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XDS-SD Scanned Documents. Sarah Knoop. Document Source. Document Recipient/ Media Importer. Clinic Legacy Paper Records. Clinic Electronic Documents. CDA. XDS Registry. CDA. XDS Repository. Use Cases. Key Technical Properties.

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Use cases

Document Source

Document Recipient/ Media Importer

Clinic Legacy Paper Records

Clinic Electronic Documents


XDS Registry


XDS Repository

Use Cases

Key technical properties
Key Technical Properties

  • Use a content constrained CDA R2 Wrapper around the electronic document to support the storage of healthcare metadata.

  • Imbed the “scanned document” (B64 encoded PDF/A or plaintext) in the CDA.

Content creation process
Content Creation Process

  • A legacy paper document is scanned and a PDF/A is rendered. Alternatively, an electronic document is converted, if necessary, to PDF/A or plaintext format.

  • The document is wrapped in the content constrained CDA R2 producing the conformant XDS-SD document. Implementer will need to assure that all required information for the CDA is obtained via the scanning process, system configuration, user input or other.

  • XDS metadata is produced from data contained in the CDA header and supplemental information. Implementer will need to assure that all required information XDS metadata is obtained via the scanning process, system configuration, user input or other.

  • The completed XDS-SD document and corresponding metadata is sent via the Provide an Register Document Set Transaction [ITI-15] of XDS/XDR, or the Distribute Document Set on Media Transaction [ITI-32] of XDM.

Gotchas 1
“Gotchas” 1

  • PDF/A format required; cannot use just PDF.

    • ISO 19005-1. Document management - Electronic document file format for long-term preservation - Part 1: Use of PDF (PDF/A)

    • Useful websites:

      • http://www.aiim.org/documents/standards/19005-1_FAQ.pdf#search=%22ISO%2019005-1%20PDF%2FA%20tools%22

      • http://xmlgraphics.apache.org/fop/trunk/pdfa.html (I have not tried this myself)

  • Both plaintext and PDF/A documents are to be B64 encoded before being imbedded into the CDA R2 Document.

  • Content creation process dictates that some XDS metadata is taken from the CDA header; these values are then expected to match (possibly subject to transformation).

Gotchas 2
“Gotchas” 2

  • CDA Header vs. XDS Metadata

    • In most cases, information in the CDA header is derives XDS Document Entry Metadata.

    • Can have different values for similar pieces of information! (look for “SAT” label)

      • Different formats (XML vs. HL7v2)

      • Different vocabulary (CDA vs. RHIO codes)

    • CDA Header does not, in general, derive Submission Set or Folder metadata

  • Fixed Metadata Codes

    • formatCode = “ScanPDF/IHE1.x” , “ScanTEXT/IHE1.x”

    • mimeType = “text/xml”