placard.

Design was revised to reflect UN recommendations (Red over Yellow).

Permissive 01/01/2007

Effective 01/01/2014 for highway

Effective 01/01/2011 for all other modes

173 6 materials of trade exception
173.6 – Materials of trade exception

Added a new paragraph 173.6(a)(6) expanding materials included in MOTS:

- A limited quantity package prepared in accordance with 173.27, 173.63(b), 173.150, 173.151(b) and (c), 173.152 through 173.155, 173.161, 173.165, 173.167, 173.306(i), and 173.309(b) of this subchapter.

- Division 4.3 substances prepared in accordance with 173.6(a)(3)

- Class 7 materials are not authorized under the provision of this section.

Permissive - 01/01/2013

Effective - 01/01/2014

173 12 exceptions for shipment of waste materials
173.12 – Exceptions For Shipment Of Waste Materials

Revised to prohibit the use of lab packs for waste materials that are a temperature controlled material, unless it complies with 173.21(f)(1) (transported using specific controlled temperature conditions.)

Permissive 03/11/2013

Effective 05/10/2011

173 22 a 4 ii shipper responsibility
173.22(a)(4)(ii) Shipper Responsibility

For other than a bulk package or cylinder, shipper must retain a copy of the manufacturer’s notification including closure instructions for 90 days after shipment to initial carrier.

For a bulk package or a cylinder, the same applies unless permanently embossed or printed on the package (when applicable).

Subsequent offerors of an unaltered package are NOT required to maintain these documents.

Permissive - 01/01/2013

Effective - 01/01/2014

173 25 a 7 overpack marking
173.25(a)(7) Overpack Marking

Added– The overpack must be marked with the required marking of 173.4a (excepted quantities) unless visible.

Permissive 01/01/2013

Effective 01/01/2014

173 62 packaging requirements for explosives
173.62 – Packaging Requirements for Explosives

Changes were made to many packaging requirements for Explosives. Check the table carefully in 173.62. Ensure you are using the most up-to-date regulations.

Permissive 01/01/2013

Effective 01/01/2014

173 120 173 121 flammable combustible liquid

173.120 / 173.121 Flammable/Combustible Liquid

All reference to “141F” is amended to read “140F”.

Permissive 01/01/2007

Effective 01/01/2012

173 225 packaging for organic peroxides

173.225 packaging for organic peroxides

Amended tables increasing the number of organic peroxides that are authorized for transportation without approval provisions.

Permissive 01/01/2013

Effective 01/01/2014