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ISD2 Replacement Project (ISD2R). PCC Update 09/22/10. ISD2R Agenda. Objective Status Update Funding and Budgets Going Forward. Objective.

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Isd2r agenda
ISD2R Agenda

  • Objective

  • Status Update

  • Funding and Budgets

  • Going Forward


Replace the Income Support Division (ISD), Integration Services Delivery (ISD2) System which manages benefits for over 800,000 clients who receive Food Stamps (SNAP), Energy Assistance, Medicaid, and Cash Assistance.

Meet Requirements of Health Care Reform Act of 2010

Partner with the following Federal Agencies:

Food and Nutrition Services (FNS)

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS)

Administration of Children and Families (ACF)


Planning Phase Approval Request

Requesting $ 864,286 for the PMO and IV&V PMO Contracts.

Requesting $ 146,807 for the PMO and IV&V PMO Contracts.

HSD will use up to $100,000.00 of the CHIPRA to support maintenance and operations changes to Phase One of Yes-NM, Am I Eligible application.

CHIPRA is a grant to help offset the cost of Medicaid enrollment costs

Am I Eligible is the web application that allows potential clients to determine what Medicaid services they are eligible for.

Note: Pending approval in the 2010 P-APDU

The use of $50,000.00 from the HSD-ITD base budget for the Procurement Specialist contract.

Planning Phase is scheduled to finish around 10/01/2011




Procurement Specialist - started 9/7/10

Integrator RFP

Funding & Budgets

ISD2R Purchasing Request Form– To allow for the correcting funding stream to be selected at the onset of the purchasing process.

Reconciliation of the expenses between LFC and ITD-HSD for ISD2R continues.

Planning-Advanced Planning Document

Submitted to our federal partners for review

FNS approved the plan.

CMS requested some clarifying information be added.

PMO IV&V – SOW and Deliverables draft has started.


July 2010 PCC Questions

RFP options for the most appropriate place for adding HCR.

Integrated approach to schedule and budget for:

Health Care Reform (HCR) / Health Insurance Exchange (HIE)

ISD2 Replacement System (ISD2R)

Medicare and Medicaid Eligibility System (MMIS)

Show milestones for HCR

Schedule showing modular priorities for implementing ISD2R

Different Programs or Sections of Programs

What do we get if we start running out of money?


RFP options for the most appropriate place for adding HCR.

Presented to Secretary Falls on 8/6/2010

Option 1: ISD2R system with Medicaid done first


Will not risk MMIS deliverables of 5010, ICD10 and takeover of the system.

Will not create another system for HSD to maintain and fund for business and technical staff.

Option 2: Include Medicaid in the MMIS RFP

Not selected

MMIS is to continue towards their targeted deliveries. The process is not to be interrupted to include HCR / HCE.

Option 3: Standalone Medicaid eligibility system

Not selected

Adding another system into the current systems to support in not advantageous.

There is additional cost to house the system; fund maintenance and operations activities; fund upgrades; and train business staff to use the system.

Due to the budget restrictions there is no funding for additional staff to support a new system in the field. The staff will have to enter information into the existing system as well as the new system.


Integrated Approach to Schedule and Budget.

Information has been gathered into a spreadsheet that shows the estimated budget for HCR/HIE, ISD2R, and MMIS.

SFY11 Sample


Show Milestones for HCR


Schedule showing modular priorities for implementing ISD2R

Will work with PMO

Modular release is complicated by items that span the modules:

Data conversion





Federal Funds (CMS &FNS)

Feds will only fund the modules that we implement

Program Modular




State Funded Cash Assistance



Funding budgets
Funding & Budgets

The remaining federal funds for planning are:

HSD requested in the Updated-Advanced Planning Document Update a budget of $1,368,428.

Funding budgets1
Funding & Budgets

Of the $1,368,428.00 Federal Planning Budget, HSD is requesting $1,136,807 for the Planning Phase to continue.

HSD will use $50,000.00 of the ITD base budget for the Procurement Specialist contract.

HSD will use up to $75,000.00 of the ITD base budget to support maintenance and operations changes to Phase One of Yes-NM, Am I Eligible.

Funding budgets2
Funding & Budgets

Reconciliation SFY05-SFY10:

Going forward
Going Forward

  • Actions:

    • Project Management Office (PMO)

      • Best and Final Offers will be made by 10/17/2010

      • Target date for PMO to start is mid November

      • Integrator RFP to be reviews by PMO

    • Waiting for response on updated Planning-APDU from CMS

      • FNS Approved

    • Procurement Specialist Contract

      • Procurement specialist started 9/7/10

      • Integrator RFP writing is underway

    • Issue open RFP for Replacement System including Integration

    • PMO IV&V Contract process will start.