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How to Use a Wiki PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Use a Wiki

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How to Use a Wiki - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Use a Wiki. 1-Ahmad Alfailakawi 2- Hamzah Alhababi 3-Abdulaziz Alenazi. What is a Wiki?.

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How to Use a Wiki

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How to Use a Wiki

1-Ahmad Alfailakawi 2- HamzahAlhababi

3-Abdulaziz Alenazi

what is a wiki
What is a Wiki?

Awebsite that allows the creation and editing of any number of interlinked web pages via a web browser using a simplified markup language or a WYSIWYG text editor. Wikis are typically powered by wiki software and are often used collaboratively by multiple users. Examples include community websites, corporate intranets, knowledge management systems, and note services. The software can also be used for personal note taking.

sign up new account1
Sign up new account

ET 524

Your name

Your email

create a new page
Create a new page

Create your name page

create a new page1
Create a new page

Write whatever you want

You can add video/link etc.

how can you motive page
How can You motive page?

Motive whatever you want

Type anything

Add Video/ table/link/power point slide etc.

make hyperlink hot link1
make hyperlink (Hot link)

You can make hyperlink with page& file or with web address

how can you motive discuss and make wiki site with your teachers or your student
How can you motive, discuss, and make wiki site with your teachers or your student.

Give your friend, or teachers who want to discuss with them your URL such as,

They can make any change and describes their change.

This idea help us to save time and save effort.

We developed the first and then the second, to complete the whole site, with the participation and approval of everyone in the company.

how can you motive discuss and make wiki site with your teachers or your student1
How can you motive, discuss, and make wiki site with your teachers or your student.

Change whatever you want that should help us to develop your wiki site.

Show your friend or classmate what the reason to change what you did.

using wiki for teachers
Using wiki for teachers

They can provide plenty of room for the student for dialogue, honestly and openly, including built in factors of trust.

The teacher is helping them to find the way with more awareness, and with many of the gains.

They have proven educational studies that many students tends to the teacher, who estimated eligibility, sharpen them resolve, and develop them character, and build confidence and courage

Teacher and student can easily use wiki; for example in daily conversations.

Wiki can increase communication between the useful educational teachers and students.

using wiki for students
Using wiki for Students

They can use the wiki in the debate about the curriculum, information and enrichment of extra-curricular.

They can review their dialogue on information; the issue of education, and successful method of memorization.

This also is so for funny dialogue, which combines the ease of writing, or modification which is enriched by the wiki.

the idea of wiki
the idea of wiki

A wiki is to quickly create an electronic interactive environment, with easy to modify by the visitors.

They working the same idea of dialogue forums, with the advantage of follow-up changes on it.

It is dominated by the participatory nature instead of a personal nature which controlled the blogs most often.

the idea of wiki1
the idea of wiki

Including the possible work of an interactive library, where books added and what is new and useful.

If you are on a sports team, member of an association, doctor, or engineer, you can discuss that with your colleagues to improve of your work, and how to develop and progress in the work; all this and more through the wiki.


We can say that the Wiki has opened doors widely for those interested in the field of e-learning. The Wikipedia is the encyclopedia of the most popular wiki applications.