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11.1 Time of Conflict

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11.1 Time of Conflict. MAIN IDEA Jefferson continues the policy of neutrality, but is forced to react to outside forces. WHY IT MATTERS NOW. British interference with affairs of the United States led to the War of 1812. CA Standards.

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11 1 time of conflict
11.1 Time of Conflict


Jefferson continues the policy of neutrality, but is forced to react to outside forces.

why it matters now

British interference with affairs of the United States led to the War of 1812.

ca standards
CA Standards
  • 8.5.1 Understand the political and economic causes and consequences of the War of 1812 and know the major battles, leaders, and events that led to a final peace.
  • 8.5.3 Outline the major treaties with American Indian nations during the administrations of the first four presidents and the varying outcome of those treaties.
daily guided questions
Daily Guided Questions
  • How was the policy of U.S. neutrality challenged?
  • Why was the embargo ineffective for the United States?
  • What impact did the white settlers have on the Native Americans?
  • Write down each word, write down the definition, and write a sentence using the word.
  • Tribute
  • Impressment
  • Embargo
  • Smuggling
  • Traverse
  • Encroach
  • Stationary
barbary states
Barbary States
  • Trade was important to American economy.

-Pirates would attack US ships.

  • USA paid tribute for safe passage, but then stopped.

-Increased attacks.

-Sent marines to protect ships, captured Tripoli.

british and french rivalries
British and French Rivalries
  • Since 1803, France and Britain are at war.

-US continued trade with both.

  • Both countries look for way to weaken each other.
neutrality challenged
Neutrality Challenged
  • USA’s neutral in war.
  • British and France seize American ships.

-British take 1000 ships, France 500 ships.

-Confiscate cargoes.

-Impressment of Amer. sailors.

  • 1807, Embargo Act passed.

-Ban on exports(products sold to other countries).

-meant to hurt European markets.

-Hurt our economy, Americans begin to smuggle products.

-lifted in 1809, expect with Britain and France.

northwest terr
Northwest Terr.
  • Years after the Battle of Fallen Timbers, ten of thousands of Americans begin to flood the area.

-Ohio statehood in 1803.

  • Impact on N.A.

-Hunting and farm lands taken.

-Diseases killed 1000s.

-Power of N.A. leaders weaken.

  • Shawnee chief tries to create a confederacy.

-tells people to resistance return to traditional beliefs, practices.

-Given or bought arms from the British.

william henry harrison
William Henry Harrison
  • Tecumseh went to recruit other N.A.
  • Defeated Native Americans at the Battle of Tippecanoe.

-N.A. alliance weakens but Tecumseh continued to fight.

primary source pg 624
Primary Source pg. 624
  • Read the primary source, Tecumseh, Speech at Vincennes.
  • Read everything on page and answer the 3rd question using the TEES format.





possible answer
Possible Answer

Tecumseh’s views on property ownership differed from Americans who settled the West. This Shawnee leader in the Northwest Territory believed that the land was for the shared use of everyone, not to be own by one person or group. According to Tecumseh’s speech “no part has a right to sell, even to each other, much less to strangers”. This is significance because this idea was a point of conflict between white settlers and Native Americans.

study guide pg 86
Study Guide pg. 86
  • Copy and complete the bottom half of the study guide on page 86.
  • Start with “Challenges Faced by the United States”.
  • Use your notes and pg. 196-200 to complete it.