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Online Shopping in India PowerPoint Presentation
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Online Shopping in India

Online Shopping in India

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Online Shopping in India

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  1. Online Shopping in India

  2. What is Online Shopping? Online shopping is basically a process where a person buy products from the Internet through online stores (E-commerce sites) like Myntra, Flipkart, and so on. The process is called B2B online shopping. Shopping online is not a tedious job. In fact it’s very easy. And ANYONE can shop online.

  3. Benefits of Online Shopping • Convenience - You can shop anytime, anywhere. It saves time. Don’t have to stand on long queue to pay bills. • Better Price Options - You get deals at better price, because products comes directly from manufacture to buyers without any middle man coming in picture. • Various Variety - the buyer get to see various brands & products all under one roof with most attractive deals on it. • Less Expensive - When we do online shopping there are fewer chances of us to spend more than our budget which usually with happens with conventional shopping like traveling, Dining outside, etc.

  4. Benefits of Online Shopping • Comparing price - We can easily compare the price of products sold on different shopping sites through online shopping. And can select the best deals for yourself. • No Confusion -  online shopping gives you peaceful shopping experience As there are absolutely no crowd around you and no struggle to grab the seller’s attention towards you. • Absolute Privacy - You get absolute privacy when you shop online. Especially shopping for discreet products. • Online shopping provides you a platform to buy or sell old or unused products at lower price.

  5. Misconception About Online Shopping 1. Product Assurity - People have a fear that online shopping may deliver the defective products or product of lower standards than the one they actually saw and selected on the site. This is not the case as online stores have the reputation to maintain. So they never sell defective products which will create a trust deficit among their customers. 2. All Show Business - People have a notion that shopping sites play market gimmick when it comes to advertising their products. All products are displayed in fancy manner than their actual appearance to gullible customers. Never. Yes, products are displayed in a fancy manner, but not to fool customers, but to give them a better idea about the product appears.

  6. Misconception About Online Shopping 3. No Replacement -  Most people think that many online shopping stores don’t have a replacing policy. So if you ordered a wrong product you have to bear that loss, as online stores run on non refundable policy.  Not at all, online shopping is totally secure as every online store always provides refundable policy (on an average 30 Days) to their customers. In fact, it is their USP. 4. Online is only for younger generation -. Nowadays most people feel online shopping suits better to younger generation. As many older people aren’t familiar with internet or computer. It’s a myth. Online shopping has nothing to do with age limit. And if age is the factor than it is more suitable for the older generation as they can order products from home and send gifts to their grandchildren on a click.

  7. Best Online Shopping Site

  8. Parameters to Select Best Online Shopping Site Shopping site that provides best deals everyday. Flexible payment method. Sites which loads quickly on mobile or computer device. Easy refundable policy. New Collection time to time. Good customer experience. Hassle free shopping experience.

  9. Is online shopping cheaper than street shopping? • Yes!!!! • Saves time and energy as you don’t have to travel anywhere. • Money is saved as no way for impulsive shopping. • Can shop peacefully as away from chaotic environment which is not the case with street shopping • Can Spend more quality time with family and friends as online shopping takes place instantly.

  10. Thank You! If you want a hassle free shopping experience which saves your money and time then it’s time to SHOP ONLINE.