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First Coast Guard District PowerPoint Presentation
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First Coast Guard District

First Coast Guard District

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First Coast Guard District

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  1. First Coast Guard District Office of Aids to Navigation WAMS Review Presentation

  2. Waterway Analysis and Management System (WAMS) History • Initial Studies were conducted on all waterways between 1988-1992 • Reviews should be initiated every five years or when a major change takes place in a waterway (ex. Dredging) • Reviews reach out to the public to get input on how to improve waterway efficiency and safety.

  3. Assignment process • Critical Waterways are reviewed every five years. Non critical are as needed but, we try to maintain a five year rotation. • Groups and Sectors are assigned two reviews per year in April. • Major AtoN cutters are assigned one review per year in April.

  4. Review process • Upon assignment the reviewing unit should prepare a statement for the Local Notice to Mariner notifying the public we are performing the review and who to contact with input.

  5. Sample LNM entry • MA-BOSTON HARBOR- The Coast Guard is conducting a Waterway Analysis and Management System (WAMS) study of Boston Harbor Side Channels and Bays. The study focuses on the areas aid to navigation system, waterborne commerce, marine casualty information, port/harbor resources, emergency response plans, communication capabilities and future development projects. Comments or suggested changes to the Aids to Navigation should be received no later then 01 July 2003 to be considered. Send comments to USCG Group Boston, 427 Commercial St., Boston, MA 02109, Attn: CWO3 I.M. Salty at (617) 223-xxxx. E-mail to Chart(s) xxxxxx LNM 31/02 (CGD1)

  6. Information provided by (oan) • What waterways assigned • Vessel Mishap Information (If available) • Aid assignment list for waterways • Discrepancies in waterways • Commerce Data (Also available on ACOE website • Previous WAMS reports (if requested)

  7. Unit Responsibilities • Advertise in LNM; e-mail M. Swanson with complete text & POC info • Utilize various methods for Obtaining User Information • Prepare and distribute questionnaires and surveys • Publicize WAMS review • Develop mailing/POC list of waterway users

  8. Unit Responsibilities (Cont) • Collect geographic features info/bridge info • Collect facilities information • Review ACOE Channel Surveys/determine dredging freq. • Review Ice Conditions • Review Traffic Patterns • Review Aids Discrepancies and look for trends • Review Environmental Factors

  9. Unit Responsibilities (Cont) • Review Coast Pilot and recommend changes • Review Private AtoN • Review Luminous Range • Verify information on all existing aids • Talk face to face with users • Conduct Public Meetings • Distribute questionnaires/surveys

  10. Unit Responsibilities (Cont) • Take user rides • Talk with other interested federal/state/local agencies • Contact the responsible MSO for input • Contact the Vessel Traffic System as applicable • Contact other CG units in area • Contact ACOE and Port Authorities • Talk to facility managers

  11. Unit Responsibilities (Cont) • Plot Casualty Data and Look for Trends • Analyze collected information and data • Determine/verify Criticality • Write WAMS review report • Complete the action summary • Forward WAMS to OAN !!!!

  12. WAMS Timeline Wams assigned by District (oan) LNM Announcement published for 4months Information compiled by unit March May- August August - March Report Submitted to (oan) Executive Summary completed and sent to headquarters and projects generated March March - June Projects completed as funds become available

  13. Questions? First District (oan) Waterway Management Section Section Chief Mr. John Mauro (617) 223-8355 WAMS LTJG Brian Jeffery (617) 223-8348 Waterways, AC&I, Budget LTJG Tim Howard (617) 223-8385 Lighthouse Manager CWO Pete Boardman (617) 223-8352