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Business Continuity Management, Business Continuity Plan, and Pervasive Computing in Bank Indonesia PowerPoint Presentation
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Business Continuity Management, Business Continuity Plan, and Pervasive Computing in Bank Indonesia

Business Continuity Management, Business Continuity Plan, and Pervasive Computing in Bank Indonesia

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Business Continuity Management, Business Continuity Plan, and Pervasive Computing in Bank Indonesia

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Presentation Transcript

    1. Business Continuity Management, Business Continuity Plan, and Pervasive Computing in Bank Indonesia Direktorat Teknologi Informasi Bank Indonesia November 2007

    2. 2 Agenda

    3. 3 BCM Policy in Bank Indonesia

    4. 4 Basic Principles

    5. 5 BCM Strategy

    6. 6 Work Mechanism

    7. Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Plan : Case Studies and Real Experiences in Bank Indonesia

    8. 8 Business Continuity Plan (BCP) - Definition

    9. 9 BCP Components

    10. 10 Business Continuity Plan - Objective

    11. 11

    12. 12 Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

    13. 13 Risk Assessment Process and Procedures

    14. 14 Minimum Procedures of BCP

    15. 15 Component of System and Business Recovery Procedures

    16. BCP in Bank Indonesia

    17. 17 BI Business Continuity Plan Policy Ruled in Board of Governor Decree No. 8/5/PDG/2006 concerning Bank Indonesia Information Technology Security and Recovery

    18. 18 BI Business Continuity Plan Policy

    19. 19 MPTI - Planning

    20. 20 MPTI Try Outs and Training

    21. 21 MPTI - Evaluation

    22. 22 MPTI Working Team Organization Structure

    23. 23 MPTI Working Team

    24. Bank Indonesias DRC

    25. 25 Disaster Recovery Center

    26. 26 Bank Indonesias DRC .

    27. 27 Bank Indonesias DRC Infrastructure

    28. Real Experiences for Disasters

    29. 29 Disasters Mass blockade at KOPERBI Jakarta in 1998 Closure of KBI Dili related to disintegration of Timor Timur from Indonesian Government NADs Tsunami in 2004 Yogyakartas earthquake in 2006 Jakartas Flood in 2002 and 2007 Communication Failure caused by Taiwans earthquake in 2007 Earthquake in Padang, Bengkulu, and Jambi at 2007

    30. 30 Tsunami Banda Aceh 26.12.2004

    31. 31 Tsunami Banda Aceh 26.12.2004

    32. 32 Tsunami Banda Aceh 26.12.2004

    33. 33 Action for Disaster Recovery Coordination with all Working Unit in Bank Indonesia especially Working Unit who are included in MPTI Working Team to recover critical functions. DTI and other Working Unit (application owner) prepare application back-up server, and other devices especially for critical application. Coordination with network telecommunication provider to activate network from KPBI to KBI Banda Aceh. Went on-site to KBI location to activate Payment System with back-up server.

    34. 34 Action for Disaster Recovery (2) Bank Indonesia Head Office assigned 2 team to recover critical function of KBI Banda Aceh: Initial Team was in charge of doing field survey to determine devices that are needed, evacuated employee and family, and did a coordination with related party to provide supporting facility. Second Team was in charge of bringing devices needed to recover KBI Banda Aceh operational and substitute personnel. Besides team sent from BI-Head Office, KBI Medan also sent a team to support day-to-day operation in KBI Banda Aceh.

    35. 35 Action for Disaster Recovery (3) Device provided : Network Device (cooperate with network provider) PC Desktop and Notebook Server Printer Cable + accessories Supporting facility such as genset with fuel sent from KBI Medan

    36. 36 Action for Disaster Recovery (4) Bank Indonesia decided to move the location of KBI Banda Aceh to service house of Head of KBI Banda Aceh because the facility in initial location of KBI Banda Aceh such as electricity, sanitation, and clean water was not provided anymore. In day 10 after the disaster, KBI Banda Aceh was fully operated with : Genset for electricity Communication using CDMA Phone (Flexi) and Satellite Phone Data Communication using Wireless Local Loop (WLL) PC was functioned as Clearing Server for SOKL Application For KBI operational, some personnel were assigned from KPBI

    37. 37 Jakarta Flood February 2007

    38. 38 Action for Business Continuity Plan

    39. Lesson Learned

    40. 40 Lesson Learned

    41. 41 Lesson Learned (2)

    42. Pervasive Computing

    43. 43 Pervasive Computing Characteristics Information processing is part of daily object and activities One user could use different devices in order to ease information access and transaction Anytime Anywhere User friendly Configurable

    44. 44 Strategic steps to pervasive computing acceleration of environment forming to pervasive computing well planned pervasive computing implementation will result on synergy that inline with activities within organization optimal synergism between ICT and business activities will accelerate organization performance.

    45. 45 Example of Activities in Bank Indonesia Traveling authorized personnel could be involved in decision making that must be done in an office meeting using teleconference technology. Personnel who is supervising a bank onsite could get access needed to application, information, and data via internet without having to store those information inside his/ her notebook. Personnel could get his/ her job done (e.g. reporting, data entry) in an emergency condition (e.g. security disruption, flood, and traffic jam) as is in a normal one

    46. 46 Methodology

    47. 47 Trend to Pervasive Computing

    48. 48 Supporting technologies Network (particularly wireless network) Security Operating System Application User Interface Middleware End-user devices Smart-wireless sensor etc

    49. 49 pervasive computing implementation category Remote application execution People Communication Document Management System Personal tracking system for emergency call Fleet management system Book and archive tagging system Asset tagging system Personal identity tagging system Video surveillance system Meeting and presentation room Learning and practice room Smart office room

    50. 50 implemented pervasive computing Company email Accessed via internet using OWA (Outlook Web Access) Accessed via mobile devices using OMA (Outlook Mobile Access) Personnel Tagging System

    51. 51