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Create Technological Advantages

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Create Technological Advantages - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Create Technological Advantages. Chapter 11. Doing Business Online. For this chapter, students may be assigned to research league or team websites of their choosing.

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doing business online
Doing Business Online
  • For this chapter, students may be assigned to research league or team websites of their choosing.
  • Students should identify a team or league webpage that illustrates either a positive or negative example for one of the checkpoints for each of the stages in the decision-making process for online shoppers (Table 11.1).
    • Students can take screenshots of pages (hit <alt> and <print screen> and then copy/paste to document) to submit digitally and/or print them to hand-in.
  • For each checkpoint illustrated, students should note what is good or bad about the way the team has designed the website.
  • The following slides offer examples of what could be expected of students.
  • Students can present their findings in class to facilitate discussion.

Good Example!

Stage 1: Need Recognition: Provide product-related appetizers such as sales items, hot products, or product recommendation. prominently features product specials on the league homepage.


Good Example!

Stage 2: Information Search: provide its own product search function.

--The product search function is easy to find at top of the page.


Bad Example

Stage 3: Information Evaluation:

--Provide help or info to assist customers in evaluating alternatives.

--Provide links to locations that have endorsements from other customers.

Limited product info & no endorsements on the ECHL website.

--Have pictures that demonstrate true colors of the merchandise.

The pictures online do not look like actual pictures of the product. Enlarged pictures do not provide enough detail.


Stage 4: Purchase Decision

--Have a mechanism for customers to track their orders.

The website for each team provides clear directions on how to track customer orders.


Stage 5: Post-purchase Behavior

--Provide online support or other means of communication

The shop only provides an email submission (with no direct email & no phone number). No information is provided about other retail outlets. If they don’t exist, then online store should promote “only available online.”

--Provide money back guarantee (stage 4, but also influences stage 5)

The return policy is restricted, placing a significant burden on the customer (tags attached, correct packaging, customer pays shipping; receipt copy). Confirmed customer purchase info should be part of database info.

technology adoption
In terms of technology adoption, what difference does it make where you are personally?

How does a manager’s personal innovativeness influence the organization’s technology adoption?


Early Adopter

Early Majority

Late Majority


Technology Adoption
technology adoption9
What is the importance of RFID & similar technologies to sports organizations?

How will this influence marketing and sales in the future?

Technology Adoption

Click on the pic to read more about HP’s new memory chip.

technology acceptance
Component innovations use new parts or materials within an existing technological platform.

Radical innovations are based on scientific principles that are manifestly different from existing technologies.

Design innovation is rearranging or reconfiguring the layout or relationships between components within the same technological platform.

Give an example of a consumer product that represents each type of innovation.

Which of these innovations is easier/harder for consumers to understand and find useful?

Read this page about Intel’s Place Lab:

What kind of innovation is described?

How might this influence sales & marketing for sports & other organizations?

Technology Acceptance