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CF Inventory & Northern Initiatives. Presentation to Northern Economic and Sovereignty Infrastructure Conference, Iqaluit, NU by Major Nadine Tischhauser, CD ADM(IE) DGRP/DRPP 2 14 October 2010. Aim of Presentation.

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Cf inventory northern initiatives

CF Inventory &Northern Initiatives

Presentation to Northern Economic and Sovereignty Infrastructure Conference, Iqaluit, NU


Major Nadine Tischhauser, CD


14 October 2010

Aim of presentation
Aim of Presentation

  • To provide a general overview of the Department of National Defence (DND) inventory and initiatives in the North

Canadian navy nanisivik naval facility
CANADIAN NAVYNanisivik Naval Facility

  • Will serve as a refuelling location for naval vessels on station in High Arctic and a place to embark equipment and supplies, transfer personnel and work closely with Canadian Coast Guard

  • The project will repair the existing jetty, build a new tank farm and fuel system

  • Modular Office Accommodations were installed last August 2010 to support deployments, operations and military exercises

  • Expected to be fully operational by 2015

Canadian navy arctic offshore patrol vessels
CANADIAN NAVYArctic/Offshore Patrol Vessels

  • Acquisitions of six to eight ice-capable Arctic/Offshore Patrol Vessels

  • Will provide armed, presence based, maritime sovereignty patrols in the Canadian Arctic during navigable season

  • First ship is expected in 2014

Army cf arctic training centre
ARMYCF Arctic Training Centre

  • Located in Resolute, Nunavut

  • Shared Facility with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) Polar Continental Shelf Project.

  • A whole of Government approach to science, research, and sovereignty

  • Will serve as a station to prepare Canadian Forces personnel and the personnel of other government departments for cold weather operations

  • This multi-role year round facility will include additional accommodation module and an aircraft hangar

New Hangar

New Accommodations,

New Dinning and Rec Building

Army structure initiatives

  • In response to the growing strategic importance of Canada Arctic region, the Canada First Defence Strategy (CFDS) mandates a significant CF presence in the Arctic

    • Establishment of Arctic Response Company Group

    • Establishment of a Yellowknife Infantry Company

    • Expansion of Canadian Rangers

Air force presence

  • This project will enhance the CF capability to exercise sovereignty in Canada’s Arctic waters

    • Canadian Forces Station – Alert

    • NORAD - Forward Operating Locations (in Inuvik, Yellowknife, Rankin Inlet & Iqaluit)

Air force presence canadian forces station alert
AIR FORCE PRESENCECanadian Forces Station Alert

  • The primary mission of the station is to provide a listening post for the communication branch, with secondary roles as weather station, and sovereignty outpost supporting assigned government tasks (such as science)

  • Supported by 8 Wing Trenton

  • 23 Uniform pers and 35 contractors in loc

  • Standard capacity of 181 beds

  • Science coordination with DRDC and EC and others on project specific basis

Air force presence forward operating locations fols
AIR FORCE PRESENCEForward Operating Locations (FOLs)

  • 4 FOLs locations:

    • Inuvik, Yellowknife, Rankin Inlet and Iqaluit

  • Operated in conjunction with NORAD and

    • 3 Wing Bagotville and 4 Wing Cold Lake

  • Provide all the necessary infrastructure and supplies to support AF CF-18 Hornet fighter aircraft capable of defending Canada’s airspace throughout the North

  • Current infrastructure projects:

    • Extend Inuvik Runway

  • Intergovernmental links

    • Governments of Nunavut and Northwest Territories

Canada command northern initiative
CANADA COMMANDNorthern Initiative

  • Multi-purpose Operations/Support Building in Yellowknife

    • Will provide a single location for JTF(N), RCSU and 1 Canadian Ranger Patrol Group

    • Provide office space, training area, warehouse, and support facilities

    • Will eliminate dependency on leased and NORAD FOL facilities

Adm infrastructure and environment 3 northern initiatives
ADM (Infrastructure and Environment) 3 Northern Initiatives

  • Distant Early Warning (DEW) Line Clean Up

    • Project is to clean up 21 DND owned former DEW line sites

    • Remediation uses standards set out in the Cooperation Agreements with the Inuit and Inuvialuit

    • Aim to produce environmentally safe sites by precluding the migration of contaminants into the food chain, disposing of surplus infrastructure, and remediating existing earthworks where required

    • There were five active sites in 2010 during the short two month construction season

Adm infrastructure and environment 3 northern initiatives1
ADM (Infrastructure and Environment)3 Northern Initiatives

  • Land Use Legislation and Policy changes in Nunavut

    • Nunavut Planning and Project Assessment Act

      • DND/CF Land Use Advisors have been reviewing and ensuring that our interests are protected in the Act

    • Nunavut Land Use Plan

      • Working closely with all Federal Departments reviewing the draft plan ensuring that our CF interests are reflected in the plan

      • First Land Use Plan draft was presented in June 2010 for review

Adm infrastructure and environment 3 northern initiatives2
ADM (Infrastructure and Environment) 3 Northern Initiatives

  • Real Property Development Plan for the North

    • Will guide future development decisions for Real Property in the North and may influence Northern operations

    • To provide a 30-year vision for future RP requirements in support of CF missions and Department programs that:

      • Recognizes the life cycle of the DND/CF assets; and

      • Considers climate change and adapting to its impacts on the North

    • To provide courses of action necessary to address any deficiencies and gaps in RP and operations in the North while optimizing existing opportunities and overall efficiencies


for the North

Northern operations 3 annual sovereignty operations
NORTHERN OPERATIONS3 Annual Sovereignty Operations

  • Operation NUNALIVUT

    • Are enhanced Ranger sovereignty patrols

    • Employs the unique capabilities of the Canadian Rangers to support Joint Task Force (North) operations

    • Ranger patrols provide a presence and demonstrate a response capability in the most remote areas of the North

    • Held in High Arctic

  • Operation NUNAKPUT

    • Conducted in the Western Arctic and joint operations with JTF(N), the Canadian Coast Guard and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

    • To exercise sovereignty and practice interoperability, focusing on the Beauford Sea region

  • Operation NANOOK

    • Are joint, inter-agency operations conducted in the Eastern Arctic

    • Planned and directed by JTF(N) and designed to develop and refine the inter-agency relationships that underpin the whole-of-government approach to the Arctic sovereignty

  • Ranger Patrols

    • Canadian Rangers routinely conduct patrols and training across the North

    • Their presence and vigilance help assert Canadian sovereignty and provide Canada Command with “eyes and ears” in the country’s most remote areas

Canadian operational support command canoscom northern initiatives

  • CANOSCOM, Canada COMMAND and Joint Task Force (North) staff have participated in a series of working groups in pursuit of an overarching Arctic Concept of Support for operations within JTF(N)

    1.Establishment of a high-readiness posture for Joint Task Force Support Element

  • The development and procurement of an Arctic Support Base kit

  • The establishment of Standing Offer Agreement contracts for Real Life Support

  • CANOSCOM/Chief Operational Support Transformation has developed an analytical tool to inform the decision process for identifying the optimum number and location of support hubs

Cf development space d northern initiatives
CF DEVELOPMENT (Space D)Northern Initiatives

  • Polar Epsilon

    • PE will deliver two new dedicated DND/CF ground stations and applications designed to support surveillance of Canada’s Arctic region and ocean approaches using operational Radarsat 2 satellite

  • Polar Epsilon 2

    • PE is expected to deliver a northern ground station for satellite data reception, upgrades to existing PE ground stations to access Radarsat Constellation Mission data and add Space-based data to enhance Maritime Domain Awareness

Adm information management
ADM (Information Management)

  • Existing Capabilities

    • High Arctic Data Communication System

      • Consists of a microwave relay between CFS Alert and CFS Eureka on Ellesmere Island and a satelite link between CFS Eureka and CFS Leitrim

    • Video-conference capability and bridges.

      • DND maintains first-tier secure and unsecure video-conference facilities at JTF(N) HQ in Yellowknife that, at need, could be used by other Government Departments

    • Iridum Handsets.

      • These satellites phones offer the only mobile satellite capability north of 70°

Adm material north warning system office
ADM (Material)North Warning System Office

  • The North Warning System (NWS) is a Bi-National Office with the US (60 US/ 40 CAN cost shared)

  • In operation since 1957 DEW line and 1992 as NWS

  • The NWS is a contractor operated and maintained by a joint-venture (ATCO Frontec/Pan Arctic Inuit Logistics)

  • 47 sites: 11 Long Range Radars, 36 Short Range Radars

  • The sites are Unmanned and operated and monitored remotely from 22 Wing North Bay

  • The sites are maintained by 5 Logistics Support Sites in

    • Inuvik, Cambridge Bay, Hall Beach, Iqaluit and Goose Bay

    • Supported by contract helicopter and fixed-wing aircraft

Adm material north warning system office1
ADM (Material)North Warning System Office

  • Sustainment of $1 Billion in infrastructure

    • 11 gravel airstrips capable of supporting C-130 Operations

    • 47 Helipads with aviation fuel supply

    • Long Range sites facilities consist of: Hangars, warehouse, power plants, POL systems, and accommodations (20-60 pers)

    • Large POL infrastructure – 400 tanks

    • Heavy equipment for snow clearance and road and runway maintenance

North warning system office reconstruction project
North Warning System OfficeReconstruction project


    • The North Warning System provides surveillance of Canadian Airspace as well as tactical command and control radar coverage

    • In January 2000, a fire destroyed the main structure at PIN-3 including the radar, radar tower structure, as well as the accommodation, power modules and ancillary equipment

    • The project includes reconstruction of the facility in an environmentally responsible and cost effective manner

Defence research development canada drdc northern initiatives

  • Northern Watch (Technology Demonstration Project)

  • Maritime Monitoring Mission Micro-Satellite

  • Radar information for the land and littoral environments

  • Strategic Assessment of key issues affecting Arctic security and sovereignty

  • Long endurance airborne relay nodes for Northern communications and surveillance

  • Ground-Air-Ground communications study

  • China’s Interests in the Arctic: China in an ice-free Arctic and Implications for Canada


DND/CF have been present in the North for more than a century

Exercising sovereignty in the Arctic can only by achieved through a whole of government approach

CF are working closely with our federal and territorial partners as well as the people of the North to safeguard the Arctic as a part of a national identity