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Panama. Ali Kurnath, Mary Durkin, Shayna Lasala, Sam Zaycer. How the U.S got involved. In 1903 Columbia had control of Panama U.S wanted rights to the Panama Canal, which was controlled by a French business that held the rights to the project

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Ali Kurnath, Mary Durkin, Shayna Lasala, Sam Zaycer

how the u s got involved
How the U.S got involved
  • In 1903 Columbia had control of Panama
  • U.S wanted rights to the Panama Canal, which was controlled by a French business that held the rights to the project
  • French said Roosevelt had to pay them $40 million for their rights over the project. He agreed.
  • Roosevelt offered to pay Columbia $10 million for a strip of land across Panama. Columbia refused
  • Panama revolted and U.S supported them. Panama won.

America paid Panama $10 million a year for 10 miles of the canal.

About every 20 years price was increased.

The canal opened in 1914.

How the U.S got involved

u s motives
U.S Motives
  • Having the Panama Canal would help the U.S with trade
  • Maintain good naval base
  • It was also a lot faster for trade
  • Us wanted shortcut from the Atlantic ocean to the Pacific
  • Wanted to secure economic benefits within the area
  • Potential to be one of the most strategic waterways
u s justifications
U.S Justifications
  • The canal would help Panama increase their trade and also make a profit.
  • U.s would create a modern sewage system
  • A way to supply clean water due to mosquitoes carrying yellow fever.
  • Would help Panamas economy by making tolls along the canal (jobs)
did the us justify their actions
Did the US justify their actions?
  • Created jobs along the canal
  • Fixed all the sewage systems and created a way to store clean water (preventing disease)
  • US paid for payments for all the construction (example: sewage system)
reaction of the locals
Reaction of the Locals
  • Panama liked the fact that they were free from Columbia and that America owned part of the Canal.
  • Eventually Panama did not want U.S to have control over any part of the Canal.
  • The Columbians were not happy about losing Panama.
final reaction
Final Reaction
  • In 1977, General Torrios and Jimmy Carter agreed on two things.

-Panama could have control of the Canal and neutrality in the Canal (didn’t completely receive until 1999)

  • Columbia was still attacking Panama
  • In 2006 a new plan for the Canal was approved.
mafia don
Mafia Don
  • All America wanted was more profit and more trade.
  • Said they were going to help Panama free themselves from Columbia
  • But when Panama revolted, Roosevelt just sent over troops to keep everything under control.
  • After Panama gained independence the U.S stayed in Panama which]
  • Held Panama back from being completely independent.
were u s actions beneficial
Were U.S actions beneficial?
  • U.S was more beneficial than not because they helped Panama gain independence.
  • We also helped finish the Canal
  • And America eventually gave Panama total control

works cited
Works Cited