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Developing Java Applications in the Cloud: Oracle Java Cloud Service PowerPoint Presentation
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Developing Java Applications in the Cloud: Oracle Java Cloud Service

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Developing Java Applications in the Cloud: Oracle Java Cloud Service
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Developing Java Applications in the Cloud: Oracle Java Cloud Service

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Developing Java Applications in the Cloud: Oracle Java Cloud Service Guodong LiSr. Director OFM Product Management JAPAC

  2. The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remains at the sole discretion of Oracle.

  3. Oracle Cloud Quick Overview Platform Services Platform Services Application Services Social Services Common Infrastructure Services

  4. Transform Development Experience with Oracle Cloud Complete, Standards-Based, Enterprise-Grade Database Services Java Services Developer Services Mobile Services Messaging Services Storage Services Notification Services Identity Services Caching Services Collaboration Services Analytics Services Application Store Enterprise Grade Hardware, Software, and Management Infrastructure

  5. Oracle Java Cloud Service EASY TO USE: instant access, Self-service CHOICE: JDeveloper, Eclipse, NetBeans SECURE: application and data isolation Summary

  6. Oracle Java Cloud Service Industry’s #1 application server on the best engineered hardware Secure, highly available infrastructure Enterprise-grade, Open, Standard-based Database service & IDE integration Java EE apps, Web Apps, Web Services, REST services Fully managed and supported by ORACLE Introduction – Key Strength

  7. Oracle Java Cloud Service Offerings 1 Oracle WebLogic Server Managed Server instances to which the applications are deployed. 2 RAM allocated to the Java heap for all of the service's Managed Servers combined to run the Oracle WebLogic Server Managed Servers and the objects consumed by your application code. 3 File system space available to your service instance for the storage of your application deployment archive files as well as the servers log files. 4 Maximum allowed bytes of data in and out of your service within a billing month. Database import and export are provided for free and do not deduct from this allocation.

  8. Oracle Java Cloud Service Subscription Manage service & applications Provide details, submit trial request Click on “Try It” Go to Check email Activate service Activate Subscribe Use • Provision • Associate • Notify • Instantiate • Operations hook-up

  9. Oracle Java Cloud Service Application Lifecycle Deploy Commit Developer Service WEB REST SOAP Deploy Monitor & Troubleshoot Java Cloud Service CLI, Maven, Ant Console

  10. Oracle Java Cloud Service Pre-requisite for Java Cloud Service Enables schema sharing Allowed between services in same datacenter TRIAL 1 Java : 1 Database At trial subscription PAID N Java : 1 Database At service activation Database Service – Association

  11. Oracle Java Cloud Service: Integrations Develop using a turnkey development platform securely hosted in the cloud Deploy automatically to Oracle Java Cloud Service Collaborate using tools integrated in your IDE to manage and track tasks, builds, and documentation Developer Service – In Preview

  12. Oracle Java Cloud Service: Integrations On-demand, secure, storage for your digital content in the cloud Accesscontent via REST or Java APIs through seamless integration with Java Cloud Service Simple, yet powerful administration console for management, metrics and monitoring Storage Service – In Preview

  13. Oracle Java Cloud Service: Integrations Build asynchronous messaging application with ease Controlmessaging with prioritization, selectors, persistence, transactions & guaranteed delivery Access via JMS APIs within Java Cloud Service or REST from outside Oracle Cloud Messaging Service – In Preview

  14. Capabilities

  15. Oracle Java Cloud Service Application Profile Database Cloud ADF Web REST Web Services Office Mobile

  16. Oracle Java Cloud Service Application Standards Support

  17. Oracle Java Cloud Service IDE Integrations Command Line Interface Maven Plugins Ant Tasks 3rd Party Frameworks Developer Perspective

  18. Oracle Java Cloud Service Popular IDE support Plugins provided to make IDEs Oracle Cloud-ready Requires Oracle Java Cloud Service SDK Deploy directly to cloud View logs View metrics IDE Integration REST

  19. Oracle Java Cloud Service Database Service • Through JDBC, JPA, ADF BC, or other JDBC abstractions Fusion Application Service • Through WS-Security protected SOAP Service Service Interactions

  20. Oracle Java Cloud Service Extending Oracle Cloud Applications – Service-based Integration Oracle Cloud WEB Oracle Cloud PaaS Oracle Cloud Apps SOAP, REST Customers, Partners, Suppliers, etc. REST, SOAP

  21. Oracle Java Cloud Service Extending Oracle Cloud Applications – UI-based Integration Oracle Cloud WEB Oracle Cloud PaaS Oracle Cloud Apps SOAP, REST Customers, Partners, Suppliers, etc. WEB, REST

  22. Architecture & Key Components

  23. Oracle Java Cloud Service Built using Cloud Application Foundation ORACLE Cloud Web Social Mobile User Engagement Cloud Application Foundation Traffic Director/Web Tier Business Process Management Content Management Business Intelligence WebLogic Server Coherence Tuxedo Service Integration Data Integration Virtual Assembly Builder Identity Management Development Tools Cloud Application Foundation Enterprise Management Exalogic Elastic Cloud

  24. Oracle Java Cloud Service Secure, Isolated, High Availability Architecture Java Cloud Service Instance Customer Dedicated WebLogic Domain Exalogic ZFS Storage Exalogic Compute Node A Exalogic Compute Node B Binary Volume OVM Instance 1 OVM Instance 1 Managed Server 1 Managed Server 2 Customer dedicated Cluster with HA App N App N App 1 App 1 Config Volume Customer Volume Database Cloud Service Instance Exadata(Oracle DB Schema – RAC Node)

  25. Oracle Java Cloud Service Key Components My Services My Accounts Service Console Identity Console Business Application

  26. Oracle Java Cloud Service • View services across datacenters • Check service uptime • Upsize • Add account administrators • Accessible to Account Administrators • My Account • Account Management Account Admin (Buyer)

  27. Oracle Java Cloud Service • View all services in one datacenter • Check service status • Check Oracle notifications • Lock service for maintenance • Accessible to Service Administrators (Owners) • My Services • Service Management Service Admin

  28. Oracle Java Cloud Service • Deploy, un-deploy, re-deploy, start ,stop applications • View availability • View CPU, memory usage • View response time and load • View, download logs • Accessible to Service Administrators (Owners) • Java Service Control • Service Instance Management Service Admin

  29. Oracle Java Cloud Service • Add Users, Roles • Assign in-built admin roles and application roles • Import, Export Users • Reset Passwords • Change password questions • Accessible to Identity Domain Administrators • Identity Console • Identity Management Identity Domain Admin

  30. Oracle Java Cloud Service LDAP Root Users Provides identity isolation between tenants in the cloud Contains users, roles and mapping Enables single-sign on across service within the same domain Identity Domain – Introduction Mappings Roles BrookmarkDomain AcmeDomain SummitDomain Acme, Inc. Summit Corp. Brookmark, Inc.

  31. Oracle Java Cloud Service • Sharing done by associating multiple services to the same Identity Domain • Association done at Paid service activation time or Trial service subscription time • Only services within the same Account & Datacenter can share Identity Domain • Identity Domain Sharing • Identity Domain – Association

  32. Oracle Java Cloud Service Summary – Access REST JDBC, REST HTTP, REST, SOAP REST IDEs Data browsing Data loading/unloading Applications & Services Browser apps, or any client the can talk SOAP, REST, HTTP CLI, Maven, Ant Automation, application development lifecycle management Oracle Database Cloud Database applications, JDBC access to DB

  33. Oracle Java Cloud Service Summary – Key Areas of Differentiation Database Services Flexible Deployment On-premise or in the cloud Programming Model Standard Java EE Database and Persistence Full Oracle Database & User defined schema Fusion Applications Integration Integrated connectivity services Identity Management Comprehensive & integrated Service Console Common & integrated IDE Support JDeveloper, Eclipse, NetBeans

  34. Demonstration of Oracle Java Cloud Service

  35. Demo Scenario Jane Consume Brand New Application in Cloud Java Service Buy Web Application Me Custom App Administrate Delegate Database Service Develop, Deploy Custom Schema Joe Delegate John

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