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biography of ludwig van beethoven n.
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Biography of Ludwig Van Beethoven PowerPoint Presentation
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Biography of Ludwig Van Beethoven

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Biography of Ludwig Van Beethoven
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Biography of Ludwig Van Beethoven

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  1. Biography ofLudwig Van Beethoven Semester Project Music 1010 Annette Redmond

  2. Beethoven • Ludwig Van Beethoven was born December 17th 1771 in Bonn, Germany. • His father was Johann Van Beethoven. • His mother was Maria Magdalena Keverich.

  3. Beethoven • Beethoven’s father was a musician and began teaching him at an early age. • Beethoven was very gifted even from a very early age. • He gave his first performance at the age of 7.

  4. Beethoven • Johann’s teaching ability was very limited, so he sent him to study under Gottlob Neefe. • Beethoven published his first work before the age of 9. • Ludwig was appointed the organist of the court of Maximilian Franz at the age of13.

  5. Beethoven • Prince Maximilian Franz sent Beethoven to Vienna to study under Mozart in 1787, but was called back home when his mother was dying. • His mother would pass away on July 17th, 1787.

  6. Beethoven • Beethoven would then return to Vienna five years later never to return back to his place of birth again. • In Vienna he took lessons with Haydn and Albrechtsberger.

  7. Beethoven • In 1794 he composed his opus 1 three trios for piano, the following year he gave his first public performance. • After the performance he went on tour to the cities of Prague, Dresden, Leipzig, and berlin.

  8. Beethoven • In 1800 Beethoven organized a new concert at Vienna and presented his first symphony. • Beethoven shared with one of his friends he was going deaf through a letter he wrote to him and that he was disgusted because of it.

  9. Beethoven • Do to Beethoven losing his hearing he was very depressed and suicidal. • Beethoven’s love for music pulled him through and he threw himself into his work.

  10. Beethoven • Beethoven created one of the greatest sonatas of all time, The Storm, opus 31 after he got through his self disgust. • His creativity would become very intense in the years that followed and he would create many symphonies.

  11. Beethoven • In 1809 Beethoven decided he wanted to leave Vienna. One of his oldest friends Countess Anna Marie Erody kept him in Vienna. • Beethoven was to never leave Vienna because of a 4000 florins grant to be paid to Beethoven.

  12. Beethoven • Beethoven’s brother Karl died in 1815 leaving Beethoven custody of his 9 year old son along with his widow. • Beethoven took this responsibility very serious.

  13. Beethoven • Beethoven hoped young Karl would have talent and had Carl Czerny begin teaching the young boy. • Karl did not have the talent Beethoven had hoped for.

  14. Beethoven • Beethoven began drafting the first theme to the ninth symphony at this time. • Two years later he began composing his mass in D.

  15. Beethoven • The ninth symphony was practically finished in 1823. • The first date it was ever played was May 7th, 1824.

  16. Beethoven • In 1826 Beethoven caught a cold on the way home from his brothers. • The illness complicated other illnesses Beethoven had.

  17. Beethoven • Beethoven passed away on March 26, 1827 surrounded by his closest friends. • His services were held at the church of the Holy Trinity.

  18. Beethoven • It is estimated the anywhere from 10,000 to 30,000 people attended the services • Beethoven was laid to rest in Wahring cemetery which is now Schubert Park.