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Canberra SharePoint User Group

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Canberra SharePoint User Group. May 2009 Tim Kremer – Spyk Software Ishai Sagi – Unique World. Sponsors:. This month. We cover the SharePoint news for the month Tim Kremer talks about using SharePoint web services and his experience related to iShare

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Canberra SharePoint User Group

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canberra sharepoint user group

Canberra SharePoint User Group

May 2009Tim Kremer – Spyk Software

IshaiSagi – Unique World


this month
This month
  • We cover the SharePoint news for the month
  • Tim Kremer talks about using SharePoint web services and his experience related to iShare
  • IshaiSagi briefly covers what was added in Service Pack 2 for SharePoint and some of the potential issues to look for
  • We give away a wireless Western Digital USB Hard Drive as a door prize!
the headlines
The headlines
  • Office Service Pack 2 was released for the server and desktop desktop applications
  • First Microsoft Certified Masters for SharePoint were announced
  • Tech.Ed 2009 currently happening in the states – open call for content here in Aus
  • Preliminary requirements for SP2010 were announced
  • Check out our FaceBook group
the door prize
The door prize
  • Thanks to all our sponsors
the presentation
The Presentation
  • Tim KremerSpyk Software“Using SharePoint web services”
  • IshaiSagiUnique World“Overview of MOSS Service Pack 2”
wss sp2


what s new what s fixed
What’s New? What’s Fixed?
  • Performance and Availability Improvements
    • Service Pack 2 includes many fixes and enhancements designed to improve performance, availability, and stability in your server farms, including:
    • New Timer job automatically rebuilds content database index to improve database performance.
    • When a content database is marked as read-only, the user interface will be modified so users cannot perform tasks that require writing to the database.
    • Performance enhancement across nearly all the components.
  • Improved Interoperability
    • Service Pack 2 continues to improve SharePoint interoperability with other products and platforms.
    • Internet Explorer 8 is added into Level 1 browser support.
    • FireFox 3.0 is added into Level 2 browser support. (Firefox 2.0 is no longer supported by Mozilla)
    • Provide improved client integration user experience with Form Based Authentication. Now the client application can store user credentials instead of asking for them every time.
  • Getting Ready for SharePoint Server 2010
    • See new STSADM commands
what s fixed
What’s Fixed?
  • So much!
  • In WSS
  • In MOSS
new stsadm commands
New STSADM commands
  • variationsfixuptool:lets farm administrators control and perform operations against variations.
  • Preupgradecheck: runs rules that are intended to assist administrators in preparing for upgrade.
  • Enumallwebs: displays the IDs and site map status for all site collections and subsites in the content database.
  • Variationsfixuptool: lets an administrator control the different versions—or variations—of a publishing site or page.
  • Listqueryprocessoroptions: displays the current values of the SharePoint Search query processor settings.
  • Setqueryprocessoroptions: sets the current values of the SharePoint Search query processor settings.
  • Nintex workflows had issues – a patch has been released (build version 10904) (pdf)
  • Search service failing to start during the configuration wizard. Solution most people did – reset the search service account.
  • Free SharePoint template from Microsoft cause an “Upgrade object too new” issue
  • SharePoint designer – make sure it is also upgraded to SP2
and now

And now….

Tim Kremer

Director of Spyk Software

leveraging sharepoint web services

Leveraging SharePoint Web Services

The SharePoint Everywhere Promise

Tim Kremer

Director of Spyk Software

Current specialisations: SharePoint & iPhone consulting

recent sharepoint projects
Recent SharePoint Projects

WorleyParsons Public

Spyk Public

iShareSharePoint for

why use sharepoint web services
Why use SharePoint Web Services?

Rich Clients

Rich Web Parts

System Integrations

accessing sharepoint web services
Accessing SharePoint Web Services

Service Addresseshttp://<sitepath>/_vti_bin/WebServiceNameHere.asmx

WSDL ’ s


moss only web services
MOSS only web services


authenticating against sharepoint web services
Authenticating against SharePoint web services

Integrated Security

Web_Reference_Folder.Lists listService = new Web_Reference_Folder.Lists();

listService.Credentials= System.Net.CredentialCache.DefaultCredentials;

XmlNodelistsNode= listService.GetListCollection();


Forms Authentication (using Authentication.asmx)


code sample forms authentication
Code Sample – Forms Authentication

// Authenticate

Authentication auth = new Authentication();

auth.CookieContainer= new CookieContainer();

LoginResultresult = auth.Login("username", "password");

if (result.ErrorCode == LoginErrorCode.NoError) {

// No error, so get the cookies.

CookieCollectioncookies = auth.CookieContainer.GetCookies(new Uri(auth.Url));

Cookie authCookie = cookies[result.CookieName];

Lists lists = new Lists();

lists.CookieContainer= new CookieContainer();





from experience
From Experience

Most web services return a huge XML blob (aka node)When it eventually arrives, have fun parsing it.

Each web service has its own poorly documented quirksum... Keep trying?

Oh the Pain

create your own web services
Create your own Web Services
  • Create web service and upload to SharePoint Server:Local_Drive:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\ISAPI\
  • Web service is then available from mapped virtual directory: http://<site>/vti_bin/NewService.asmx

Complete Walkthrough:

web services and firewalls isa server
Web Services and Firewalls (ISA Server)
  • Supporting large numbers of customer environments is difficult
  • Easiest if firewall passes requests and authentication through to SharePoint directly.
  • Use Alternative Access Mappingse.g. -> http://portal/
  • Watch out for Link Translation of paths and port numbers.

e.g. -> http://portal:1234

jquery sharepoint web services
jQuery + SharePoint web services

<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery-1.3.2.min.js"></script>

<script type="text/javascript">

$(document).ready(function() {


varsoapEnv =

"<soapenv:Envelopexmlns:soapenv=''> \

<soapenv:Body> \

<GetListItemsxmlns=''> \

<listName>Assets</listName> \

<viewFields> \

<ViewFields> \

<FieldRef Name='Title' /> \

<FieldRef Name='Lat' /> \

<FieldRef Name='Long' /> \

<FieldRef Name='Description' /> \

</ViewFields> \

</viewFields> \

</GetListItems> \

</soapenv:Body> \



url: "",

type: "POST",

dataType: "xml",

data: soapEnv,

complete: processResult,

contentType: "text/xml; charset=\"utf-8\""



parse returned xml
Parse returned XML

function processResult(xData, status) {

$(xData.responseXML).find("z\\:row").each(function() {

AddPushpin($(this).attr("ows_Title") ,$(this).attr






other ways to talk to sharepoint
Other ways to talk to SharePoint

SharePoint & Frontpage RPC protocol

e.g. Recommended approach for uploading documents

  • minimal documentation on MSDN

Case Study BrowseSearch Edit

iShare – SharePoint for iPhone

Browse Sites & Lists


Common methods:




Case Study BrowseSearch Edit

Browse List Contents


Common Methods:







Case Study Browse Search Edit


SPSearch.asmx (WSS)Search.asmx (MOSS)




Case Study Browse SearchEdit



Common methods:






Case Study Browse SearchEdit



Common methods:





Spyk Software Pty Ltd

Level 20,

201 Sussex St

Sydney NSW 2000

tel: +61 2 9006 1173

thank you
Thank you!

Spyk Software Pty Ltd

Level 20, 201 Sussex St Sydney NSW 2000