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CA$HLINK II Shutdown 12-31-12: Are You Ready for OTCnet and TRS? PowerPoint Presentation
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CA$HLINK II Shutdown 12-31-12: Are You Ready for OTCnet and TRS?

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CA$HLINK II Shutdown 12-31-12: Are You Ready for OTCnet and TRS? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CA$HLINK II Shutdown 12-31-12: Are You Ready for OTCnet and TRS?. Financial Management Service U.S. Department of the Treasury September 27, 2012. Housekeeping. This Webinar will be recorded for quality purposes Maximize your meeting window to optimize the presentation, if needed

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CA$HLINK II Shutdown 12-31-12: Are You Ready for OTCnet and TRS?

Financial Management Service

U.S. Department of the Treasury

September 27, 2012



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April Battle


Agency Relationship Management and Engagement Division




  • Over the Counter Channel Application Conversion and Implementation
  • Adjustments, Corrections, and Rescissions
  • Transaction Reporting System Implementation



Over the Counter Channel Application(OTCnet)

Reginald McKinney

Business Lead,Over the Counter Revenue Collection Division




Over the Counter Channel Application(OTCnet)

  • Important Agency Dates
    • October 27, 2012:Adjustments, Corrections, and Rescissions (ACRs) functionality in CA$HLINK II associated with deposit amounts, voucher dates, voucher number, and ALC will be turned off. ACRs for OTC activity will be done in a new way
    • December 31, 2012: CA$HLINK II will be deactivated and no longer available to agencies
    • December 31, 2012: PCC OTC will be deactivated and no longer available to agencies
    • December 31, 2012: Deposit Reporting for TGA and International TGA bank deposits can no longer be done in CA$HLINK II. Agencies must use OTCnet for Deposit Reporting




OTCnet System Requirements

  • All users are advised to review system requirements and configuration information prior to using OTCnet.
  • OTCnet has tested and certified 32 bit




Important Message to Agencies with

Over the Counter Collections Activity

  • All agencies must have completed their conversion to OTCnet by December 31, 2012 for both manual deposits (CA$HLINK II) and deposits made through PCC OTC
  • Every location within your agency for all ALCs will no longer be able to use paper SF 215s nor operate PCC OTC after December 31, 2012
  • Once converted, agencies must stop using PCC OTC and preparing paper SF 215s
  • Please contact Angela Smith ( if your agency is either:
    • Currently preparing paper SF 215s or processing using PCC OTC, and is not actively working with FMS on converting to OTCnet, -or-
    • Has converted to OTCnet, but continues to revert to using paper 215s or PCC OTC




Mail-In TGA deposits (MITGA)

  • Current Mail-In TGA Program
  • FMS currently supports two, mail-in banking relationship with the Federal Reserve bank and US Bank
  • Agencies have option of mailing their bank deposits to either the FRB (checks only) or US Bank (checks, cash, and coins)
  • Future Mail-In TGA Program
  • FMS will consolidate the mail-in banking relationship to only one bank (US Bank)
    • Cost savings by only managing and supporting one mail in provider
    • Efficiencies gained by streamlining mail-in business line
  • No major change in business process to the agencies
  • US Bank will expand coverage by bringing on additional locations
  • All agencies must complete their conversions from FRB to US Bank by December 31, 2012




MITGA Conversion Process

  • Agency will receive letter from FMS explaining consolidation process
  • Agency will receive documentation (Agency Profile Sheet) from FMS
  • Agency required to complete Agency Profile Sheet and return to US Bank (MITGA)
  • US Bank will provide banking information and instructions on making deposits




Adjustments, Corrections, and

Rescissions (ACRs)

  • Effective October 27, 2012: Agencies, TGA banks, and ITGA banks will contact the OTCnet team to request any Adjustment, Correction, or Rescission (ACR) that was previously performed in CA$HLINK II for over the counter deposits made in OTCnet or CA$HLINK II
  • The new process will require the authorized individual to request in writing to the OTCnet team by completing a form and providing supporting detail information
  • Upon receipt of the request, the OTCnet team will perform the ACR on behalf of the agency within the TRS application
  • Agency will receive e-mail notification that the ACR was processed successfully
  • TGA and ITGA banks will continue to perform voucher amount adjustment within OTCnet
  • All ACR voucher information will be available for agency access in TRS
  • FMS will send out communication with the detail procedures for agencies, TGA banks, and ITGA banks prior to October 27, 2012





Over the Counter Channel Application(OTCnet)

OTCnet Conversion Status-needs updating with latest stats




Over the Counter Channel Application(OTCnet)

  • Agency Next Steps
    • Agencies using CA$HLINK II for deposit reporting must convert to OTCnet by December 31, 2012 or sooner
    • Agencies using PCC OTC for check conversion must convert to OTCnet by December 31, 2012 or sooner
    • Agencies must become familiar with the new process for performing ACRs by October 27, 2012. The current functionality in CA$HLINK II for performing ACRs will be turned off after October 27, 2012
    • Agencies must convert from mailing deposits to the FRB to mailing deposits to the US Bank MITGA by December 31, 2012
    • Agencies must cease from using PCC OTC or preparing paper SF 215s after each location has successfully converted to OTCnet. Reverting back to using PCC OTC or paper SF 215s is not acceptable nor practical in light of the December 31, 2012 deactivation date




Transaction Reporting System (TRS)

Tammie Whitaker


Accounting & Data Management Division


TRS Notable Achievements

  • TRS Summer 2012 Releases
    • TRS was updated to capture more transaction information
    • TRS began receiving vouchers for:
      • Over the Counter check capture transactions
      • Miscellaneous vouchers previously processed by Federal Reserve Banks
      • Stored Value Card
      • EFTPS/Federal Agency Tax
    • TRS began receiving additional transaction data from ECP and
  • Temporary Reporting of Payment Vouchers to TRS
    • Since July 30, 2012, payment vouchers have been reported to both TRS and the Payment Information Repository (PIR)
    • Beginning October 1, 2012
      • All payment-related vouchers will ONLY be reported to the PIR
      • The PIR will begin reporting payment-related vouchers to CARS/GWA
      • Payment-related vouchers will no longer be reported to CA$HLINK II or TRS

Status of TRS Data Availability

*This data includes REX ACH and Fedwire detail prior to Credit Gateway implementation on September 13, 2010


CA$HLINK II Shutdown is Underway

  • New CA$HLINK II Account Types
    • On July 2, 2012, FMS implemented new account types in CA$HLINK II for existing miscellaneous FRB activity in order to easily distinguish collections activity from payments activity.
  • Shutdown of CA$HLINK II Adjustments, Corrections, and Rescissions
    • CA$HLINK II removed the voucher correction function for the payment account types at the end of June 2012.
    • CA$HLINK II will remove the voucher correction function for remaining account types in late September and October 2012.
    • Voucher corrections will be managed by the collection programs.
      • For specific details, see the letter sent by Tamara Whitaker to all CA$HLINK II agency users on August 31, 2012.
  • Scheduled Download of Fedwire Message Query and REX ACH Query
    • On September 30, 2012, FMS will turn off the capability to schedule and receive Agency Fedwire Message summary and detail download files from CA$HLINK II. At that time, agencies will no longer be able to download the associated files or receive data for Fedwire Messages and REX ACH transactions through existing external interfaces.

CA$HLINK II Shutdown is Underway (continued)

  • Payment Vouchers
    • Payment vouchers dated October 1, 2012, and beyond will no longer flow to CA$HLINK II or TRS. Beginning October 1, 2012, only the PIR will receive new payment data from FRB CA$H-LINK.
    • Historical vouchers pre-October 2012 will still be visible in CA$HLINK II.
  • Last Deposit Reporting Business Cycle for CA$HLINK II
    • On December 31, 2012, FMS will process the last deposit reporting entries received directly into CA$HLINK II.
    • All deposits received by 9 p.m. Eastern Time will be included in the final deposit reporting business cycle for CA$HLINK II.
  • TRS Name Change in January 2013
    • In an effort to be consistent with the naming standards for other FMS data repositories, TRS will be renamed the Collections Information Repository (CIR). There are no functionality changes associated with the name change to CIR.

System-to-System and Download Transition Update

  • 7 agencies have fully transitioned their CA$HLINK II data file processing to TRS
        • These agencies are no longer using data files from CA$HLINK II
  • 17 agencies are working to transition file processing from CA$HLINK II to TRS
        • Development has been completed
        • Testing is in progress
  • All System-to-System and Download transition projects should be in production with TRS data files by October 2012
    • TRS is expected to have all remaining collections vouchers by October
      • Remaining Lockbox migrations are expected to be complete by mid-October
      • Manual voucher corrections functions in CA$HLINK II will be turned off in October
      • All OTCnet migrations are expected to complete by October

The Next 90 Days:

Are You Ready?





Checklist To Complete Before December 31, 2012

  • Reactivate revoked TRS users
  • Take TRS Web-based Training (WBT)
  • Use TRS for daily collections reporting
  • Confirm data in TRS reports
  • Schedule reports in TRS, if needed
  • Complete system-to-system and download transition projects
  • Complete migrations to OTCnet
  • Keep CA$HLINK II User ID active for access to historical data
  • Stay informed

CA$HLINK II Shutdown

Information Resources


TRS Contact Information

  • TRS Website
  • TRS Call Center
  • 1-800-346-5465 or 301-887-6600
  • TRS Agency Outreach Team
    • 301-699-6814
  • CA$HLINK II Stakeholder Outreach Team
    • 301-699-6814

Dates to Remember and Takeaways from Today

  • Agency transition to the Transaction Reporting System (TRS), and conversion to the Over The Counter Channel application (OTCnet), are critical. All Federal Program Agencies:
  • Must enroll in TRSby September 30, 2012. All system-to-system interfaces and download capabilities must be completed by September 30, 2012
  • Will requestAdjustments, Corrections, and Rescissions for OTC activity in a new way effective October 27, 2012. ACRs functionality in CA$HLINK II associated with deposit amounts, voucher dates, voucher number, and ALC will be turned off on October 27, 2012
  • Using CA$HLINK II for Deposit Reporting must convert to OTCnet by October 31, 2012. OTCnet will enable agencies to prepare TGA bank deposits electronically
  • Using the PCC OTC system must convert to OTCnetby October 31, 2012. The conversion from PCC OTC to OTCnet will allow your agency to integrate Check Capture and Deposit Reporting activities so that all check and cash deposits are handled by one, Web-based application


For additional information, please visit:

or e-mail: